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The Dream Catcher

It can be a hidden secret
Or maybe the ghosts of the past
I shall unravel the mystery
I can read your dreams loud and fast

I know what your sleep tells you
I can see the hallucinated tale
With eyes closed you paint a picture
Feeling it like a complex braille

But I know the truth behind it
The highs, the lows and the pain
I know what you see and why
I know the truth of the recurring chain

Sleep my friend, snore and dream
At your solace let others pelt stones
Do not be disturbed by their angst
They are oblivious to your slumber tones

The book that you are resting on
Shall be the next big episode
Your dream shall show you the future
Where thoughts and words shall explode

The dim light above you
Shines on your face turning it pale
Through it I can read your dream
I shall help your scenes smoothly sail

Do you see what I want you to see
I'm giving you the gist and the hint
You are meant for something wonderful
Your dream has that sparkling glint

Of course there are others thoughts too
But I do not let them get to you
Worthy thoughts are always a few
You see only what I let through

Go ahead and achieve your dreams
Move on to the greener pasture
Watching you keenly from afar
I'm the vigilant dream catcher

Written for The Magpie Tales: Mag 208.

~ Soumya


  1. such a hauntingly beautiful piece of writing. Loved it! :)

  2. Liked the words weaved beautifully and the rhyming.

  3. Replies
    1. I must admit I'm in love with your blog. Hehe I'll be looking forward to your writing :)

    2. Thank you so much! Please come back soon :)

  4. A very soothing poem especially when seen as a bibliophile. How books can open doors of different avenues for us..


    1. Exactly! I did not think of it as a bibliophile. Makes more sense to me now :)

      Thank you.

  5. It was so beautiful! Keep haring woman!

  6. Woah, you make dreams look so real..:D

  7. ah, forgot to mention.- I am a Leo myself..;) :P

  8. gosh... do u ever get tired of saying thank yous ?? such an brilliant piece..i mean, i cant even think abt writing something lik this...
    and again i will say this like a utter shameless... I am J of u ! :P

    1. That's one thing I never get tired of. I'm a Leo, I thrive on praise :P

      J of me? No way, come on, you are awesome in your own way too :)

      Thank you for the lovely words!

  9. Now this is beautiful.
    It has been long since I dreamed !!

    1. Thank you Red! Have some Old Monk and hit the bed. Sweet dreams assured! :D

  10. "At your solace let others pelt stones".... wow... such beautiful usage.. How do you manage to come up with such amazing lines.. It was beautiful.. :)

    1. When I see an image like this, thoughts just flow. I'm glad you liked it! :)

  11. I liked it .... just an afterthought though Worthy thoughts are always a few

  12. Lovely dream catcher! :) Now to look for a dream 2 reality converter :) :)

    1. Haha let me know when you find one!

      Thanks! :)

  13. I love how you rhyme ... a beautiful dreamy piece of work :-)

  14. So brilliantly beautiful.. loved it.. :)


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