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Mane Obsession - 2

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It has been a month since I started using the Triple Nutrition shampoo from Garnier. A lot has happened to my hair during this month. First, I got it colored. Second, I traveled 60 kilometers on a bike with my hair loose. Third, since I shifted my house there was a water change. Four, in Bangalore it rains during day, the sun shines at its peak during noon and nights are as chilly as it can get. All these elements played havoc with my hair. This also put this shampoo to its ultimate test. So did it pass? Well, we shall see.

In my last post, I had mentioned that my hair is thick and looks silky, but it actually feels rough. At times, it feels dry and no amount if serum can make it smooth. I was skeptical about coloring my hair at first, but then I went ahead with it and got some red streaks done. I thought I must use a color protection shampoo to maintain this, but I was too lazy to go out and buy one. This shampoo did the trick for me. The color stayed and my hair looked gorgeous. It had been a week since I was using this shampoo, and already I could feel the roughness go away. The texture of my hair was getting smooth after every wash and I could touch my hair and feel that it was no longer rough. It was not smooth either, but it was not as rough as it was before. My hair looked shiny and the color looked brilliant.

During the second week, my husband and I decided to go watch the Air show that was held at Bangalore. The journey was around thirty kilometers one way from home. Since we were in a hurry, I left without carrying a scarf or a band. The traffic, the heat and the dust messed up my hair completely. By the time I got back home, I could not separate one strand from the other. The next day I washed my hair expecting a lot of hair fall. But thankfully there was none. All the dirt and the grime was removed, but there was no hair fall. After conditioning, my hair felt smooth and relaxed. I was so relieved. I enjoyed touching my hair now. It was getting smoother day by day and no matter what I put my hair though, after one wash with triple nutrition it was restored to being clean, thick and smooth. I was enjoying my experience with this shampoo.

When I shifted my house, I realized that the water that comes to my apartment was hard water. I was prepared for rough and dry hair, just like how it was when I was in Chennai. But I knew I did not have to worry, from the first wash I had here. The shampoo lathered as much as it did before and had its own pleasant smell. Normally shampoos do not lather much in hard water, so this was a welcome surprise. My hair felt smooth during the wash itself and thankfully there was no hair fall due to the hard water. I would apply the conditioner from scalp to root and this really improved the texture and quality of my hair. I could feel my hair getting better and better. Now my hair was feeling smoother as well along with looking good.

The best part about this shampoo is that it it helped my hair survive every possible weather and that too within a day. Bangalore's weather has become so unpredictable these days that you get to see all the seasons in a single day. But now my hair can bear the rain, the heat and the chill. I do not wash my hair everyday. I only wash my hair on alternate days and that seems to be enough. The conditioner stays and I do not feel the need to use another leave in serum. My hair remains smooth and shiny without any other product. Even after I blow dry or straighten it, the texture of it remains the same. Thick, shiny and smooth.

After every wash, the hair looks and feels as shiny and soft as this.

Earlier when people used to tell me that my hair looks so smooth and shiny, I used to smile and think that only I only how the hair feels. But now I do not have to think at all. My hair now is 100% smooth, to look and to feel. And that makes this one my favorite shampoo till date.

Will I buy this shampoo again? Oh yeah.

Will I recommend it to others? Oh yeah.

Will I tell others that this is the secret to my great hair? Oh yeah.

Thank you Garnier Fructics, for finally giving me a shampoo that lets me feel wholly proud about my hair.


  1. OK! I finally see the red! :D

  2. Maybe I'll give it a try...who knows it might work on my hair as well :)

  3. Wow!! I am definitely going for this!! Maybe this can help me discipline my messy hair which never listens to me :P

  4. I see ! So that is the secret ! :D Will try this!

    1. Haha finally revealed :D

      Let me know how it worked for you :)

  5. I shall definitely try this the next time I go shampoo shopping.

    P.S. The red looks fab! :)

  6. Your hair and cut (style) look amazing! Like you say "shiny." I'm stuck on the line that referred to you travelling fast on your bike withi loose hair. I'm curious: didn't it get in the way and blow in your face? Or hopefully you had tied it back. ;) <3

    1. The wind was in the opposite direction and took the hair behind my face, much like a cape :P

      That is what caused it to be so messy :(

  7. Wow your hair is so shiny :D loved the hair cut :D
    Unfortunately, Garnier products doesn't suit my hair.

    1. Thank you! Their earlier products did not suit me too, but this one surprisingly did :)


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