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Desert Rose

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I stood alone all this while
Waiting for a mirage to cross my eye
But nothing ever came my way
My own existence felt like a lie

Only the heat kept me company
The sun glared on with all its might
In-spite of the warmth, I felt cold inside
Be it the morning, noon or night

What have I done to deserve this
Is this how my life will always be
Will I find my knight in shining armor
To my locked life who holds the key

Just when I had given up on love
I saw the first glimpse of you
I just prayed my mind was not playing tricks
When you came closer, I knew you were true

Looking at you, my faith was restored
I always knew that God had a plan
When you smiled down upon me
I realized that you were my perfect man

You brought me peace and hope
Hovering above me all the time
You were the perfect companion
I the words, you the rhyme

My life feels so bright now
You sprinkled love in the perfect dose
Finally after years of standing alone
On my parched earth then bloomed a rose

P.S: I had this crazy idea about associating the five elements of nature - fire, water, air, earth and sky to human emotions and love. And in the form of poetry. I already wrote about fire, water and air. This one is the fourth in the series, earth.


  1. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!. The last verse is the best. Queen of rhymes, Kudos!

  2. Such a beautiful love story. I must look up the other ones you wrote

  3. Wow what a passionate poem. Enjoyed reading it.

  4. Yay, this series is just getting better by every post :)

    Have you changed the look of LOL?

    1. Thank you Kay!

      Yes, I'm back to the original look now.

  5. Beautiful. I could relate to this poem. You rhyme beautifully.

  6. That's a nice take on the elements. Creative. At the moment, I have given up on a prince in shining armor. I am just happy enjoying my solitude and freedom.

  7. then the rose bloomed from the crack in the concrete!!..beautiful.. :)

  8. You are drunk on the nectar called Life. A very passionate verse. Every being needs company.

  9. These are beautiful lines. I liked the way the emotions of deep sadness in the first few stanzas transcends into a peaceful place of happiness towards the end. The reader leaves with a smile feeling happy for the protagonist in the poem.

    Cheers :)

  10. Love, love, love :) Nothing triggers off poetry like love. And what a beautiful one this is!


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