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Loafing In Style

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During summers my husband gets really agitated. The heat coupled with the sweat makes it very difficult to wear shoes and wash up regularly. He is the causal jeans and coverse kinda guy, but in summers it gets really hard to wear sneakers and walk around. So this time, I bought him a pair of loafers to try it out. Since he was wearing them for the first time, I kept it subtle and bought him a tan colored pair. To coax him more into wearing it I also got him a matching tan belt to go with it. From the minute he wore it, there was no looking back. It is easy to slip on and the comfort level is extremely high. The fit was perfect and the basic color went with almost piece of clothing. The next day we placed an order for a blue pair.

When it comes to loafers, it is important to buy the right fit as more often than not loafers are worn without socks. We do not want the edges to be protruding out. Also buy them in airy material with enough ventilation. Some loafers do not have cotton insides. This can cause the feet to soak up sweat and stink a lot. Men need to ensure that their feet is absolutely clean and perfumed before they slip their legs into a pair of these.

Loafers are a trend that will never end. You can style them in various ways. They are available in many colors as well, to suit the bright summer sun. They can we worn with jeans, shorts or ankle length pants. Throw over a casual shirt or a T-shirt and the look is chic and complete. Loafers are a must have in every man's closet and in atleast three colors. A basic black/navy, a tan one and any other bright color like a purple or orange. These colored loafers can pep up any outfit and look uber cool. Wear them with mirrored aviators and the look is sorted.

Times have now changed and men are piling up on their shoe closet just like women. When there are so many options available in the market, I don't see why not!


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