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Hot Air

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We aren't that entirely different
And yet we have nothing in common
I am more than attracted to you
And yet I will proceed with caution

All these years we were friends
Two different sides of the same coin
Love changed everything for us
Coming together only to later unjoin

Everything is wrong about this union
I the blazing fire, you the potent air
Both wanting to dominate in every sphere
Survival of this combo is rarer than rare

And yet I do not want to give up
You are the best thing to happen to me
Without you life seems incomplete
In my future, you I can see

Let us each take a step back now
Think about what matters more
It all is in our hands now
If we want to sink or soar

Let us put behind our differences
And bring our love to the front
Let us work on ourselves together
None of us have to bear the brunt

You are the reason for my being
I only see my myself in your eyes
From now on there is a new beginning
Together as hot air, let us rise and rise

P.S: I suddenly had this crazy idea about associating the five elements of nature - fire, water, earth, air and sky to human emotions and love. And in the form of poetry. I wrote about fire and water here. This one is the third in the series, air.

P.S.S: I haven't written for seven days. Work kept me super busy. But now, I am back!


  1. Awesome poem, do check out 'playing with fire' by devika fernando. its about fire and ice , a love story,

  2. the union of Air and fire will be amazing. A novel idea to pen a poem on the elements.

  3. Love the way you have mixed two elements that are so different and yet so similar! :)

  4. Really creative idea to write about air, in combination with fire !

  5. wow!!! how can smone even think like this...forget associating the 5 elements...i can't even put 5 words together...this is!!!

    1. Dude, stop trying to be modest will you. Do not forget you once had a super successful blog.

      And yes, thanks!! :)

  6. Ah do that's 3 down, can't wait for the rest :)

    Fire and Air do go well!

  7. Beautifully written. I loved the way you brought the two elements so different and showed us that they can still work together. Comparing elements to human nature is something I do sometimes too.

    1. Thank you Harini. Do try it, I'd love to read them :)

  8. I'm loving this series of poems of yours. This was lovely! Missed reading your posts. I was on a break too. Hopefully should write more soon.

    1. Thank you darling! I'm waiting for your posts.

  9. Excellent! :) The idea to write a poem on fire and air like a love affair is interesting! It flowed nicely.


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