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Being Cupid

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The proposal is always said to be a man's thing but who says a woman cannot do it? Some people say that a woman proposing to a man is a desperate attempt, which is totally ridiculous. Love is the most wonderful emotion in the world and it remains the same no matter who proposes. Love is a very strong feeling and having the guts to express it and shout it off to the world is a huge thing. Believe me, not everyone can do that. We all have heard of those silent love stories, where two people are in love with each other but are shy or scared to tell the other person. Thank God, we do not live in that era anymore. And Valentine's day compels us to not keep quiet about the love we feel. I know we do not need just one day to express our love, but since Saint Valentines worked so hard for it, we might as well as make it worthwhile. Roses, chocolates and soft toys are so passé. And more over they are girly things. How would you propose to a man? The conventional methods would not suffice for me. If I'm doing it, I'm doing it my way. I'm going to break the norm, and go all bold and beautiful on him.

14th February: 7.30 pm

So its time for dinner and he is coming to take me out. I hear the door bell ring and I open the door dressed in the most sexiest little red dress ever. I have worked hard on my body for this day, by going on a serious diet and working out religiously. The dress fits me just right, highlighting my slim hips and my toned legs. The look on his face is worth every bit of the effort that I had put in. He wants to take me out, but instead I invite him in. The lighting at home is dimmed, except for the fairy lights. I welcome him with a smile and accept the roses that he has bought for me. I sway in my high heels and walk up to a crystal vase and place the flowers in them. I hold his hand and lead him to the dining room where I have a gourmet spread ready for him. Our grandmas always told us that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, that is my idea number one. I have cooked the entire meal for him, filled with love.

We start of with some stuffed button mushrooms, hummus and a variety of dips. I pour out red wine and we raise a toast for today. He is startled and thrilled at the same time. My red lips grace the glass and I see him watch my every action. He tries the food and his looks tells me that he loves it. I am satisfied. We make small talk as I bring in the main course of creamy white pasta and freshly baked garlic bread. He is amazed by how beautiful the food looks and tucks in soon enough. After the first mouthful, he praises me for the taste. I smile and refill his glass of wine. For dessert, I bring out the still warm choco lava cake from the oven. I place it in front of him and tease him with a spray of whipped cream on it. His eyes open wide but I settle down in my seat. I take a bite of the cake and let some of the chocolate ooze out from my lips. He looks at me and I delicately wipe off the chocolate. We finish the dessert, but the wine still remains. We walk out to the balcony to get some fresh air. We sit on the swing and talk as the subtle winter chill falls on us.

14 February: 9 pm

Once dinner and the wine is done, I play some light romantic music. He asks me for a dance and I agree. His hands find my hip as I place my well manicured hands on his shoulders. We sway to the music as I see the love for me in his eyes. He comes closer and whispers in my ears that I'm looking very beautiful today. I smile as the music changes to 'You're Beautiful'. He smiles too as he complements every single move of mine. After three songs, he comes closer to kiss me. I push him away and walk into the bedroom. He follows me, but I close the door. I slip a note from beneath the door asking him to wait for five minutes, with my lip stain on it. He obliges, obviously.

Five minutes later, I walk out of the room dressed in white lace, wearing shiny wings. Oh yeah, just like cupid. Before I let his eyes fall all over me, I take him back to the living room. The slow music is still on, as I recite a poem that I had written specifically for this occasion. My voice chokes as I get caught up in emotion. I see tears flowing out of his eyes too. The music is soon drowned out as I kneel down and propose to him. He instantly says a yes and pulls me into his arms. He comes closer and plants his lips on mine.

14 February: 10 pm

The beginning.

This post is written as an entry for Indi Happy Hours -  Cupid Games 2015 activity in association with Indiblogger and Closeup.


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