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Peace Of Mind

I don't want riches, I want to be happy I don't want a crowd of people, I want a few people who love me I don't want to be appreciated, I want to be understood I don't want flattery, I want subtle praise I don't want a day of fun, I want small moments of bliss I don't want to hear sweet lies, I want to face the bitter truth I don't want the envious look, I want the look of respect I don't want to be compared, I want to be left alone I don't want the blaring noise, I want the soft music I don't want to be bound to life, I want to be left free to enjoy it I don't want a genius mind, I just want peace in it Peace of mind. ~ Soumya

Its Hay during May

Its been a fun year until now. Lotsa good things happening, but yeah with a few glitches here and there. Like always. Took a much deserved break from work. Its been almost a month since I'm on a break and now I can't wait to get back to it. The first thing I did during my break was to catch up on my reading. Next, me and Cal took a much awaited vacation to Goa. Cal's fifth visit but my first. Yeah yeah, go ahead and mock me. I've planned a trip to Goa more than 7 times in the past, but it never materialised. Now I feel I was destined to go there with Cal. Whatever, it worked for me :). I've been spending a lot of time thinking. After a disastrous past, today I cannot wait to get married and start a life together with Cal. I attended two back to back engagements of my best friends last week and since I went in with Cal, everybody now wants me to get married next. Now that Cal has moved in to a new company, we are ready to settle down. Soon, very soon.