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Bidding Adieu To The Pearsons

Image Source PAIN - A four letter word. Something that makes or breaks you. ABUSE - A five letter word. Though often associated with physical and sexual, emotional abuse is equally dangerous if not more. TRAUMA - A six letter word. Nothing to do with any injury or accident. Any or many distressing or disturbing experiences. TRIGGER - A seven letter word. A simple word, dialog, situation or person can make you go through the above three at any point of time. FAMILY - A six letter word. Usually meant to protect you from all of the above. A safe haven, a happy place. A place where you are understood, a place that doesn't judge you, a place that accepts you for what you are. Family, a group of people who live together or come together on occasions and care for each other. They shield you from the pain, abuse, trauma and the triggers associated with it. If you are extremely unlucky, the very family becomes the cause for all of the above. Welcome to my life.