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Action Replay - February

And so February bids a slow good bye. For some reason, this month was a very emotionally draining month. No, nothing bad happened, just that February has always been a pathetic month for me. My mental stress was at its peak this month and I became cynical about this dreaded month. But I did not give up, I fought hard with all my strength and got past it. Towards the end, the sun rose on this month and things were bright and shiny again. But, I might continue with my cynicism for this month. Its a hell hole. The highlight of this month was Valentine's day, which clearly was the best one of my life. Cal is such a loving person that I fall in love with him more and more everyday. I woke up late on 14th, as usual, and found my room to be covered with post-its. Each bit had a clue and I had to find all the clues to get to the gift. Sleepy eyed I ran about the house trying to find them. I completed the treasure hunt in flat ten minutes. Yay me! Next, when I reached office I fou

The Dream Catcher

It can be a hidden secret Or maybe the ghosts of the past I shall unravel the mystery I can read your dreams loud and fast I know what your sleep tells you I can see the hallucinated tale With eyes closed you paint a picture Feeling it like a complex braille But I know the truth behind it The highs, the lows and the pain I know what you see and why I know the truth of the recurring chain Sleep my friend, snore and dream At your solace let others pelt stones Do not be disturbed by their angst They are oblivious to your slumber tones The book that you are resting on Shall be the next big episode Your dream shall show you the future Where thoughts and words shall explode The dim light above you Shines on your face turning it pale Through it I can read your dream I shall help your scenes smoothly sail Do you see what I want you to see I'm giving you the gist and the hint You are meant for something wonderful Your d


They asked me to abandon her, they said that she was the devil's child. Some cursed and some pitied my state. My husband had left me some months ago and now my daughter was born with no limbs. It did not matter to me, as I had already lived with her for nine months. She was my sunshine, my only reason to survive. This five sentence fiction is written for the topic ' Sunshine ' at Lillie McFerrin Writes . ~ Soumya

Challenge Accepted

"You are not going to find anyone like me." "Don't challenge me." "No one will ever love you like I do." "I shall find someone and show you." He did not realize that, that wasn't what I meant. Written for Trifecta: Week 103 . ~ Soumya

Behind Closed Doors

I tried to make it look like a suicide. She had heard me talk to Dev on the phone. She did not say anything at first, but later confronted me. I agreed to it and begged her not to tell it to Surjan, my husband. She agreed. But every time she needed a favour, she threatened me. A stinky maid, threatening the royal princess? I was not someone to take blackmail so easily. So when she was alone, I strangled her and pulled the fan down in her room. I had an affair with Dev, the second prince. While my husband was away with the chief courtesan. Dev loved me whole heartedly and I did too. But no one would understand that.  I watched her being lowered to the ground. She had to die, for my love to survive. Even if it was behind closed doors. I was filled with regret and anger. For what I had done. Various emotions flooded me and I did not know how I would handle being a murderer in my mind. But a part of me, felt free.  The only solace being, the secret remained. This

Too Late

" So? What do you say Asha? " He asks brimming with hope. " No, Rohan ." I say clearly. " But why? You love me right? I know ." He holds my hand. " I'm getting married tonight. Chetan is the right guy for me. Not you ." I say pushing his hand away. " For God's sake Asha. You know this Chetan guy since like what? Two months? " He looks away with disgust. " You can react all you want. I'm marrying him. I've made a commitment and I intend to keep it. Also, you will not believe this, but I love Chetan. I do ." I say and walk away covering my face with the bridal veil. Rohan watched me leave. I did not know what he was thinking. It did not matter to me. Sure, I had loved him in the past. But he left me, because he did not want to be bound in a relationship. After two years he came back, asking me to marry him. On my wedding day. He was too late. This post has been written for Write Tribe's We

The Honest Post - Phase 7

The story so far . Cal dropped me to the airport as I was all set to fly to Colombo on work. I was coming back after four days, only to fly back to Accra the next day. That was for an entire month. I have always wanted to travel and see the world, when I was single. But look at the irony, the chances came when I met the love of my life. I hated to leave him and go, but he understood how much I loved my work. It's not like he did not miss me, but he did not want me to miss out on the opportunities of my life. We sat at the coffee shop for a while and soon it was time for me to check-in. I carried my bag, kissed him goodbye and walked in. I turned to see him looking at me through the glass door with love and tears in his eyes. Oh, that was quite a moment. It was like one of those movie scenes where the couple is separated by a glass door and they just keep looking at each other. Well, that is what happened. I can just close my eyes today and feel that moment. It still is fres

To Let

(Pic:  Universal Studios Lot, Instagram by sessepien ) Letting go of all the memories Now you are vacating the place Are you sure this is enough Elsewhere will you find solace? Putting up a board on the house You have made the options clear But what about the clutter in your mind What are you going to do about that, my dear? You can let go of everything materialistic But the memories shall continue to grow You need to make a tough decision here What to hold on to and what to let go Think about what the future holds for you Free yourself from the thoughts of him If he occupies rent free space in your mind The chances of you moving on are dim You can let go of all his things Just like this house and everything else But if he still captures your soul His thoughts shall come with reminder bells You need to make room for someone new Its hard but not impossible to forget Its not the house that should hold the board It is your he

L For Loser

" Let us add this one too !" He exclaims as he copies the photo into a folder named 'Upload'. I squirm at the idea. " Ram, not this photo please ." I voice my opinion. " Oh come on Sakshi, look how pretty you look in this ." He zooms in. " I know that Ram, but this picture is too intimate to be shared. It's from our bedroom for God's sake ." I say shyly. " So what? It shows how happy we are right? " He browses the other photos of our honeymoon. " I'm not too comfortable with it ." I say looking down. " Oh, stop your village mentality Sakshi! You don't know about this. You do not even have a Facebook account for God's sake. " He blurts out angrily. " Yes, I don't. I do not understand these things. You married me knowing all this. Right? " I say with tears. " Sure I did. But dare not stop me from doing what I want to do ." He got back to copying

Lifting Spirits

" I don't think you have the strength to lift it ", he says and laughs out loud along with his friends. " Why, because I'm a girl ?", I ask looking at the gang of five people in the gym. " Because it is a 50 kilo dumbbell, used by weight lifters; and because you are a girl too ", he continues to laugh. I lift it with my index finger and turn to look at their startled faces. Next, I pounce on their leader and suck the blood off his neck, before I could proceed to the others. This five sentence fiction is written for the topic ' Strength ' at Lillie McFerrin Writes . ~ Soumya

Double Love

" First Aid Box. Check. Knife. Check. Spectacle Case. Check ." I mumble as I pack my daughter's picnic hamper. " Mommmm, you make it feel like I'm going to war. " My twelve year old Tanya shouts. " Trust me, you will need them ." I argue. " First Aid box I understand. But why the knife? " She asks with a cute expression on her chubby face. " Think ." I say and sit quiet. Tanya pretends to think for a while and then gives up, shaking her head. " Well, I have packed apples. How will you eat them without cutting it ?" I smile. She laughs out loud. " Mom, why don't you cut and pack it instead? Else, I shall just bite into one and eat it ." She says appearing to ease my tension. " No. Apples when cut lose their nutrients and turn black. And if you bite into an whole apple without sharing it with Meera, it is rude ." I keep the bag aside and pick up a comb from her pink dressing

Just An Excuse

You wake me up with a kiss And that bright charming smile When the day starts that brilliantly Its effect lasts for a long while Your thoughts flow in my veins Your love is my mantra to live I do not fear anyone or anything When in you, I believe You have given me everything Most importantly a new lease of life I knew everything will be alright From the day I became your wife You believed in me more than I did Held my hand through ups and downs You give me reasons to smile every day Leaving no room for any frowns Of all the wonderful things that I have You are the best thing I can call mine Your aura completely envelopes me That feeling is holy and divine Life with you is a fairy tale As we travel on a magic carpet Let us paint our colors on it Make it as beautiful as it can get Holding hands we have come so far We know its just the beginning If we stand by each other Every battle we can easily win I love y

Kiss Me Once More

Come soon, my dear husband My naked frame longs for you Lust and love swirled together As we become one from two The long hours we spend apart Makes me feel like a lonely soul Your thoughts help me get past it As passion ignites like burning coal Your fedora understands my plight As I sing to it our love tale The ring on my finger knows it too That this story shall never get stale Oh my love, what is keeping you The sun too has now gone away  Here I am waiting for your steps Like I patiently do so every day How do I tell you what I feel You drive me crazy with every touch I'm fighting a sense of longing Oh darling! I love you so much I miss you with every passing second Your love has now plagued my core Tomorrow morning before you leave My honey, just kiss me once more Written for The Magpie Tales: Mag 206 . ~ Soumya

The Misfit In The Puzzle

Its 11.45 pm and Rajat and I are still stuck at office. This patch needs to be delivered to the client by 9 am tomorrow and I was the only one working on it. My eyes are drained completely and my body is slowly giving up. Rajat arrives with two mugs of piping hot coffee. " I'm glad at least these coffee machines work at night ." He says as he settles down beside me, offering me a mug. "I'm so exhausted man. I cannot even see properly now ." I say grumpily as I slowly sip the black coffee. I grimace immediately. " What? You need more sugar? " Rajat asks. " Of course! This tastes like an ayurvedic potion ." I say with disgust as he offers me two sachets of sugar. " Control your sweet tooth Mallika. Take tips from Nisha ." He says proudly. Nisha was his girlfriend of a year. He loved her like crazy but she hardly cared about him. He pampered and showered her with love and gifts and she was a satisfied recipient. She

People Science

People fascinate me. All kinds of them. The lady who cribs about her mother in law all day but rubs her feet at night, the toddler who is fascinated by cars but hates noise, the hard worker who chooses to be a recluse and has a relationship with his computer, the loner who can't speak a word to girls but dreams of a fairy tale, the powerless leader who is forced to lead his country, the mysterious writer who only spins tragedy, the dynamic personality who oozes of ego concealing his bankruptcy, the delicate teen who is a misanthrope, the curious man who can only walk at right angles and the gorgeous TV star who eats tic-tacs only in pairs. These are only a handful of examples. People are more interesting than any story book. Every soul is fighting a battle and every battle has a unsaid story. It is the story that I am interested in. "Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance" - Confucius I've always believed that situations mould peop

The Eyes Speak

"I know you still love me." "How can you say that?" "I can see it in your eyes." "What do you see?" "Love. Pure love." "Really?" "Yes, I see love mixed with madness." "You are right. Love and madness indeed." "I knew it!" "No, you don't." "What do you mean?" "It sure is love and madness. But its not for you." ~ Soumya

Destined For Closure

Its funny how I forgot myself Remembering everything about you I forgot all the old parts of my life With you I began spinning life anew You played along beautifully Committing to me without a promise You cleared my doubts with your smile Answered my questions with a kiss I was lost in your hypnotic spell Hungry for your touch to be whole You never let me inside your web I was left thirsty for your soul You loved me in more ways than one But your hesitation pushed me away You wanted me all for yourself Yet for me, you never paved the way You were stuck among your demons I could have helped, if you'd let me You shunned me away from everything else You love and passion was all I could see Your madness reached crazy heights I remained captured in your maze You were turning into a stranger Our love story became a blurry haze Slowly I started forgetting you I brought 'me' back in the foreground You were re

Feel It For Me

I know it is hurting every part of you, but I want you to feel the ache I am feeling in my heart. I want you to think of all the happy moments we spent together, those times when we sang and danced, those times when we smiled and laughed, those times when we kissed and made love, those times when we promised to stand by each other no matter what. Now, think of those times you took refuge in the arms of another man behind my back, the times when you told me a zillion lies, the times when you pulled yourself away from me. Can you feel the blood slowly leaving your body, baby? Do not worry, in a while it shall all be over; just like you and me . This five sentence fiction is written for the topic ' Ache ' at Lillie McFerrin Writes . ~ Soumya

More Than Friends

Best friends they called us. Some even called us inseparable, just like the Jai and Aditi type. I remember how hard Monty and I had laughed when we saw that movie. Friends falling in love, the jealousy, the possessiveness and other blah. We were sure we would never get there. We did not. Still, we had laughed. Together. " Tell me seriously Rags, do you love me? Lets make it clear right now ." Monty had teased me and I had punched him. His name was Manav but Monty to me. I was Ragini, Rags to him. And to all the others. We were not that kind of friends who used dialogues like " Only I can call him/her that ." A group of eight we were, but the others always saw a group of six. And us. I don't know what they saw about us that we both did not. They were sure that we would end up together, get married and have babies. Almost everyone we met thought that we were an item and the giggles of our friends did not help. Our friends had named our babies and decide

The Morning After

I woke up feeling complete Curved along his sleek frame It felt like a poetic painting As I now shall share his name I married the man of my dreams My wide smile sings a happy soprano I feel tickled by the strings of the guitar Kissing the flute and dancing on a piano Last night our souls entwined together From this morning, love shall only grow I look at his face and thank my stars As the magical symphony caresses my toe Written for The Magpie Tales: Mag 205 . ~ Soumya


It had been a long time since I had thought about him, but today it was all about him. Every breath of mine smelt of him and his thoughts plagued my body and mind. We were inseparable five years ago, but now, we were tied to different people. I don't know why his thoughts refused to leave me today, as if soaking me and pulling me down to the past that I had pretended to have forgotten.  In a split second, everything within me froze, my soul in particular, when I flipped the page and saw his face in the obituary list. This five sentence fiction is written for the topic ' Frozen ' at Lillie McFerrin Writes . ~ Soumya