Peace Of Mind

I don't want riches, I want to be happy
I don't want a crowd of people, I want a few people who love me
I don't want to be appreciated, I want to be understood
I don't want flattery, I want subtle praise
I don't want a day of fun, I want small moments of bliss
I don't want to hear sweet lies, I want to face the bitter truth
I don't want the envious look, I want the look of respect
I don't want to be compared, I want to be left alone
I don't want the blaring noise, I want the soft music
I don't want to be bound to life, I want to be left free to enjoy it
I don't want a genius mind, I just want peace in it

Peace of mind.

~ Soumya

Its Hay during May

Its been a fun year until now. Lotsa good things happening, but yeah with a few glitches here and there. Like always.

Took a much deserved break from work. Its been almost a month since I'm on a break and now I can't wait to get back to it. The first thing I did during my break was to catch up on my reading. Next, me and Cal took a much awaited vacation to Goa. Cal's fifth visit but my first. Yeah yeah, go ahead and mock me. I've planned a trip to Goa more than 7 times in the past, but it never materialised. Now I feel I was destined to go there with Cal. Whatever, it worked for me :).

I've been spending a lot of time thinking. After a disastrous past, today I cannot wait to get married and start a life together with Cal. I attended two back to back engagements of my best friends last week and since I went in with Cal, everybody now wants me to get married next. Now that Cal has moved in to a new company, we are ready to settle down. Soon, very soon.

Life is all smooth apart from this and the month of May has been really lucky for me. We celebrated mom in law's birthday together and it gave me so much happiness to see the happy glint in Cal's eye as his mom and me got along fabulously. This month also gave me all my materialistic desires. A plain white Tommy Hilfiger shirt, and a plain black chunky Tommy Hilfiger watch. I've been searching for a shirt my size and a plain black watch since a year and a half. Yesterday it landed in my closet along with a bonus Hilfiger wallet. All thanks to Cal. Again. May marks a new beginning in Cal's professional life which directly impacts my life. 

Now that my project is over, after the break I shall move on to another project. Yeah, no more travels and my wanderlust came to an end. No complains. I did not want to stay away from Cal even for a day. We've spoilt each other so much that I can already imagine how our kids would be. How did Cal get a commitment phobic me to talk like this I'll never know. 

So, May is shining upon me and hopefully I'll get a suitable project for me soon. Until then, I'm taking up new hobbies and etching out my future.

~ Soumya