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Action Replay: July 2016

Image Source Well, the seventh month is soon bidding goodbye and paving way for my birthday month. Yay! July was a very good month for me. In terms of professional and personal life, and everything else in between. Lessons were learnt too and realizations dawned upon. You know, I really like it when I have a take away from life. I'm not complaining that it is happening every month. I'm not changing as a person, but I'm becoming well learnt. I'm more aware of people and the situations around me. I've also become more wary of people. Or the human race in general. The day I wrote ' Misanthrope ', I'd seen a car run over an innocent dog and a cab driving abusing a woman with golden words. No sir, the dog was not in the middle of the road. The car driver had to move a little left to let the dog sleep peacefully, but he decided against it and ran over the dog's hind legs. The poor thing yelped and yelped and it just broke my heart. The cab driver who

Book Review: Lolita

Image Source Title: Lolita Author: Vladimir Nabokov Publisher: Penguin UK (25 August 2011) Genre: Literature/Fiction Price: Rs. 319 on Amazon . Pages: 368 **Might contain spoilers** My eyes always widen when I hear the word "controversial". This book was supposed to be one of the most controversial books that is still banned in many countries. This was enough for me to buy it immediately. I knew the blurb really well, as well as the forbidden subject it speaks of, and yet I wanted to read it. One fine day I started and within two pages I was getting nowhere. I found the writing too tedious and chunky. I was bored and dropped the book. But it continued to haunt me. I picked and dropped it thrice, over a period of a year before finally making my way through it. It definitely is not an easy read or a conventional love story. Lolita is included on TIME magazine's list of the 100 best English language novels to have been published from 1923 to 2005. Well,

Black Magic

Image Source You and I have been together for years And now we're expected to stay apart How do I make myself do this When you hold a piece of my heart You've stood by me through thick and thin As I played with you the way I want You made me an artist in a way Without you, those memories now haunt I know the separation is temporary Yet I find it hard to step out I feel a part of me missing Somewhere within me I nurse a doubt I still am confident and strong I feel really happy and good But I cannot forget all those times When you and I together stood You were such a close part of me I hope these few months pass by soon We'll make up for all the time we lost Drawn across me, I'll make you swoon This time apart is important they say It is for my own good, that I know But once you have an addiction In front of it, you have to bow For now, let my eyes just heal Then I'll paint you in different hues I

Clear Boredom

Image Source This is the fifth consecutive day that I've stayed at home without stepping out much. Yeah, no office or anything. No, I haven't gone crazy but I soon will if I don't do something productive. So, here I am. What happened you ask? Okay let me start from the beginning. It was the year 2000 and I was in the 8th standard. I was the class topper and once I was asked to read out something from the blackboard. I stood up in pride and then realized that there was nothing written on the board. I squinted my eyes as the teacher looked at me with a puzzled look. She asked me to step forward and come right in front of the class and read. As I walked ahead, I could see the poem ' Silver ' written on the board in faint handwriting. I loved that poem, but that was when it struck me that something was wrong with my eye sight. I read the poem and walked away really sadly. When you study in a convent, you have a lot of privileges. We had regular health camps that

Book Review: The Devotion Of Suspect X

Image Source Title: The Devotion Of Suspect X Author: Keigo Higashino Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group (2 February 2012) Genre: Crime/Thriller/Mystery Price: Rs. 264 on Amazon . Pages: 488 Like most of us, I heard about this book after news spread that the movie ' Drishyam ' was loosely based on this book. I absolutely loved the movie and the screenplay blew me over. I'm the one who always prefers books over movies, so I had to buy this one. After years, I walked into a book store and picked a book. Thanks to online shopping I had forgotten the thrill and satisfaction I get when I walk into a book store. Okay now about the book. Yasuko Hanaoka is a divorced single mother who stays with her daughter Misato and works in a restaurant to make a living. Her neighbor is Tetsuya Ishigami, a maths teacher who harbors feelings for her but doesn't tell her a word about it. He visits her restaurant everyday to buy a lunch box though. And by everyday, I mean


Image Source Most of them will hurt you Some will only push you down You might be the queen in your world Yet tongues will tarnish your crown Humans are a scary species Their own emotions they don't know No matter how much love you sprinkle The seeds of hatred they will sow Jealousy comes so easily to them Comparison is in their every breath Such people will never change Their will be ugly inside till their death Blood is thicker than water they say But pointed fingers first come from them Gossip becomes the main agenda From where their insecurities stem If you do good, they turn green If you do bad, they complain Some people can never be happy All your efforts will go in vain It is better to stay away from them No matter how close they are If someone is only causing you harm It is better you just move away far Their problems are not yours Your problems will only belong to you Do what you want and do only right

Book Review: David Days Mona Nights

Image Source Title: David Days Mona nights Author: Andreas Steinhifel/Anja Tuckerman Publisher: Tara Publishing Genre: Romance/Young Adult Price: Rs. 175 on Amazon . Pages: 158 Recently, I've only read books that have left me disturbed. After The Girl On The Train , Sharp Objects , Dark Places and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo , I wanted to read something that would not curb my sleep. I wanted a breezy read and just browsed through my book collection one day. David Days Mona Nights was a book that belonged to my husband and was something that he had read a decade and a half ago. As I read the blurb, I realized that it was a young adult romance story. Initially I thought I was a bit too old for that and decided to look up reviews on Goodreads. Sadly, this book wasn't listed there. Looks like there are a lot of people out there, who, like me had not even heard of this book. The concept was about a girl and a boy writing a series of letters to each other and

Action Replay: June 2016

Image Source I know I'm a bit late in writing this, but I was caught up way too many things. To be honest, June was not a very good month for me. Personally, that is. Health issues coupled with insomnia did not do me good at all. I know that half the year has just whooshed by, but June just felt like a drag to me. Work was hectic as usual, but there was something else that bogged me down this time. I cannot put a finger on it exactly, but I'm glad that June is over and done with. Having said that, June was a month that left me with a lot of learnings. Now that I think of it, maybe it was not that bad a month altogether. Apart from work, the prime focus for June was reading. I read six books this month and I couldn't be more happier. I read a diverse books this time. Reading back to back thrillers was leaving me disturbed and agitated. After P.G.W's 'Galahad At Blandings' which by the way is beyond excellent, I picked up the short story 'The Grownup&#