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U: Us

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I thought I had got the picture right
I worked hard on getting the correct shade
You came along at the perfect time
Ensuring that the colors never fade

As I look back across the years
I can only remember life with you
You were the partner I was looking for
You are my dream that came true

I did not need anyone else
You were everything to me
A friend, a lover and a soul mate
Beyond you my eyes couldn't see

Crowds began to repel me
Everyplace I was searching for your face
With you everything seemed so nice
But without you I was lost in a maze

It was just you and me every where
Together we faced and battled it all
At times I kept your spirits up
And at times you prevented my fall

Holding hands we came a long way
Everybody wanted to break us apart
The poor souls did not know that
We were strongly connected in the heart

Time and again challenges we faced
We saw the true colors of everyone around
We learnt the lesson in a hard way
It is only us until we reach the ground

Everything is uncomplicated this way
It is all sorted without any fuss
I still do not need any body else
Life is complete when it is just us

Linking to the A to Z Challenge.


  1. I am amazed with this work, this is so soulful. The last 2 lines sum it up for the love they have.


  2. Holding hands we came a long way
    Everybody wanted to break us apart
    The poor souls did not know that
    We were strongly connected in the heart

    this para reminds me of those days when me and hubby faced our toughest time..trying to convince our families to agree to our wedding!

    beautiful poem!

  3. Beautiful. The last two lines are amazing :)

  4. But without you, I was lost in a maze. This is my favorite line for obvious reasons. :D

  5. Such beautiful lines and I can see you have written straight from the heart. Let God always bless you with togetherness and more love forever :)

  6. Beautiful! I love the picture of the jigsaws fitting together so well :)

  7. Aww, so full of love. Nicely done.

  8. This poetry from heart for hearts touches hearts :) Simply beautiful I would say.....

  9. Lovely. You write straight from the heart and it is reflected in your words. :) It is a joy to read you, Soumya.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  10. Very sweet! Love the last line, Soumya.

  11. Wow ! Nicely written and the perfect ode to a lover/partner :)

  12. Mesmerizing poem. Love every line:)

  13. So lovely to read this delightful poem of deep sincere love AND commitment: true love indeed! :) I am SO happy for you! :) On a side note, I have "true colours" mentioned in my U post today! ;) <3

  14. Lovely poem. Really expresses the love of a couple beautifully.

  15. Aaahhhh!!!! Its so amazing

  16. Good one! Life is complete with "us"..

  17. This is so sweet and full of love ^_^


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