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Why I Think #HairIsFashion + Win A Free Makeover

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Considering that was last post was called 'Mane Obsession' you can imagine how crazy I am about my hair. And this fact will never ever change. Thanks to the wonderful shampoo I tried recently, my hair is at its best now making me feel more proud about it. For me hairstyles plays a very important role in looking stylish and fashionable. Of course you cannot wear some classy clothes and walk around with messy hair. You cannot wear a pencil skirt and have oiled hair, can you? Hairstyle defines a look and is very very (I cannot stress this enough) important. I have seen some women and men wearing the best of clothes but with a hairstyle that does nothing to them or to the style that they are trying to carry off. A hairstyle should be like the clothes you wear or the make-up you apply. It has to go with the entire look and not clash anything. All it takes is a little effort to look chic and sleek.

A beautiful hairstyle is the best accessory that one needs. For me, it is really important thanks to my physical short comings. I have a chubby and round face. So, I have added soft layers to my hair in the front so that it cuts my cheeks and gives my face a elongated look. Since I am prone to acne, the fringe helps me hide the zits on my forehead and the layers hide them on my cheeks. Now that I have red streaks on my hair, it gives me a very happy and bold look and I am absolutely in love with it. I spoke about how I got my hair colored in one of my previous posts. It has been three weeks since then and the color is still staying strong and pretty. Of course the color did bleed for a good eight to ten washes, but it never faded away. Almost a month now and the color is looking brighter and bolder than ever. The red color suits my 'I don't give a damn' personality to the tee.

The Front Hair Bump

Normally I always let down my hair. I have a migraine problem and am prone to headaches when I tie up my hair. So most of my hair style experiments are with loose hair. One look that I love is the front hair bump. I hope that is what they call it, else it sounds really creepy! If you don't get what it means, you can look at the picture above. This adds an inch to my height and makes me feel taller and happier. You can see a subtle swirl of red on the bump and a bold streak falling down. You should see how this looks in the sunlight. I look like a flame shooter then. Some people might think that it is a little over the top, but I really don't care. I am happy about this and I totally love this look of mine. I wear my hair like this to office often. Especially when I do not have the time to wash my hair. A little bit of hair mousse and a quick blow dry is all the prep this one needs.

Ironed Flat

The other look that I am often seen with is poker straight hair. This evens out the color on my hair and looks really subtle. The red doesn't stand out bright as the hair is pressed into the naturally black ones. The color is seen only if you look closer. My fringe is smoothed out too and I look prim and proper and the boldness is left to the way I carry myself. My hair becomes the underdog in this style and I use it to my advantage. I wear this look when I have meetings and presentations at work. It makes people focus on me and my talk instead of my hair. And it is good to let your work speak for you at times.

The Mystery Streak

Rarely, very rarely I like to tie up my hair. And these days I do it very often just to show off that bold streak of red on the back. This is more often than not my weekend look when I just do not want to bother much about my hair. I just apply some serum and tie my hair high up. This hides the color on the others parts and only highlights the one on the back. Its like a surprise when people look at it. And I not have to bother much about how it looks because I know it looks awesome and that is enough for me. At times I fold up the pony tail to make a messy bun, leaving a few strands of red loose. This gives me a very Grecian look but with a bold twist. I like to wear this look on dresses as that is when I feel very feminine.

Seeing all the new ways that I can wear my hair after my #HairIsFashion makeover, I keep thinking why did I not get my hair colored earlier? It is so stylish and suits my complexion and personality so well. I cannot thank Lakme Absolute enough for this wonderful experience. But I sure can help one of my readers win such an experience for themselves. Yes, you read that right. One of you can win a Lakme Absolute salon voucher worth Rs.1500 for yourselves to get a hair makeover! And this is how you win it.

1. Follow my blog here. I will check the followers list.
2. Like my blog page on Facebook.
3. Like the Lakme Absolute page on Facebook.
4. Follow me on Twitter.
5. Leave a comment on this post telling me why you think that #HairIs Fashion. Also mention your Facebook profile link and twitter handle.

That's all! The best comment would win a salon voucher worth Rs.1500. Invite your friends to join in too and all the best! Contest ends on 7th March. Do not miss it.

This contest is applicable for people from Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Kolkata only.

Update: The contest is now closed. The winner of the free makeover for #HairIsFashion is Ritu Rawat.


  1. Damn! Now I wish I was living in India ;) I keep saying this, but your hair is WOW! I like the mystery streak too!

    Good luck to all the participants! It will be so worth the makeover :)

  2. Soumya, you look absolutely amazing. I loved that mystery streak. Just wow.

  3. To participate in the contest I did all that you mentioned :D.

    #HairIsFashion because a makeover becomes complete only when one's hair looks magnificent.
    You can find me on facebook
    On twitter @preethivenu

  4. Lovely hair makeover gal! Btw i have followed all the steps.

    Now fomme #HairIsFashion coz that brings out whats inside me. My true style & identity! My tresses not only make me look good but also make me feel good and confident.

    Facebook -
    Twitter - junkkDNA

  5. Wow...I wish to colour my hair reading your posts!

  6. #HairIsFashion as its the visible crown that women flaunt. A nicely done hairstyle adds charm to the overall look without which even the most amazing faces could look dull! A good hair day is also an instant mood uplifter and boosts confidence! With the same number of shades available to colour your hair (or even more maybe :P) just like lip colours, hair is indeed a fashion accessory in itself! With so many cuts and styles to chose from the experimental possibilities are endless. Even a different parting and shiny brushed hair is enough to strikingly transform one’s look! Boring hair is indeed a thing of the past as there is an entire industry to offer a variety of products to help keep your mane healthy and sassy! Its the era of playing with tresses and finding our own way keeping our hair stylish and ready to turn heads!

    Facebook Profile Link -
    Twitter Handle - @riturawat165

  7. My #HairIsFashion because they can be modified with season, style and my own taste. Everytime I pick a style, they make me meet a new me. They makes me look confident, fashionista and gorgeous. I cant imagine my special day without a nice Hair style.
    From defining my personality to catching glares at all special occasions, my hairs do a lot of job for me. They are adaptable. I can make a nice pony at my side and flaunt the look at my college. I can straight them up and let it kept open for my workplace. I can make them curl or make a front bun to carry a party look.
    To sum up all, my hairs speaks alot for me. When they shine, sparks can be seen in my eyes. When they flow, they make me glow. They make a FASHIONISTA
    Liking You on Facebook -
    Twitter - vjain8791

  8. Your hairs look absolutely stunning. Lakme experts do wonder

  9. Wow! You really are rocking the Red bold streak!

    I think #HairIsFashion because it is the only feature of yours that can be changed according to the latest trend and is the crowning glory that can make or break your whole getup. A good haircut is a definite confidence booster!

    You know I follow you. :D both personally and thru the blog!

  10. #HairIsFashion . To experiment with it is the one psychological therapy you can easily afford. A good haircut gives a new perception to life.

  11. Honestly my hair means everything and its one and only resort to pulling off any outfit ,be it the shabbiest combo of t-shirts and shorts too. My hair is my fashion,i'm not into jewellery or make up as much as i am into maintaining my hair,so much so that i have never let anyone straighten it with a iron! im more of the traditional 'oil you hair' kinda girl. and i truely believe its our hair which can make or break our entire look . :)
    Hair definitely is fashion,you can have almost all kinds of hair cuts at least once in your life.It brings out the SEXY in a woman ,builds up your self confidence !! (especially when your dancing ) and I think your hair can make you look pretty even if you have no make up or expensive clothes and well if u lucky enough to have it all, your hair is just an additional bonus and enhancement to ur good looks.
    Ufff,What would i do without my hair !!
    #HairIsFashion #lovemyhair
    wish to win. :)
    fb link-
    twitter- @chocolatygirl25
    subscribed to ur blog with email id-

  12. You look lovely Soumya and that red streak surely looks awesome! And yes I agree that #HairIsFashion. There was an incident yesterday that made me feel so. I usually tie my hair in a pony tail. Call it a habit rather than a convenience. Yesterday we were observing ethnic day at my workplace and I decided to try a different hairstyle and the compliments I got were amazing and made me feel happy :) See that is what a good hair style can do. Hair can make or break a look. And a few different hair accessories can give you a whole new look!
    And the link to my Facebook profile is: and my Twitter handle is @ReemaMichelle

  13. A lovely makeover. You look great!!
    To me #HairIsFashion because a hairstyle can do a lot to enhance your looks.No matter how stylish your outfit or makeup maybe ,the perfect look wouldn't be complete without an awesome hairstyle.Hair is something that you can experiment with along with the changing trends.Hair is one of the best assets that a girl can flaunt and step up her fashion game. We can express our style and personality through our hair and that's what makes us confidently stand apart .
    Thanx for the chance.!

    twitter-nikhita07, fb: ida mendonca


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