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Kiss Me Once More

Come soon, my dear husband
My naked frame longs for you
Lust and love swirled together
As we become one from two

The long hours we spend apart
Makes me feel like a lonely soul
Your thoughts help me get past it
As passion ignites like burning coal

Your fedora understands my plight
As I sing to it our love tale
The ring on my finger knows it too
That this story shall never get stale

Oh my love, what is keeping you
The sun too has now gone away 
Here I am waiting for your steps
Like I patiently do so every day

How do I tell you what I feel
You drive me crazy with every touch
I'm fighting a sense of longing
Oh darling! I love you so much

I miss you with every passing second
Your love has now plagued my core
Tomorrow morning before you leave
My honey, just kiss me once more

Written for The Magpie Tales: Mag 206.

~ Soumya


  1. "The ring on my finger knows it too
    That this story shall never get stale"
    Awesome Leo!

  2. Ouuzaa!! that's was so seductive! Super!

  3. You really put the emotions of pining for love beautifully in words. And in simple words that too.

    Happy valentine's in advance


    1. Thank you CRD! Happy Valentine's day to you too!

  4. Awesome PDA. . . BytheWay ...MAG! is patent to my wife. She would call me "MAGNET" (which i was and i am) before shaadi. Just after shaadi, she would call me, Maggie, magpie, maggu, maigu, mangu ...and now after celebrating our 8th Anniversay few days back on 09th Feb, she started calling "MAG".. !!
    So, plz don't violate the Patent guidelines. You can use R instead. I mean replace M with R and you will get RAG, RAGU, RAGGIE ...

    1. Thank you!

      But Magpie is not a term I coined. Its a webpage which gives out prompts. You can check it at the link mentioned in the post.

  5. Whoa.. I loved it. This was so sexy.

    Just the right thing to read on Valentine. :D

  6. SENSUOUS is the word..why do i see all beautiful girls without husbands this valentine..

    guys...not done haan

    1. Haha, here she is just waiting for her husband to come back from work! :)

  7. Wow.. You're a gifted poet! Your way with words is what I love! Keep on writing such beautiful poems, Soumya! :)


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