Lagaan - Rajini Style

Rajinikanth decides to remake Lagaan where obviously he plays Aamir's role. This is how the climax of the movie is gonna be.

Last ball of the last over, and 10 runs to win. Rajini at strike. He hits the ball and they win the match. Guess how?

He hits the ball with so much force that it splits into two pieces. One goes for a six, and the other for a four! Mind it!


The Beat

There is something about the above picture. I first saw it on some group on Facebook. I just remember sitting and staring at this picture for a long time. It gives me a weird kind of satisfaction. I don't know what the picture is supposed to mean, but for me it means two people tied together in love forever. Together they rise, together they soar, someday they may even fall. But, together. The way the bright red heart stands out against the pale back ground clearly tells that yes, love is the most important thing in the world.

The way the guy has held the girl, the look in her eyes, him kissing her shoulder and together they are tightly bound by love. If I had seen this like a month or two ago, I probably would have cried. But today, I can only smile looking at it. Feels real good. Why I said above that this picture brings me a weird kind of satisfaction is that I know I have had more than my share of such moments. Probably much much better than this. Its a different thing that it dint last forever, but while it lasted I lived every single moment of it. It all out there in the back of my head and I can re-live it with every heart beat of mine.

This picture brought back memories that I had locked away somewhere. I thought reopening them would make me feel miserable. No, it doesn't. As I said, everything in life just needs a little getting used to. I feel nice, really nice. And I just cant stop smiling. Those moments, the feelings, the aura, the scent and the beat of one's heart synchronising with the other. I have lived through all of it. So hell yeah, I have no complains. Although there is a high, actually very high possibility that these things can never happen again, So what? I don't regret it. One life to live and I have lived my share of love. If its destined, I'll get to re-live it again.

Getting Used to

2010 is going good. I know that I have changed. And in so many ways that I can't pen down. I've decided to stay oblivious to many things around and that's how it works the best for me. Call me selfish, foolish, naive or whatever but this is how I choose to be. They say that a person who is happy doesn't have all the facts. Oh well, I don't mind being that person. I may be postponing pain for later, but when that moment comes I'm sure I'll deal with it as I have dealt with everything else.

Just figured out that monotony is good if you are used to it. Not that I lead a monotonous life, believe me, my life is anything but monotonous. 'Life is what happens to you, when you're busy making other plans'. This line has been coined keeping me in mind for sure. The twists and turns, ups and downs and most importantly the roundabouts my life takes can put the most complicated roller coaster ride in the world to shame. Not that I'm proud of it, but I've learnt to sail through it with ease. If life seems to be going smooth, I get worried. Damn it, good or bad, when you go through something constantly for more than 10 times I guess you just get used to it.

And have I got used to it or what. Believe me life is simpler when you decide not to care. Things keep happening around you, just give a walk through. Nothing, almost nothing bothers me now. I'm used to not being acknowledged for the hard work I put in. I'm used to people just telling me a lame "Good" when I accomplish something great. I'm used to listening to the woes of other people even when I don't care. I'm used to the cold callousness of some people. I'm used to the annoying blatant flattery that comes my way. I'm used to listening to "This guy is good for you, no this one is better, no not him, what about him" from my sister. I'm used to the void in my life. I'm used to writing any kind of poetry, even if its in the middle of the night. I'm used to listening to "You're different" from almost everyone who meets me. I absolutely don't care if its in a good or bad way.

I'm used to going out for a drink every time one of my girls ask me "Hey child, free for a drink". I'm used to listening to "Hey butti, let go na" from my office girls. I'm used to dodging talks about holy matrimony when mom brings it up. I'm used to avoiding going out with the opposite sex, even if I have to use the same honest excuse every time. I'm used to not saying a no to the most important people in my life even if I want to say it. I'm used to smiling even when I know its killing me inside. I'm used to saying "Yeah, I'm OK" even when I want to scream my lungs out. I'm used to breaking hearts because I have no other option. I'm used to people getting hurt and walking out of my life. I'm used to new people wanting to be a part of my life. I'm used to the wailing of my neighbor's daughter at the stroke of midnight just when my head hits the pillow. I'm used to praying to God to give me peace of mind. Seems like, God has just got used to listening to it too :P .Oh boy, I can go on and on about this.

Trust me, nothing, absolutely nothing is hard when you get used to it. If you cannot avoid things, its better to accept it and learn to live with it.

PS: I'm also used to writing posts this long even when I decide I'm not gonna write anything more than 2 paragraphs :D.

I've Learnt

I'm not being cynical,
I'm just being practical;
I don't want another saga,
That could end in a debacle.

Yes, I'm afraid,
To try to love again;
I've learnt to live with it,
Learnt not to live in vain.

I've learnt not to cry,
Not to hope for the unreasonable;
I've learnt to be strong and independent,
I've learnt how to stay stable.

Each blow that I bore,
Has thought me a lot;
I've learnt where to draw the line,
And where to put a full stop.

I've no regrets now,
I've learnt to accept;
I've learnt to block out memories,
Even if I cannot forget.

Currently I don't need anyone,
It might only get messed up more;
When people love me with all their heart,
I too want to love them from my core.

I need sometime,
I want to feel the need to let go;
I've no qualms being alone,
Its only teaching me to grow.

Now, I've learnt to love myself,
Learnt to get bright from dim,
The only thing I now have to learn,
Is how to stop loving him.


Its been a week since I saw this movie but I dint find the time to write about it. Rather I dint find words that would explain the terror this movie is. Okay that might have been a bit over exaggerated :P . Still the much hyped movie hardly lives up to it. Its been already declared a flop in trade circles. After the debacle called 'Kites', here comes another disappointment.

A few pointers from the movie (Spoiler alert!).

1) Yes, this is loosely based on the Ramayana. But it doesn't even come close to the Mahabharat called 'Raajneeti'.
2) Story: Ram and co hurt Raavan's sister, so Raavan kidnaps Ram's better half to settle scores but since its a bollywood movie, he has to fall in love with her. She too develops a soft corner for her kidnapper but soon her husband comes and gets her.
3) The movie has been shot beautifully. Watch this movie for the cinematography by Santhosh Sivan.
4) Aishwarya looks breathtakingly beautiful. Even when she is tied to a pole like a dog, she looks stunning.
5) Abhishek can never look menacing. He actually looks funny when he's trying to act scary.
6) For the first time ever, A.R Rahman's music disappoints. Although I do like the 'Behne De' track.
7) Vikram looks woohoo :-). But his South Indian accent is plain annoying. I loved his clothes and his tight lipped act.
8) The dance sequence of Aishwarya with Vikram was totally unnecessary. I hated her clothes and she deserves the flak she's getting for it.
9) I loved two scenes in the movie. First, when Raavan's huge boat crashes into Ragini's little canoe. Second, when Raavan confesses to her that he is in love with her. Apart from these two scenes the only things I remember seeing is water and mud, mud and water.
10) 'Raavan' has only one resemblance to 'Raajneeti'. Here too the woman (Aishwarya) is used as a pawn. Raavan uses her to get back at Ram, while Ram uses her to capture Raavan. Sad.
11) The chemistry between Aishwarya and Abhishek is tepid. After Guru, I expected something much much more.
12) Mani Rathnam has only relied on the star cast and the beautiful locales, and has forgotten to polish the story.
13) Govinda rocks in the movie.
14) Absolute strangers could have been used in Priyamani and Nikhil Dwivedi's roles.
15) Love, sure is a crazy thing. Makes you want to kill, makes you want to die.

Bollywood needs to take a check on its movies now. I just read that the first six months of this year caused a loss of 250 crores for the Hindi film industry. What else will happen if you make non sensical movies like 'Kites', 'Raavan' and the most annoying movie of the year, 'Karthik Calling Karthik'. Lets hope that the rest of this year atleast makes up for these losses.

The Change

You know it feels really good when you wake up with a smile on your face. Its a clear indication that the night was good and free of nightmares. I fall asleep these days listening to hours of music. I wake up with the ear phones still plugged into my ear and sometimes my hair, with the wired mark across my face. My ipod's not a week old, yet it now has scratches in all possible places. So much for the love of music eh! But its a small price to pay when you have Enrique and Edward Maya singing you to sleep :-).

Living in black and white was good. Atleast its a clear cut out life. But now, I feel that colours are not that bad. There needs to be a change to feel the difference. Well, I'm starting with my blog now, lets see how far this goes. Change is good, very good infact.

- Wanna feel good? Change your wardrobe or go buy atleast 2 new pairs of shoes.
- Feeling nerdy? Change the order of the books on the shelf (for the millionth time).
- Feeling geeky? Change your antivirus on your laptop (that's the max geeky I can get).
- Feeling moody? Change the neutral numbers and turn on some hard rock music.
- Feel like experimenting? Change the pasta recipe and add in some turmeric and garam masala (Well honestly, don't!).
- Feeling silly? Shed the inhibitions and go watch a rom com.
- Feeling girly? Change the usual black or white tee and go for a pink knit with matching earrings, slippers and nail paint (eeeww!).
- Feeling grown up? Go sit and talk with your parents. They will advice you so much, that your thoughts will be forced to change. Plus, you feel 20 years younger!
- Feel like arguing? Change the usual sisterly talk and talk about the guys in your life with your big sister (This is a sure way of free entertainment atleast for an hour).
- Feel like being loved? Drop the senti music and snuggle up to your pet or your teddy.
- Feeling grumpy? Don't sit and brood. Instead just take a look at Taylor Lautner or Christiano Ronaldo or Rafael Nadal or Kaka or Oh well, you get it! This one strictly for the girls :-)

See change is good :-). Although some feelings refuse to change, you need to change everything else around it so that, the focus is on the new things.

If you seem unhappy in life, change the way you think. Don't set boundaries for yourself. Life is short, and not everything comes your way. Mould yourself and try to fit in whatever comes. Its okay to be selfish at times. At the end of the day, the only thing that you will have is you. Do anything, absolutely anything that will make you happy. Even if its just for the moment. Play, talk, read, write, drink, sing, dance, party, spend. Do anything that will make you feel good. No matter what happens, no matter how life treats you, never ever pity yourself. That's the worst punishment one can give themself. If 'you' don't love yourself, noone else will.


Today. 5 years ago, 11 something am.

The weather was such that, it would make any stone hearted person go 'Ummmm..'. The sun shone subtly, the wind blew lightly and the heavy clouds stood to witness the day, but refused to pour. It was the perfect Forks setting. Probably Stephanie Mayer would have been inspired by this day, to get the setting of Forks.

She walked towards him, with a bright smile on her face. Her heart pounding in her chest, she knew very well what was to happen. Still, the young mind always teases. She had played this day many times before in her head. The scenes were different each time, but starred the same people and it always ended the same way. Now, as she walked towards him, the 50 yards ahead of her seemed endless. She was just waiting to catch a glimpse of him. The wind whispered to her heart to slow down, but it refused. It kept thumping until finally her eyes rested on him.

There he stood awaiting her, with a bunch of red roses in his hand, which was to mark the beginning of the journey they were going to embark on. As they looked at each other, both of them had only one thought in their mind, 'This is it. This is what I was waiting for until today'. She smiled looking at his innocence. He acknowledged her smile, knowing very well that she knew what it meant. At that point, they felt that the whole world had come to a standstill. There was no one around, they couldn't hear the noises. All that was crossing his mind was 'What will she say', while she thought 'How will he say it'.

And then it happened. The atmosphere suddenly felt warmer, as he muttered the three most important words of his life. Those words and that moment would be sealed in her heart forever, she knew it. It was not perfect, but there was something so genuine about it that it surpasses all levels of perfection. She smiled. She had waited long to hear these words and had a carefully rehearsed speech to reply. But when the moment dawned, she was so taken in by the naivety and the magic that all she muttered was a 'Thank You'. She regretted it the second she said it, but he only smiled. He knew that she was as nervous as he was. But as the dusk neared, she finally fought the inner voices and said what he was longing to listen. He sighed happily. Well, she did too. Finally it was off both their chests and was out in the open for them to explore.

There were no saxophones or violins, but the wind seemed to play a faint music, the sun creaked in its faded shade and the clouds lightly sprinkled their blessings. They sat there hand in hand, knowing that the rainbow that they had lit would last forever.

Black and White

There is always someone,
Who makes you shed a tear;
Then there is also the one,
Who wipes it away and says don't fear.

There is always someone,
Who rejoices in your loss;
Then there is also the one,
Who holds your hand and leads you across.

There is always someone,
Who is happy that you are not;
Then there is also the one,
Who gives you the happiness pot.

There is always someone,
Who silently envies you;
Then there is also the one,
Whose appreciation is so true.

There is always someone,
Who can ruin your day;
Then there is also the one,
Who can make things come your way.

There is always someone,
Who constantly wants you to change;
Then there is also the one,
Who loves you and would not want you to derange.

There is always someone,
Who might walk away someday;
Then there is also the one,
Who stands by you forever, everyday.

I've always maintained that life is black or white, nothing gray. Its true. Its also true that for every black there is an equally opposite white and the other way round. You just have to face both. When life is white, soak in the happiness and be prepared to face the black. When in black, bear the brunt and know that white is just around the corner.

I always tell this to myself. There are a bunch of people out there somewhere, who are laughing their guts out when I'm crying. I'm not gonna let them win. I may be a small person but I'm gonna put up a tough fight and defeat them. For some strange reason, this actually keeps me going. As they say, 'If fate determined you to lose, give it a tough fight anyhow'.


Its been more than a week now. I open the 'New Post' page on my blog and stare at it. I just cant figure out what to write. My mind is point blank. Weird for someone like me. I'm the one who has to eat something to not talk. But when I want to write something my mind is complete vacuum. Okay okay, not to be taken literally though :P.

Boy, I think I was a better writer when I was a sad soul. Words came out easily and I could feel the words. But now a days I have to put my brain through a lot of exercise to get something to write about. Still I don't find anything. I have no idea what's going on. And did I just post two back to back reviews on movies?? Nooo... I'm losing my touch :-(

I've not settled the differences in my life, but I kinda have settled in my differences. I'm content about the way things are and there are only happy thoughts in my mind. You know what, its rightly said that you need someone only when you're sad. Cos when you're doing good, life goes on without any significant incidents. You don't need to vent out something on someone or somewhere. This feels good and I don't care if I don't have anything to write about.

So right now, I'm just living for myself. Reading all the 30+ pending books I have, drooling over three R's, Ranbir, Rampal and Rahul Bose, listening to some amazing music, helping my sis pick her groom and spending some quality time with my family. Feels real nice. I've been through so much over the last couple of years. I fought it all and now I know that I can get past anything, no matter what. I now say, 'When I get older, I will be stronger, they'll call me freedom, just like a waving flag'. :D

Sorry guys, I'll soon be back with a bang and with some meaningful posts.

Good and Better

No one, no book, no song or no other movie had made me 'want' to move on like this one did. '500 Days of Summer' is almost an unheard movie, with an unheard cast. But the story line is that of every single person in this planet. Okay, since I cannot vouch for the rest of the world I vouch for myself. I had stopped relating my life to any movie, any song or any book more than a year ago. Not that I felt it was bad, but that was enough to get me upset as I don't want to be reminded of a lot of things. I've learnt to block them out and move on. Its took me a long time for that and any tiny speck of familiarity I see or read is enough to send me into a whirlwind of nostalgia. So, I avoid that. But, after a long time I related my life to a movie and this time it had a positive effect on me. Wow, I seriously am improving :-)

'500 Days of Summer', is a story about a boy called Tom and a girl called Summer. Tom thinks that Summer is 'The One' for him. Tom is a failed architect who now makes a living out of writing greeting cards. That is one job I would love to do. Just imagine the amount of money I would have made if I had put each of my poems on a card. I should have taken Joker's line seriously, 'If you are good at doing something, never do it for free'. Damn it. How I chose creating tariffs and other telecom products for the British over this I'll never know :| .

Summer is the boss's new assistant in Tom's office. One look at her and Tom knows that she's his soul-mate. He doesn't have to try too hard to woo her as she soon gets interested in him and so begins their affair. Poor Tom is head over heels in love with Summer, but the lass is in it only for fun because she doesn't believe in commitment and wants to be independent. Tom the love fool, (I'm sure he's a leo in the movie :P)still stays with her because he loves her and he wants to be with her as long as she's around.

And so begins the 500 days where he meets her, falls in love, stays with her, waits endlessly for her and loses her. The way the movie moves from past to present and vice versa is really cute. Day 1 he meets her, Day 2 he's in love and Day 450+ something she leaves him and by Day 486 she's married to someone else. Tom's hurt, lost and in pain. He quits the greeting card company and tries his luck again in architecture. On Day 500, as he enters a company for an interview, Summer ends for him and he finds Autumn. And then begins Day 1 of Autumn :-)

Cute cast, a really sweet and simple storyline and a very positive movie. It delivers the message that everything happens for good and life goes on in such a subtle way that you cant help but agree with it. Like seasons, life changes too. Every phase that starts has to end. Love sure is one hell of a thing and it teaches you things you would have never learnt otherwise. One thing I learnt from this movie, 'Sometimes good things have to fall apart, for better things to fall together'. Cheers!! :D :D

Poor Man's Godfather

First things first. Arjun Rampal and Ranbir Kapoor have never looked this stunning before. Rampal did look extremely sexy in the first half of 'Rock On', but he's a class act as the mature kurta clad politician in 'Raajneeti'. His acting is pretty good too. He's come a long way since his 'Pyar Ishq Mohabbat' and 'Deewanapan' days. He's done a neat job in this.

Ranbir on the other hand is a replica of the Michael Corleone of my most favourite movie 'The Godfather' or the Shankar Nagre of 'Sarkar'. The quiet manipulating brother who plots in the background to help his brother rise to power. He has done a great job and looks splendid. His clothes, the charm he oozes and the peace on his face even when he's bombing someone is a pleasure to watch. But how someone pursuing a Ph.D in 'The underlying violence of Victorian Poetry' knows the A-Z of politics is quite mind boggling. Both he and Rampal look like real brothers and the chemistry they share is way beyond all the 'Ram-Lakhan's' and 'Karan Arjun's'. Its modern, chic, and practical.

Now coming to the movie I wouldn't say much. Its good. Its supposed to be the modern day adaptation of the 'Mahabharat' and yes, you can see that only if you know that. But the major portion of the movie is inspired by 'The Godfather'. For those who have not read or seen 'The Godfather', this movie will be extremely entertaining. Since I turn out to be a huge fan of Don Vito Corleone, the movie was extremely predictable for me. I knew how the scenes would turn out and what would happen next. Worst thing was it happened the same way. I would have loved to see some original script here. Leaving this part and some additional bollywood drama (where a mom tries to re-unite with her lost 'jest-putr'), the movie is good. Not as much as I had expected, but worth a one-time watch.

Katrina's presence is felt only in the last 15 minutes of the movie. She looks astonishing in her Indian avatar with the bindi but alas, her acting(if she could) disappoints big time. Her accent is not explained in the movie. Her much hyped speech only lasts for like 3 minutes and its looks badly rehearsed. Poor girl, she must have spent sleepless nights mugging this one up.

Ajay Devgn is good, but I wish he had much to do in this movie. His brotherly love during the climax shootout was totally unnecessary. One person who was extremely good in the movie is Nana Patekar. That man is splendid. His smile, his occasional dialogues are a delight to watch. He is one hell of an under rated actor. I liked his performance in 'Shakti' too.

The major disappointing part of the movie was the fact that the women folk are used as pawns in the family politics. They have nothing major to do other than conceive the very first time they sleep with their men. Naseeruddin Shah is way too virile for his age in the movie. Katrina's change in love from one brother to another can put any Ekta Kapoor soap to shame.

The movie does follow the Mahabharat norm where Rampal is the hot headed Bhim, Ranbir the cold manipulative Arjun, Manoj Bajpai (who has the weirdest of moustaches I've seen) as the villain Duryodhan, Ajay as the jest-putr Karan and Nana as the background advisor Krishna. And yeah Kartina was draupadi apparently but I don't know how that was supposed to fit. Since the movie was promoted as Mahabharat, you can figure out the characters if you are willing to break your head and analyse. If the Mahabharat issue was never mentioned, there is no way you could connect the two.

The movie comes together well but would have been better if it was cut short by about 30 minutes and had less ma-beta drama involved.

I Believe

Kept on wondering,
When I'll be free;
I wanted to live,
I wanted the happiness key;
Love and joy,
Was always around;
I failed to see,
How could it be?
The sun's shining bright,
There will be no fright;
There will be smiles,
Through the day and the night;
I am the change,
I wanted to see;
No one owns me,
No he or she.
Hurt, tears and pain,
Its all comes in vain;
They come in herds,
I'm done with these words;
When I feel like I've had enough,
I feel like giving it all up;
But my will is as strong as it can be,
Now nothing can stop me;
Deep in my heart,
There is no doubt;
When love comes again,
I'll go reaching out.
I will stand tall,
And make myself proud;
Now, I only see the silver linings,
And not some damned cloud.
Unhappy is not the way,
That I want to leave;
I'll get it all,
In me, I believe.


I tell you this, and I tell you plain:
What you have done, you will do again;
You will bite your tongue, careful or not,
Upon the already-bitten spot.

~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960