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Change Is Here #TimeToTransform

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People on Twitter think that they are wise, people on Instagram think that they are photographers, people on Facebook think that they are surrounded by a million friends. Life has become that way now. No matter how much you want to avoid it, technology never leaves you. Gone are those times when vacations were all about relaxing and having a chilled out time. These days it is all about check ins and photographs in front of famous monuments. The age old Kodak camera has now become a monument too. It is now an antique piece in the showcase. Nothing more than that.

When we were young, we were filled with enthusiasm to become something and change the world. But alas, the world changed us. All thanks to technology. I do not remember the last time when I spent an hour without the Internet. Be it on the laptop or on the phone. Newspapers have long been replaced by e-papers, and the first place I look for updates regarding anything now is on Twitter. While we are now living in a phase where we are so dependent on technology, we might atleast do it right. 

I'm a Telecom engineer and my world revolves around the need to be connected on the move. Be it 3G or 4G, I am contributing to an American Telecom giant big time. I see the struggle people go through for better network connectivity. Every Telecom company needs to provide first class connectivity on the move to stay ahead in the game. I am a part of this race too. Seamless connectivity on the move is every individual's dream and that is what companies like mine, strive for day in and day out. Of course only in terms of software. The hardware is taken care of by companies like ASUS anyway.

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What keeps me hooked on to Technology all the time? 

My passion for doing the things I love. Primarily, writing. Where ever I go, I make small notes about my experiences and something that catches my mind. I take pictures too. So that, they later become a beautiful blog post that I can go back and read to relive the experience again. Its always wonderful to pen down your experiences while you travel. My phone is like my handy book without which I feel paralyzed. It is my life and it has everything about my life in it. It has all my details, right from my account numbers, to to-do lists to the reminders for a million things. Another reason I depend on technology is my dedication for work. I have configured my office mails on my phone, so that I can check them on the go and be prepared for the next day. I promptly reply to the mails and I'm 100% updated about what ever is happening. All the time.

Another thing that keeps me hooked on to technology on the go are the perks. Yes, I am being honest here. Now a days, every social network is having a contest every five minutes. Where you definitely stand to win something or the other. Twitter contests usually mean speed and the number of tweets and retweets within a short period of time. Being glued to technology has won me a lot of things for myself and the people around me. And I love it. No, its not only about the materialistic things that come your way. These contests challenge your brain to dangerous extents and it becomes a mind game to rise about the rest. That is what I like. Its like an adrenaline rush for me.

Of late, I am hooked on to Instagram. Its not only about putting up the pictures I click, it is also about checking out the pictures of others and reliving their memories with them. Miley Cyrus's Instagram account not included though. I do not bother much about likes and comments. I like to see what others find fascinating. Be it pictures of food or their selfies. A picture speaks a lot about the person who clicked it. I like to tap into that thought.

No matter how much we curse technology, we cannot do without it. And let us face it, it has taught us many things today. For one, multitasking. How many of us have multiple tabs opened up on our browsers every time? The tabs on my browser overflows. I read, write, check on expenses, buy stuff, learn new things all in one shot. And most importantly, we are now more connected with people thanks to technology. I have the habit of checking in where ever I go, and my friends are updated about my where abouts. They consult me on the place and based on my experience they choose to visit that place. I depend on technology to stay updated. Be it sports, economics, news or entertainment. I am updated up to date thanks to technology on the move. I feel good about myself and that is why I am so hooked on to technology today.

Image Source: Google

Although I am not a big fan of tablets, the ASUS Transformer Book T100 is something that caught my eye. I'll tell you why. I do not like the concepts of tablets at all. I refused to buy one until now. But the ASUS is not a tablet alone, it actually is a laptop which can be turned into a tablet when needed. How cool is that? I depend on my phone for everything, but I hate typing out blog posts or creating documents on the small screen. This book is like boon to someone like me, who can pluck the tab off while on the go to make notes and click pictures and come back home and convert it into a laptop to write down my experiences. This one brilliant gadget will keep me hooked on to technology for life.

The ASUS Transformer Book T100 comes with the following features:

~ 25.6 cm (10.1) HD Glare Touch Panel screen.
~ 2 GB LPDDR3 1067 MHz RAM.
~ 32 GB EMMC storage.
~ Windows 8.1 OS
~ Intel® AtomTM Processor Z3740(Up to 2.3GHz, 2M) CPU.

All this at a low price too. At under thirty five grand, this is one of the best deals you will find. It is a laptop and a tablet. And it is ultraportable. Change is here guys. I changed my mind about tablets, now it is #TimeToTransform yours too.

This is my entry for the 'Time To Transform' contest on Indiblogger, in association with ASUS.


  1. You echoed my thoughts here! I agree totally with you soumya. Though I feel skeptical about using technology so much, to the extent of forgetting that we have a life outside it, I cant be without it! Crisp write up :) All the best for the contest :)

  2. All the best for the contest Soumya !

  3. You speak my mind at the fourth paragraph Soumya. I too feel paralyzed without my phone. All the best for the contest dear:)

  4. I am so depended on technology too!!!
    Best of luck with the contest Leo!

  5. I'm not much of a techno savvy person, but embrace it , as a friend . Loved the crisp points here. ASUS sure looks tempting :)

    1. Thank you Sreeja, it sure does look tempting! :)

  6. all the best for the contest ...

    we are all so dependent on technology these day , I wonder what will happen if all computers stop for ONE DAY :)



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