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A Walk To Remember

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Today on this cold evening
Let us get lost in each other
Forget the world and its foibles
Holding hands, let us walk together

Look around at the world
Everything is so beautiful
Your loves does that to me
Being with you makes life fruitful

Looking at us, the sky smiles
Bestowing upon me its grace
I feel the chill down my spine
As you hold me in an embrace

Happiness was only a word
Until you showed me its meaning
All the bad was just washed away
With your wonderful forms of healing

Let us celebrate everything today
Life, love, togetherness and joy
They say it comes in many ways
But my happiness came in the form of a boy

Let us paint the city red
With our love and madness
We don't have to worry about getting lost
In your heart, lies my address

Today I can walk all night
Your love makes me feel strong
The mild wind is calling out to me
With you I can walk all night long

Let us make a mark on this day
On this simple evening of September
Hold my hand and don't let me go
Let's make this a walk to remember

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 261.


  1. I must admit, Soumya. I have trouble reading poems but this is something else. Loved the simplicity and the expression of love

    1. Thank you so much Sid. Coming from you, it means a lot to me :)

  2. Woww.. loved your take on this prompt!


  3. Mushy and yet so beautiful :) Lovely poem, Soumya. Now, don't let the praise go to your head ;)

  4. the sky smiles" that !

  5. this poem is so beautiful and romantic!! :)

  6. Aww.. that's too sweet :) Loved it!!!!

  7. I agree with Sid -- this was a beautiful expression and brought back memories

  8. Beautiful! Being in love is such a wonderful feeling and you have captured it perfectly :)

  9. I second Sid. Poems and me are like never the twain shall meet, but this one appealed to me. Reminded me of one such walk :D

  10. Oh Love let's walk this life together and make it one to remember...

    Beautifully done Soumya :)

  11. "Painting the town red." An old expression that you gave new life to.

  12. Oh my, it's a mesmerising one! Sure to chant these lines, while on those casual evening stroll with my wife. Awesomely put!

  13. Beautiful...I love how you personalized this image...

  14. Written with passion !! Beautiful !!

  15. Beautifully written !!


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