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More Than An Accessory

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They say that you can tell a lot about a woman by the things she carries in her handbag. I completely agree. Women are known to carry their world with them making a handbag the must have and the perfect accessory. No look is complete without a handbag. Be it on a date, lunch or a party night. A bag is always needed no matter what the situation or the occasion. A woman's bag is a symbol of her personality. A bag not only serves as a purpose, it is an extension of the woman herself.

The history of the handbag dates back to the nineteenth century. A bag was originally designed to hold essentials and over the years has evolved into a symbol of personal style. Although functionality is more important, a little style hurts no one. Bags to woman are like soul mates. They carry their life in them and it helps hide their secrets. Be it a sling, a tote or a clutch; a woman has all of it in her closet and yet craves for more. Purses are status symbols to some and everyday items to others. Women who value the look of a bag mostly rely on its visual appeal to express their personalities and personal style. For them, a handbag is important because it defines where they are within society and how they want to be perceived by others. Women who value function over appearance see the importance in how well the bag performs. They want a purse that can carry everything they need and is convenient to use.

And when it come to handbags, size matters to the woman. A stylish woman knows how to style a bag in the blink of an eye. And a sensible woman knows the trick of the trade too. A woman knows that a sling back comes to use when you are a little heavy around the hips. The bag perfectly lies on the hips hiding the truth underneath. Or if a woman is fully toned and wants to flaunt her body, she doesn't want a bag to come in her way. And thus a clutch comes to her rescue. A perfect tiny bag that easily fits within the confines of a woman's hand. A tote helps a woman hide her problem areas as well as it serves the functional purpose. A woman knows her bags more than she can know herself. She knows what bag goes with what clothes and how to style each one of it.

One look at a woman's bag and then first impressions are made. The dress may be anything, but a sleek bag is needed to seal the look. Be it an ornamental clutch over traditional attire or a sling thrown over a pair of jeans, a woman is never seen without her handbag. Without an Elite handbag, a lady is lost.


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