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O: Ocean Of Life

Painting by Daria Petrilli 

Every day the paper talks about me
About rape, murder or harassment
But nothing happens after the news
A few words is only what it meant

Does a woman's life mean nothing
Am I that easily replaceable
Has my position been reduced to a puppet
Will I ever be considered to be able

A lot of questions plague me today
Am I a curse or am I the pain
Why is that even in the 21st century
My birth is considered to be a bane

I am not an object of sexual desire
My body is not someone else's playground
Pleasing a man is not my only duty
To the mankind I'm not bound

I have my own dreams and desires
My parents are not losers by siring me
A daughter is precious in her own way
But the blinded society cannot see

Will there ever be respect for women
Or will I continue to struggle
Will I be able to walk with head held high
Or am I expected to drown in trouble

It scares me to think about the future
At this point I don't know if I'll have one
My dignity is shattered every second
As one of me is raped just for fun

I'm a woman capable of many things
Why can't I just be left free
Am I not considered to be something atleast
When I hold an ocean of life within me

**This morning was a depressing one. The first news I read was about how a pregnant woman was raped by her brother-in-law and was harassed by her in-laws for dowry. There was another news about a 79 year old woman being raped. This is not what you expect to read first thing in the morning. And this is not the only morning that I have got to read such things. It is sad, depressing, shocking and so cruel. A woman's life is much more than what it is shown to be. A woman has the right to live too. Or is this something that we are expected to beg from society as well?

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  1. That's the worst part...we have to ASK for a right...shouldn't that come as naturally as eating, breathing or walking...?

    A lovely poem, filled with very relevant question.

  2. :( is all I can say! How sad is this?

    Well written poetry that expresses the pain of every woman's heart to the core.

  3. The state of women in recent times is greatly terrifying. It's sad that even older women or small babies are not spared. How I wish I could put an end to the misery in a woman's life. So depressing. When will it stop. Sigh!

  4. oh gosh such terrible news!!
    you have expressed it right... I hope there's a better future for womanhood, where atleast they would be respected.

  5. So sad, so depressing. Your heartache comes through the lines. It's good that you're here responding to MagPie prompts. It gives people a fresh perspective on these problems. In other places, I think we take our freedoms for granted.

  6. Crime against women is such a vice that we need to keep raising our voice against it constantly. Loved your disclaimer too.
    read my posts at :

  7. The news makes me mad, especially when I read about what happens to women. Someday we'll be 'real people'. Someday.
    ~AJ Lauer
    an A-Z Cohost
    @ayjaylauer on Twitter

  8. Starts the moment when someone rejoices the birth of a baby boy, who could take ahead the name of his family.
    I enjoyed reading your post.
    Do stop by...

  9. This kind of news makes me more mad than sad. It is SO frustrating. You have expressed your feelings very well through the poem.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  10. Women must have been as free as men to lead their life. But the sad thing is, not even ASKing gives us our right. We have to fight so hard for it :(

  11. News can be so downright depressing and negative! It's a challenge not to be swallowed in it and hold your head up high, unless you bypass the headlines and go straight to the comics and/or horoscope for fun (as I sometimes, not enough times do)! ;) However, on a serious note, crimes against females are crimes against humanity 'cause if you think about it (as you say) women hold an ocean of life within them! ;) Tis a very sad shame. <3

  12. Very sad about what is happening in the world today :-(

  13. Some women have to lead such a touch and a sad life!! :(


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