She Makes It A Home

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Respect her always
She has accepted this house
Because she loves you

Because she loves you
She will try to blend in it
Hiding her problems

Hiding her problems
She will always try to smile
To make you happy

To make you happy
She will change this place her way
And make it a home

Written for Haiku Horizons: Prompt - Home.

Red Or White?

Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

I stand in front of the wine cellar all confused as it is a big day for me and I want everything to be perfect. I still remember the day I saw her for the first time; it was love at first sight for both of us. She took some time to accept the situation, but when she did, it was the happiest day of my life. After scouring a hundred shops, I finally found the perfect ring for her. I'm going to propose tonight, and I can't make up my mind if the wine should be red or white. 

This five sentence fiction is written for the topic 'Confusion' at Lillie McFerrin Writes.

This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 26th September.

Painting Dreams

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The only thing that keeps me going
Is my passion to pursue my dream
I know no one shall stand by my side
But I shall now be my own team

Everything is tough at the start
Its all about working hard
People will try to mess it up for me
I need to keep my own guard

Backstabbers are a plenty here
They all are praying for me to fail
What they don't realize is that
Now I have learnt how to sail

Its easy to quit and walk away
But I want to hold on and try
Years later I don't want to think about it
And sit disappointed and cry

My dreams motivate me enough
I have the strength to walk towards it
Day by day I'm getting closer
My passion now is forever lit

I shall not give up until I get there
I am motivated by my own heart
Quitting a high paying job today
I'm all set to move into the field of art

I shall paint my dreams all bright
The colors shall never get shorter
I shall pass through fire for this
Or even walk through deep water

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 238.


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Pay attention, listen carefully
Do you hear the waves of the sea?
This soothing and calming feeling
Is what peace is said to be

Close your eyes, come close
Can you hear my heart beat?
Can you feel the love through it?
Do you want the chime to repeat?

Raise your hands, hear the music
Let it seep through your blood
Can you feel the awesomeness?
Within you, let the magic flood

Written for Theme Thursday - Theme: Listen.

Wheels Of Love

Copyright: Dawn Q. Landau

They all told me that I cannot do it, but I know for sure that I can. Age sure has caught up on me, but that doesn't mean I can't walk a few steps to see The Lord. There is a church at the end of this stretch, a very powerful one they say and I want to pray for the life of my ailing wife. People offered me rides and mocked me for wanting to walk a fifty miles all by myself. But, I don't need wheels when I have immense love by my side, determination and my feet.

This five sentence fiction is written for the topic 'Wheels' at Lillie McFerrin Writes.

This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 19th September.

Chapter 11: Enemy Lines

Team Supernova is participating in a writing competition on blogadda. We have chosen a fast paced crime thriller as our theme. You can read the previous chapter here.

Sasha did not want to hurt Roohi at any cost. He remembered the day he had seen her for the first time. He had just shifted to the new locality and knew no one there. His neighbors were 'The Ahujas' and 'The Duttas', he noticed. This was a beautiful locality in the poshest area of Lonavala, surrounded by parks and water bodies. His apartment window overlooked the ocean and this place had cost him a fortune. But since his boss was paying for it, he did not mind it one bit. His transport, meals and everything else was taken care of too. All he had to do was to set up a team and start the execution of their plan. He could have easily started his operation from an old building in some nook of the city, but that would have aroused suspicion. When the target and plan was ready, his boss had instructed him to be extra careful. He had an indispensable amount deposited to his account and all he had to do was to succeed in their mission. The computer network was already set up and was linked to an undisclosable IP address. He had all the resources, now all that he needed were three people who could help him complete the task.

It was during a hot afternoon that he heard a commotion in the foyer. A few kids were kicking and playing with a bright red ball, squealing and laughing. Sasha could not help but smile. A cute girl with the red frock and piggy tails caught his eye. Her laughter sounded like chimes and the happiness in her smile touched her eyes. Sasha was transported to another world. She reminded him of his own daughter, his only child, who was snatched away from him. All the bottled up paternal feelings inside him came brimming to the top now. He could feel a tear drop down from his eye, but he couldn't take his eyes off her. He began to walk towards the group of kids, and just then the neighboring door opened.

"Oh hello there." The man offered his hand as the lady behind him looked on.

"Hello, I'm Shekawat Sarin. Just moved in a week ago." He shook the man's hand.

"Hello, I am Shekhar Dutta. This is my wife Tara." He said with a smile.

Just then the cute little girl came running towards them.

"And this is our daughter, Roohi. Beta, say hello to Shekawat uncle." Shekhar spoke to them both.

"Hello Shekawat uncle." Roohi said with a grin.

Sasha knelt down with a wide smile.

"Hello Roohi dear, you can call me Sasha. You guys too. I hate the sound of Shekawat."

Roohi grinned more as her parents smiled.

"So what do you do Sasha?" Shekhar asked.

"I'm an engineer." Sasha said carefully.

"Great, I'm a travel writer while my wife is a journalist."

A journalist? He needed to be more careful now. Sasha looked at the wife. She looked attractive and sophisticated. He managed a weak smile.

"And what does Roohi do?" He pulled her cheek.

"I go to school. To study." Roohi said that so seriously that everyone started laughing.

"Nice to meet you Sasha, do let us know if you need anything." Tara spoke this time.

"Sure I will. Thank you so much." He was just about to go back into his apartment when Shekhar spoke again.

"Are you alone? Where is your family?"

"My family is in Indore. I am here for my work. Not for long. Just a year long project and then I'll be off." He lied confidently.

Shekhar seemed convinced and Sasha let out a sigh.

Sasha spent more time with Roohi everyday after that. They played together and he even read out to her. His mornings were busy, but he was free in the afternoons when Roohi came back from school. Her care taker was more than happy to let someone else watch the child, as she took her afternoon nap. In the evening, Sasha's proteges arrived and he was busy again. This was a daily routine and Sasha looked forward to the time he spent with Roohi. He saw his daughter in her and made sure he spent almost all his free time with her. On occasional days, the Duttas invited him for dinner and he happily agreed, just so that he could spend some extra time with Roohi. They never suspected anything about him and Sasha was only glad. Everything was going fine for him. But only until the day an envelope arrived to him that was partially opened. Shekhar has handed it to him saying that it had been put in their letter box by mistake. The envelope was glued back together, but Sasha was certain that it had been opened before and he thought to himself.

"Damn you Duttas. How much do you know?"

You can read the next chapter here.

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Chapter 10: Being Cyrus

Team Supernova is participating in a writing competition on blogadda. We have chosen a fast paced crime thriller as our theme. You can read the previous chapter here.

Cyrus Daruwala was always a bright student. He was the only son of his parents and was the cynosure of his big fat Parsi family. He grew up with all the luxuries in the world, but when he decided to become a lawyer instead of joining his family's furniture business, his father turned his back on him. That did not deter Cyrus from pursuing his passion. He loved to read and John Grisham was his favorite for all the court room dramas he writes. From a young age, Cyrus was always good at debates. Nobody could win once he spoke. He loved helping people and dissecting situations. Once he got the scholarship to attend the National Law College, there was no looking back. His father made no attempts to reconcile with him, but his mother still doted on him. She even came in to pack his luggage when he was to leave for college.

College was a fascinating experience for Cyrus. He studied hard and had his share of fun too. Being a Parsi, he was drop dead gorgeous and always had women swooning over him. Yet his focus remained on his law degree. Case studies were his favorite and he always played the detective in trying to solve them. He was alert and highly intelligent with complete knowledge of the country's laws. He spent extra time to learn about the laws of other countries too. The day he was to give his final exam, his father decided to pay him a visit. He was busy studying when he heard a knock on the door of his cheap apartment. Wearing an old ganjee and boxers, with disheveled hair he opened the door and was shocked.

"Hello, son." His father's tone was cold.

"What happened? Is mom okay?" Cyrus blurted out.

"Yes, yes. She is fine. I just came to visit you." He says as he walks inside.


"Come back Cyrus. Why are you struggling in this hell hole." He looked around the house in disgust.

"I know what I want to do. I'm am not going to change my mind."

"Are you sure about that? I shall put you on the board if you do change your mind." He tried to entice him.

"No, thank you!" Cyrus said as his father walked away.

That was the last time Cyrus saw his father. Cyrus was not bothered about it. His passion was something he was proud of and if his father could not see that, then he could not do anything about it. If not anything, he was now more determined to complete his degree. He passed his exams with flying colors and wanted to pursue a masters in law too. It was during his masters that he got back in touch with Mohit, his childhood friend. Mohit was in the same university pursuing his MBA. Mohit and Cyrus were friends in school and since then had moved on with their respective lives and lost touch. Mohit was also the son of Cyrus's dad's best friend. But he had chosen to complete his masters and join the Daruwala furniture business instead. The irony was that Mohit's father was a lawyer and he was the one who inspired Cyrus to take up law. Cyrus and Mohit often laughed about the fact that they were born to the wrong parents.

During the first year of the masters, Cyrus discovered blogging. While his friends were busy on Facebook, Cyrus spent every minute of his free time writing. He discussed law, crimes, rules and his experiences with case studies. In a short while, Cyrus had made a name for himself in the virtual world. Soon, people were asking him to write articles for magazines and others were inviting him to attend discussions and debate on various social topics. Cyrus loved every minute of it. He was more than thrilled to be busy forever and was loving the vast experience he was gathering.

While he was doing some research for a cyber crime case study, he heard about the 'Xombie' group. They were a group of anonymous hackers and were breaching the security of almost every site online. He did not give it much thought until the day he was invited to a party by Mohit. The party was in a farm house in Lonavala and was filled with youngsters and few of their parents. The farm house with in the middle of 135 acres of property and stood out like a palace. Mohit was already pouring out drinks the minute he got there. Cyrus was introduced to all of Mohit's friends and soon the party began. Music was loud and alcohol flowed in abundance. Mohit's father had just become a judge and hence the party. There were quite a lot of high profile guests too. Cyrus recognized a few people there. Meera, the news reader from Star news; Pallavi, the daily soap actress; Chenab Mukund, the struggling cricketer and Purohit Sarkar, the Home Minister.

As usual people had formed groups at the party. But what caught Cyrus's attention was the mention of the word 'Xombie' by a particular group. That group was headed by the Home Minister and a few suspicious looking men. They stopped talking the minute someone passed by them. Some of the men were pointing towards a girl with a camera and were making angry gestures. The girl on the other hand was totally oblivious to this and was busy talking to her group of friends. He noticed Purohit Sarkar's son in the group too, clinging on to some girl. Wow, youngsters these days do make powerful friends he thought to himself.

The Home Minister and his group were busy talking animatedly. Cyrus tried to get closer to them by sitting at the adjacent table, filled with a bunch of noisy aunties. He strained his ears and started jotting down things in his handy book. To the others, it looked like the writer in him was doing his job, but he knew exactly what he was doing. He couldn't hear a lot of it, but heard enough to understand that the group was up to no good. The noisy aunties kept cackling, drowning out their voices even more. Maybe it was a set up, he thought. When the group stopped their discussion, Cyrus decided to leave the table. He picked up his notebook and had just begun walking, when someone touched his shoulder from behind.

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My Happy Space

Hubby and I :)

The magic of love
Makes me selfless and giving
My life is for you

My life is for you
When I have you by my side
I don't need a home

I don't need a home
The place where ever you are
Is my happy space

Written for Haiku Horizons: Prompt - Space.

Book Review: Seduced By Murder

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Title: Seduced By Murder
Author: Saurbh Katyal
Publisher: Blue Jay Books
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Price: Rs. 156 on Amazon
Pages: 272

When detective Vishal Bajaj receives a call from his old flame Aditi, he is seduced into a vortex of family lies and a murder. Vishal sets out to catch the murderer, while dealing with the resurgence of an irresistible desire for Aditi that he had buried years ago. Vishal is a witty, hard drinking, tough private detective who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty as he races against time to catch a meticulous killer. Seduced by Murder weaves a web of noir and suspense that keeps the reader riveted and guessing till the end.

Vishal was a corporate henchman before he quit it all to be inspired by his maternal uncle and become a private investigator. He is perpetually drunk throughout the book and surprisingly survives only on alcohol and occasionally black coffee, without any food. He is not super intelligent but is believable. Along with his sidekick and assistant Pranay, he has only solved "cheating partners" cases until now. Once fine day his ex Aditi, who is now married to someone else calls him and asks him to investigate the murder of her brother-in-law, Anil Kapoor. Yes, the victim here is called Anil Kapoor. I can so see a Sonam Kapoor cringing somewhere. Anyway, the Kapoors are high profile businessmen and the money offered to Vishal to investigate this case as as luring to him as to be around Aditi again. He takes up the case and with the help of Babu, the local policeman in charge who reminded me constantly of the policeman in the movie 'Barfi!', ends up finding clues after clues to finally solve the mystery. 

Vishal is clear from first that it is a member of the family who has killed Anil. Anil's brother Sunil who also happens to be Aditi's husband was seen chasing Anil around with a knife, before he was actually killed. Anil's wife is a suspect too, since she knew that her husband was gay (spoiler alert?) and wanted to spend her life with her lover instead. Leo, Anil's lover is also a suspect as he is trying to leave the country at the earliest since the news of Anil's murder broke out. Mr. Kapoor, Anil's father is also a suspect as he was tired of his loser son and his failed business deals, and also with the fact that he was gay. So almost every character in this book is either a suspect or a detective or a cop. Nothing else in between.

The first thing that I noticed in this book is the Indianess. Vishal's character almost reminded of the desi Karamchand or Byomkesh Bakshi. If that was the intent, then the author has achieved this beautifully. The mystery is intriguing in itself and tense moments are alternated with some witty one liners and some silly ones too. The language used is very layman and Vishal is a person you can clearly imagine in your head, to be wearing a long black coat, black hat and carrying a cigar! His relationship with Pranay starts of well, but is later drowned once the mystery picks pace. The presence of his pet dog Bruno bothered me. In one scene, Pranay is pouring beer into the water bowl of the dog and this is treated pretty naturally by the author and by Vishal. Vishal is clearly the best character in this book. He is a local detective, with no gizmos or hot assistants. He relies purely on evidence and logic and his instincts, that always seem to work for him. He is drunk in almost every scene, even while driving and even when he has a police officer next to him.

The mystery is decent and executed well. I for once, could not predict who the killer was and I was shocked when the truth was revealed. But what bothered me was that the killer and the turn of events was included only in the last few chapters. The killer was not given any importance throughout the book and hardly was seen in the story. The build up on the killer's character could have been better. I could visualize the scene in which Vishal locks his eyes with the killer, and the killer squirms. An exciting tense moment that was, because the author still chose not to reveal the killer at that point of time. The flow of the story and the level of mystery is good. Not great, but good. The biggest disappointment was Aditi. She was Vishal's ex, and the start promised to show her in a different light later on. But sadly, it does not. She just remains a mute spectator throughout the book, with hardly anything to do.

The cover of the book does no justice to the potential story inside. There is no way on earth that I would have picked this book by looking at it. The cover looks like the cover of a bad movie DVD that is sold on the streets. Also, the title has no relevance to the story at all. There sure is murder in the book, but no seduction. At all. The book was originally titled 'No Flying From Fate', but that does not connect to the story either. If the author wanted to show how Vishal's and Aditi's lives gets mixed up while solving this mysery, he sure has not succeeded. Aditi could have been anyone here. Why, there was no need for her at all in the book. The last chapter after the mystery is revealed, is completely out of place. 

The book has more pros than cons, but at times I felt that I was watching an episode of CID while reading this. Some of the dialogues are out right stupid. Can you ever imagine a police officer say "I got carried away...." while he missed some important evidence? Some people have found the dialogues and quotes hilarious. Few, very few of them are. And "We are born to die anyway" is not a quote for me. 

Verdict: If 'CID', 'Bobby Jasoos' and desi detectives are your type, go for it.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I received a copy of the book directly from the author. This is not a paid review.

Finding Myself

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Today I can smile with my heart
I have now let go of the fight
I have made peace with my existence
Like the sun, I shall shine bright

I shall no longer hide from the world
A broken heart cannot break me
I have erased the bad memories
With hope filled eyes, I can now see

I am an important person myself
I do not need someone by my side
I shall learn to live on my own
Taking whatever comes in my stride

Today I woke up feeling great
A sense of independence comes from within
I put on my best dress and make up
Loving myself shall no longer be a sin

I have hid behind a man enough
Now is the time for me to rise
My lips are adorned bright red
Now smiles shall replace the cries

I can feel the warm breeze outside
The peace within me makes me dance
I shall grab this with both hands
I will not let go of this second chance

I am on a vacation all alone
This alien room is now my friend
I shall fill it with wonderful memories
Every emotion shall now be penned

I shall live now feeling free
I shall be my own magic elf
During this tumultuous experience
I have finally found myself

Chapter 8: Finally An Answer

Team Supernova is participating in a writing competition on blogadda. We have chosen a fast paced crime thriller as our theme. You can read the previous chapter here.

Beads of sweat trickled down Shekhar's face as he hastily pulled out his kerchief from his pocket to wipe his face. The other two sat still in their seats, waiting for him to say something. Shekhar finally looked at them with tears in his eyes.

"Purohit Sarkar is one of the influential people in the close contacts of my wife. I just hope she has not contacted him, to get us out of here. If yes, then, Tara and Roohi are already in trouble." He gave a lost look.

Cyrus was the first one to recover. "No Shekhar, this is just my hunch. We never know if Sasha and Sarkar are actually together on this one?"

"Even if not, being in association with Sasha makes him the bad guy. I think you should warn your wife about it right away." Jennifer offered her water bottle to Shekhar.

Shekhar took a quick sip and dialled Tara's number. The call did not get through. He tried using Cyrus's phone to call. Oh damn, Sasha had jammed the network lines. Being a cyber crime specialist, all he would need is to place a single microchip on a network line and get the signals all mixed up.

"Oh hell! The lines are jammed. No way to get to her." Shekhar says sadly as he hands Cyrus his phone.

Jennifer was sobbing in the corner. After a few silent seconds she spoke with tear filled eyes.

"You know, now I realize that Alka did not die in an accident. It had to be a murder. She was tensed and worked up throughout the party, I remember. After dinner, she wanted to stay back with us. But her boyfriend insisted on a long romantic drive with her. She was hesitant at first, but finally gave in. An hour later we received the news that there has been an accident. Alka was no more and her boyfriend was in a critical state."

"Who broke the news?" Cyrus was all curious.

"Sarkar did. And he went out of his way to keep this news out of the media. He knew that his son was heavily drunk when he went out for the drive." Jennifer said.

"Hmmm, so Sarkar and his son had planned this attack on Alka. Maybe Alka had found out something important regarding her boyfriend and his family." Shekhar butt in.

Jennifer looked lost and a few drops of tears escapes her eye.

"You know Alka was such an innocent girl. She loved this guy so much. I cannot believe he did this to her." Jennifer continues to sob.

"What happened to the guy after that? Critical state would mean some serious damage right? Did he survive?" Cyrus asks thoughtfully.

"I don't know. After Alka's death I never checked on him. After all, I knew him only through her." Jennifer looks up.

"Damn. What a neat plan. So Alka is now out of the way and the son just had to go into hiding. Obviously, nobody bothered to check up on him." Cyrus spits out in anger.

"I kind of remember hearing that Sarkar's son was sent to the US for treatment. He was sent out of the scene obviously. For all we know, he must have set up a family there by now." Shekhar says in disgust.

"What is this Xombie guys? And why is it so important?" Jennifer sits up straight and looks at both with interest.

Cyrus and Shekhar look at each other.

"You go ahead. I need to use the washroom." Cyrus tells Shekhar and walks away.

"Jennifer, I am not sure exactly what this Xombie is. My wife has been doing some serious research on it. As far as I know it is a cyber crime group, trying to find a weak link in the security of the Parliament house." Shekhar says softly. He clearly did not want to alarm the other passengers.

"Parliament house? Who the hell are these people after?" Jennifer looks all startled now.

"I have no idea. But if Purohit Sarkar is involved, someone there is in danger. The Prime Minister maybe. My wife has proof enough to arrest them and she guards them closely. She just needs a last piece of the puzzle to submit her research to the cops. I guess Sasha and his group are aware of it now." Shekhar takes a deep breath.

"The Prime Minister is being targeted? Maybe Sarkar has plans of taking over the country." Jennifer says with a hint of fear in her voice.

"So maybe Alka found out something about all this. What happened to her belongings? Maybe her phone had something?" Shekhar asks.

"Hmmm her parents must have it. They stay in Colaba. But how would we get there in such a tricky situation?" Jennifer thinks out aloud.

"Since Alka was by your side throughout that party, Sasha might have thought that she has told you something. Plus you were carrying a camera, so they probably assumed you have proof." Shekhar says still thinking hard.

"I did not even look at those pictures. I couldn't bear to look at Alka pictures shot on her last day. It would kill me too." Another tear escapes her eye.

"Where are those pictures now?"

"At home, in some old USB of mine. I did not bother to get them printed either." Jennifer says sadly, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Okay, so those are the only pictures that could link Sasha and Sarkar. My wife has proof against the Xombie group. And now I know that Sasha is a part of it too. If these pictures are out in the open, then Purohit Sarkar's plan might come out in the open too. And Cyrus a criminal lawyer, was present at the same party and was taking notes. That explains why the three of us are caught here and Tara and Roohi are caught up there. I just pray to God that she does not contact the Home minister, asking for help." He looks up to tell a silent prayer.

Shekhar looked extremely worried now. He was beginning to sweat again. And soon he was hallucinating. What if something had happened to them?

Having being reassured by the Home Minister that her husband and his friends would be airlifted from the train, Tara was busy preparing maggi for Roohi. All her belongings were hastily placed in the drawing room as she was lost in cooking. Roohi was glued to Doraemon on TV.

"What if she has contacted the Home minister? How do I get in touch with her?" Shekhar face was drained of color. He tried the phone, but was disappointed again.

"No, don't worry. Lets just hope she hasn't called him." Jennifer tries to console him and crosses her heart.

"But what if Sarkar has already got to her?" Shekhar is inconsolable now. He sits in the corner seat with his head in his palms.

Cyrus enters the compartment looking strangely fresh and smelling weird.

"You idiot. Did you go smoke in the loo?" Jennifer spanks his head recognizing the burnt stench.

"Hey! I needed to relax alright." Cyrus retorts back.

"We are all so worried here and you felt the need for a smoke? Wonderful dude!" Jennifer face had turned red now.

"What's going on?" Cyrus points towards Shekhar.

"Well, we feel that the home minister might be involved with the Xombie group and that they are planning an attack on the Parliament House to assassinate the Prime Minister. And also, Shekhar's wife's has the Home minister in her influential contacts. We are just hoping that she has not contacted him to rescue us." Jennifer says in a single breath.

"Oh! Let's try calling her again Shekhar. This is her number right? Let me try again." Cyrus makes the call and disconnects soon enough, shaking his head sadly.

Tara places a bowl of maggi in front of her daughter and pours a glass of cold water for herself. She sits and watches her daughter carefully eat the maggi without letting it fall on her frock.

"I hope Shekhar and the others get out in time. Once we are all together we might have an answer to what is happening." She says to herself.

Before she could take the first sip of water, she hears the loud soar of an helicopter hovering above the safe house.

You can read the next chapter here.

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Was It Love? - Concluding Part

Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here.
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I feel your sturdy hands on mine, and the first thing I notice is that how warm you are. My heart is beating so fast that I can hear it reverberate in my ears. I clumsily cover myself with the bed sheet, using my left hand and later rest in on your hand. I am scared, very scared. This is the end of whatever we had, I know. Here you are, in front of me. The gorgeous you, about to break my heart. I think of all the years that we have been best friends. A little more than three years now. And it has to come to an abrupt end, just like that. But I suddenly think, what is going on? Why am I thinking so much? We were friends, just friends. Last night was clearly a mistake. And considering your routine of girls, you can let it go soon too. Right? Let us just forget about last night and move on the way we were. I feel relieved and my lips break into a smile. I see your face brightening up.

"Thank God it was you." I say finally.

"Eh?" You say looking confused.

"Promise me Arjun, you shall forget this night. And that we shall never talk about it again. Promise me, come on."

"But Pia....."

"Please Arjun. This is the best thing to do. You are too good a friend to lose. I do not love you and last night was clearly a mistake. You know that too, don't you?"

You look on with a blank expression. I think it is relief. You now do not have to carry this burden all your life. I'm happy to see you calm and I jump of the bed, pick up my clothes from the floor and rush to the bathroom to get ready.

Mistake. You called this a mistake? Last night was the best night of my life Pia and you call it a mistake? And more than that, how can you talk about it so nonchalantly? We just spent a passionate night together and now you are making it feel like it was a one night stand. It seems like this is normal to you. I'm getting scared Pia, why are you behaving like this? You call me the playboy, but what are you doing here? My judgement is getting clouded. Please tell me that you are only kidding, and did not mean all that you said. It is hurting me real bad. I feel like a loser and like a piece of trash suddenly. I sit here, on the bed we made love on and am lost in disturbing thoughts. You said that you do not love me. But last night seemed to say otherwise. Was I just imagining the love then? Or was it just the alcohol for you? Wow, are you going to blame me for it now? How much more do you want to hurt me?

"Okay I am done. Go dress up fast." I feel fresh after a quick shower.

You don't seem to be reacting to what I am saying. What is wrong with you. I just made it easier for you. Please don't hold the guilt within you. I was as responsible for it as you were. Will you now please let it go, so that we can move on with our lives. Come on Arjun, let us not make this awkward. Finally, I see you get up and walk up to the bathroom, with the bed sheet hastily tied around your waist.

"Wait. You take your time. Let me leave. Rina and Neha will be worried. I'll see you directly in class then. Okay?" I just wanted to get out of the house as soon as possible.

"Okay." You say weakly and walk away.

I carefully close the door behind me and walk out. The sun is shining bright and I feel the heat on me. My body feels nice and relaxed. The wind blows gently waving my hair every now and then. I did the right thing I know. Else I wouldn't have been feeling this happy now. First, I stop by a pharmacy and pick up a morning after pill. I pull out a water bottle from my bag and pop the pill in my mouth and throw the cover away. The pharmacist looks at me in disgust. Well, I do not have to answer him. I pay the amount and walk away to hail a rickshaw.

My body feels all battered and bruised now. All the passion of last night, seems to be mocking and cursing me. I can see the marks on my back, left behind by your nails. It was passion last night, but now they are just wounds. I let the water hit it and wince in pain. I can feel tears flow down my cheeks and the ache is only getting stronger. On an impulse, I grab the bar of soap and rub it all over me. Trying to cleanse the mess of myself. The wet bar slips from my hand, I bend down to pick it up and hit my head against the tap. What have you done to me Pia? Why did you have to do this? I sit down, under the shower replaying last night in my mind and soaking the pain of the piercing water on me. I look at my hands, the same hands that held you tight last night. I wanted to make you feel safe and secure. Instead you made me feel so cheap. I cannot help but think one thing Pia. What if there was someone else instead of me, last night?

I get home quickly, and see that my house mates have already left to college. I change my clothes and rush to class. I wait for you, but you don't come. Why aren't you answering your phone? Why are you doing this to me Arjun? Please, I do not want to lose you. I bunk the next class and wait in the canteen. Yet no sign of you. My heart is racing wondering what is happening. My eyes suddenly ached for you and I longed for your touch. What the hell was happening to me I don't know. Dazed, I gulped coffee after coffee and sat waiting. I would have tried your phone about 200 times by now. Why aren't you answering it? Hell with it, I am coming to see you. I rush to your house arguing with the rickshaw driver all along, your house is locked. I call you again, but I hear your phone ringing. So you have left your phone at home and gone somewhere. I know the only place that you go to. Twenty minutes later, I reach Guzzlers and see you sitting in the corner with a pitcher of beer in front of you.

"Drinking at 1 pm? Wow!" I say as I proceed to sit before you and see the shock and hurt in your eyes.

"What are you doing here?"

"Came to find you. Obviously."

"Why?" I sense irritation in your voice.

"Had to tell you something." I reach for your hand and you push it away.

"I want to be alone Pia. Let me be."

"No, I want to be here. With you. What will you do?" I bring out my arrogant tone.

"I'll leave." You say looking right into my eyes.

"I shall not let you leave. Never."

"Get lost Pia. I am in no mood for your childish games."

"You seemed be in an awesome mood last night though." I chide.

I see the look of disgust on you face.

"You are the one who did not want to talk about last night. Remember?"

I nod quietly.

"Pia, I'm hurt. And I can't even tell you why. That hurts even more. You will not understand. Please leave."

I feel my heart racing and my mind is telling me to rush the flow of words.

"I love you too Arjun. I just had not realized it until now." I say slowly.

I can see that you are shocked. But then I see your face change and you finally leak out a smile.

"Oh, what did you say? Pia, say it again."

"Last night was the best night of my life. But I thought it meant nothing to you. Before you could hurt you, I decided to get out myself. And then......"

"Then what?"

"Then I found this." I pull out a diary from my bag and you grab it.

"How? When did you take this?"

"Today. Since I left in a hurry I grabbed your diary along with my books. I read this while waiting for you at college and I realized how much you love me."

"So, that is why the "I love you too" eh?" I can feel your voice relaxing.

In an instant I was in your arms and I could see tears flowing down your cheeks and mingling with my tears. But then something crosses my mind and I laugh out loud.

"What?" You look into my eyes.

"It feels like the movie Kal ho na ho. Or Jab tak hai jaan too. A diary to the rescue. Don't you think so?" I grin.

"Oh shut up, Bollywood! Come here" You say as your lips meet mine and I'm transported to a happy place. And I know that this is only the beginning.

It was love. It always will be love.

Embrace Or Burn?

Image Source: The Magpie Tales

Sleep eludes me tonight, as I toss and turn on my bed with darkness for company and beads of sweat trickling down my face. Of course, I am excited but fear takes over me too. A new fate awaits me tomorrow, as I wait for the release of my debut film. Just like these moths being attracted to a flame, I am drawn to fame. Tomorrow I shall know if the light embraces me or burns me.

This five sentence fiction is written for the topic 'Darkness' at Lillie McFerrin Writes.

Was It Love? - Part 2

Read Part 1 here.

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I was scared that my kiss would wake you up, but thankfully it didn't. Even if it did and you pretended to be asleep, it does not matter to me. Because I got to spend some extra time looking at your face. The face that I have dreamt of since ages. I know you had a complete different opinion about me, based on my past and all that you have heard. But to me, you are the center of my life. You are the reason for my survival. The first day I saw you, you were fighting for change with a rickshaw driver. The way your hands moved and the way you shook your head, drove me mild. You stepped into the same class that day and I knew I had fallen in love. I just spoke to you the first day and you thought I was making a pass at you. I do not blame you, because before I stepped into the class a lot had been spoken about me, the cricket captain of the university. You obviously were reacting to whatever you had heard before. I do not blame you one bit. Not then, not now. You were drunk at the annual party, and were in no position to get home. I called your house mates, they were unavailable. I had no choice but to take you to my place. I was drunk too and petrified of what would happen, but having you by my side somehow eased the fear.

Yes, it had started with a kiss. The best kiss of my life. You initiated it of course. You had had too much wine already, but you insisted on having another glass. I did have wine at home and you saw it. I guess that added to the urge. You had to use the loo while I was pouring wine in the kitchen. I held your hand but you couldn't walk straight. I had to hold your waist tight, to get you steady. Your lipstick was smeared already with too much of drinking, I guess you wanted to adjust that in the loo. But as we walked, you suddenly stopped. I thought you were in pain, hence I bent down to take a closer look. You came closer too and finally planted your lips on mine. I wanted to push you away, as I felt you were not in your senses, but you wouldn't let go. I was lost in the moment, along with the passion of your kiss. The taste of smoke tasted bitter on your lips, but that was the sweetest taste I had felt in my entire life. I was in a magical trance and I never wanted this moment to stop.

You were pushing me towards the bed, but I was hesitant. I did not want to take advantage of you, but my love and passion was taking over my mind. The alcohol just added to it. I slowly laid you on the bed hoping that you will drift away to sleep, but you pulled me towards you. Before I could realize what was happening, you were peeling of my clothes one by one kissing my bare body throughout. The rush inside my head was too much and I felt crazy levels of madness then. I took off your clothes and felt the warmth of your body beneath me. Oh, I was going crazy. That mild perfume of yours mingled with the effect of the smoke in the room and gave me a dangerous high. I kissed all over your body and you gave in to my touch. Soon, you took over and drove me nuts while delicately playing with my spots. After a thunderstorm, it was calm again and you sat up to light a cigarette. I was irritated. I wanted to look at you all night, but now your face was enveloped by smoke. I tried to look at you through it, but all I could see was a blur version of you. I did not like it one bit.

I grabbed the cigarette from your hand and stubbed it out. And before you could retaliate I kissed you so hard that you forgot about it in an instant and grabbed me by my hair closer towards you. I was surprised by your strength and madness. You were just screaming and moaning in ecstasy. Looking at you, I was climbing peaks in my mind. You made love to me like this would be the last time. The thought of this hurt me a bit and I wanted to get off you, but you pulled me closer and then screamed and dug your nails on my back. The pain along with the pleasure was magical. I slowly lay you in arms and rest my bleeding back. I see you lie down on my chest, playing with the thin hair on it. I wanted you to say something, but you did not. Perhaps you thought that I was sleeping. You even wanted to move away, but I did not want to let you go. I held you tight in my arms and let an "I love you" slip by. I was hoping you'd say something in return, but you were just quiet.

That did it for me. I was now wondering what were you thinking about. Did you feel that I took advantage of you? Do you think that this would be just a one night stand? All these years I did not make a move at you, do you now think that I forced you into this? Oh God, why does this hurt so much? A tear dripped down my cheek falling on your hair, but you did not notice. I loved you so much, this is not how I wanted this thing to happen. The effect of the wine was slowly wearing off, but I somehow had the feeling that I have lost you today. Would you believe me if I told you that I loved you? I know, there were other girls before, but only until I met you! After that, it was only you on my mind, body and soul. I have waited for this night since I can remember. Although this is not how I wanted this to happen, but this has been the best night of my life. But you might probably call this a mistake. Suddenly, my body was filled with pain and head started throbbing. I cannot lose you, I'd die if I do. I feel your faint heartbeat against my chest and this slowly soothes me and sings me a lullaby as I drift into slumber.

When I woke up, you were still asleep. The faint trace of sunlight brightened your face as you slept in my arms like an angel. I carefully uncoil myself from you and let a pillow take my place. On an impulse I kiss your lips, as they look so beautiful hiding in between in your hair. I let my fingers play with your silky hair. Something tugs my fingers and push away your hair to check. I see your tiny ears covered fully by piercings. Wow, why had I not noticed that before. You let your hair loose always, I guess that's why. I wanted to wake you up and replay last night again, but I can see your eyes opening slowly. I am scared thinking of what you might say. Your eyes are sort of blank too. Fear engulfs me now, but I want to talk to you. I come closer and hold your hands. The expression on your face changes. Oh God, what is that?

To be continued.

Book Review: 60 Minutes

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Title: 60 Minutes
Author: Upendra Namburi
Publisher: Westland Ltd
Genre: Corporate Drama
Price: Rs. 350
Pages: 361

Spoiler alert! (Maybe, but who cares)

High-profile jobs, reputations, relationships and marriages are at stake. Stealth, blackmail and secret liaisons exposed. Emotions mired in doubt and ambitions entangled in hostility. As the battle for supremacy continues, who will falter, who will persist and who will come out on top?

60 minutes has three main protagonists who control the entire story. Agastya, the CMO of a big FMCG company 'BCL', is all set for the most important product launch of his career, that is scheduled in 60 minutes. Maithili, his mistress, who threatens to disclose their affair to his wife and the media if he does not come up with 15 crores in the next 60 minutes. Sailesh, Agastya's arch rival who is the CMO of BCL's competitor Stark. He is all set to do anything to stop Agastya from this product lunch and he has 60 minutes to destroy his enemy.

60 minutes starts of at 2.30 pm, exactly 60 minutes before the product launch. The story unfolds in the next sixty minutes. Agastya is desperately trying to get everything right so that the product launch goes smooth. Suddenly, Maithili storms into his cabin and claims 15 crores in the next one hour, else she goes to his wife and the press. Agastya's wife Nandita is the weakest character in this book. She is unaware of Agastya's first marriage and does not suspect his infidelity even for a second. She appears and disappears from the story now and again. Maithili was the most confused character in the book. She seems like a caricature of some psycho movie. She sleeps with Agastya at her will, fights with him, claws at him, abuses him and challenges him. And the icing on the cake, she is in a live in relationship with Ismail, an alcoholic divorcee who abuses her like there is no tomorrow. Sailesh hardly has any background story apart from his professional life. He is married to Tanya, who somewhere during the course of the book ends up sleeping with Agastya. 

This book was marketed as a racy corporate drama where all the action would unfold in sixty racy minutes. Unfortunately, the author tries desperately to build the characters and their background stories within these sixty minutes. The story moves from the past to the recent past to the present and back to the past. This was extremely troublesome. By the time you realize what is going on, you are transported back to the past which makes no sense what so ever to the current story. The story toggles between corporate politics and the share market and most importantly sex. Unnecessary sex. And not in a good way. Who ever has sex in this book, has it the violent way with screaming, biting, pushing and beating. If that was not disturbing enough, every woman puts up with this shit willingly!

This book was trouble right from page one. After a few pages, it became a nightmare. If I did not have to review this book, I would have thrown it in the darkest corner of my bookshelf. This book doesn't have a weak story. It has no story whatsoever. After a few minutes it felt like I was watching a Madhur Bhandarkar movie in slow motion. A horrible one at that. The book is supposed to be real but nothing about this book is. The story is supposed to be concentrated on the rivalry between Sailesh and Agastya, but their stories are so bleak that at one point of time you are trying to understand what exactly are they fighting for. Their rivalry does not have a decent back story and their squabbles feel so childish that it feels like they are fighting for a toy. The story would have probably been better if they were fighting for a girl instead!

At 360 odd pages, this book was a drag. The book says "Racy" on its cover but the book is anything but that. But even some decent editing would not have helped this book. This story would have been a drag even if it was at 50 pages. The concept is decent enough, two corporate rivals fighting it out for the top spot. But over a detergent? Seriously? Unnecessary inclusion of the share market does not blend in at all and seems far fetched. I have no idea why they needed to include this. Maithili's history with an abusive uncle does not help her character at all. She is shown as suicidal and strong at the same time. I wonder how that works. Nothing works in this book. Not the non-existent story, nor the characters.

Verdict: Weak in every sense of the word. Read only if you want to waste more than 60 minutes of your life.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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Was It Love? - Part 1

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I hated myself for doing it, but the kiss you planted on my lips now, while you thought I was asleep, somehow changed it. You were the playboy and all the women around were willing to give up anything just to spend some time with you. I knew you since years and had resisted your charms. For the obvious reason, that I did not want to be just another one of your conquests. I loved you as a friend and did not judge you by your flirtatious nature or your undeniable charisma. You expressed interest in me the first day you met me, but it did not make any sense to me then. Well, it does not make any sense to me now either. You stayed by my side as a friend, my feelings were only platonic. Until yesterday. How did I end up in your house and in your bed? Was I that drunk? I don't remember much, but I do remember giving in to your touch and enjoying your lips on me.

It had started with a kiss right? Did you initiate it? No wait, I guess I did. You were pouring me another glass of wine while I got up to use the loo. I stumbled and you helped me stand up straight. I remember feeling your breath close to my face, and I can still hear your heartbeat on me dancing to the tune of my heart and the chimes of my breath. You were a gentleman, holding me up straight helping me walk. But I seemed to have a lot going on in my mind. I stopped and you bent closer asking me what happened. That is when our lips came closer and eventually met. Didn't it? Oh yeah, I can still feel the taste of the smoke on your lips. It tasted bitter. Bittersweet. Almost hypnotic as I surrendered to your spell.

You moved slowly and with caution. Oh yes, I remember it all now. You gently laid me on the bed and I grabbed you towards me. Did we undress each other? Or how did the clothes come off? Doesn't seem all that important now. You explored every inch of my body and made love like there was no tomorrow. I enjoyed your rhythm and was only too happy to dance to it. I remember the softness of your touch and the passion in your lips. Every move you made drove me to earth shattering madness as I lay lost and spent in your arms. I lit a cigarette after that, the last one that we shared. You did not seem interested in the smoke, your eyes were concentrating on my face. Perhaps you were trying to read something. I saw something in your eyes through the smoke. Something that I had not seen before, but I could not put a finger on it.

Before I could finish the smoke, your lips found mine and then began the whole magical experience. Again. It was like we were just one body then. The passion and the lust was driving me to crazy levels of pleasure. I remember screaming out loud and biting your ears. I remember digging my nails on your bare back, trying to hold you close to me. Closer. You took me to a dangerous peak and brought me down miraculously safe and sound. I rested on your chest, as I played with the faint trace of hair on it. I was waiting for you to talk, were you waiting for the same too? In a while I looked up and noticed that you had drifted off the sleep. I wanted to get off your chest to give you room, but you held on to me tight. Suddenly, out of nowhere a "I love you" you whispered and then drifted back to sleep.

That did it for me. The effect of the wine was soon gone and I began to feel shame. What had I done? This probably was how all your nights ended with different girls, but was I one of them? Can I look at you the same way now? Into your eyes? Its not like you forced me into it, but how could I give in? Especially after resisting for all these years? A lone tear escaped my eye, thinking about the pain and shame I have brought upon myself. I had fallen from a precipice and I had only myself to blame. I look up at you sleeping peacefully, with a smile on your face and my naked body in your arms. Probably the best night of my life, but just another one for you. The pain pierced me from every side. Lost in these thoughts and fighting tears, I somehow fell asleep. The chant of your heartbeat cradling me.

The kiss woke me up, but I did not open my eyes. I could feel your hands through my hair, caressing it. I felt your fingers trace my ear, admiring the piercings on them. That sent a chill down my spine. I wanted to wake up and jump into your arms, but my mind was filled with doubts. Somehow I slowly open my eyes to the silhouette of you staring straight into my face. I manage a weak smile, and you sense that something is not right. I can see the worry lines on your forehead. You come closer and hold my hands as I try to search for something in your eyes. I see something, but what?

To be continued.


Image Source: Carla's Covers

How this happened
But it is awesome
This wonderful feeling
Makes me want to sing and dance
And scream out loud in happiness
I am grateful, for having felt love.

Written for Theme Thursdays: Theme - Grateful.

This is a reverse nonet. Here, the first line has one syllable, the second line has two syllables and so on. The last ninth line has nine syllables.

Redoing It Right And Bright

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I stay with my husband and my in laws under the same roof. My in-laws are very old fashioned people and this reflects in the ethnic setting of our house. My husband and I live on the first floor and that is usually where we spend most of our time together. The setting of our room is plain and ethnic, and I have been waiting for a chance to brighten up the space where we spend most of our time. I believe that a home should be welcoming and should reflect the personalities of the people living in it. My husband and I are both extroverts and brimming with energy all the time. Sadly, our house seems to tell another story. So when I came across this site and was asked to pick up items and re-do my house, I jumped at the opportunity and grabbed it with both hands. I wanted to change everything and give the whole place a new look. I love vibrancy and colors and wanted my room to speak to me when I entered it. So the theme was simple and obvious: Color Blocking.

Image Source:

Some people believe that the best way to re-do a house is to change the furniture. True, but only to a certain extent. The first thing that screams boredom in a house are the walls. Change the color of the walls and the place looks brand new. Every wall of the house holds a story within it, so it deserves to be treated nicely. And it deserves the right to look good. The first thing that I would change in my house is the plain boring walls. We have off-white walls that is outright dull. Also it makes the room look shabby and unkempt. I want a soothing color for  my walls. It should be bright, but should not hurt the eye. It should reflect my happy mood and yet not be too loud. After much speculation I decided on a sea green wall paper. Also, wallpapers are so much better then compared to wall paint. Less messy and easy to test and choose. I zeroed on the 'Alkemi Decor Wallpaper Pattern 17'. The green is subtle and the leaf patterns on it make it look alive. We already have two huge windows in our room, so we get ample natural light. When this light falls on this wallpaper, I am sure it will be magical. This alone is enough to infuse life into my room, but I want to add more elements of color into it.

Image Source:

The seating area in our house is dominated by a teak wood sofa and its corresponding twin chairs. I have nothing against wooden furniture, but I find it extremely old fashioned. Since my husband and I are both laid back and we are more often than not chatting over a cup of coffee, watching TV or simply relaxing by reading a book, we needed something fun and younger. And immediately I knew that I wanted a bean bag. I know that bean bags are supposed to only be black or brown which makes it look dull, but that is not how it is anymore. I found this bright yellow bean bag that has the perfect pop of color and complements the green walls beautifully. I love yellow and this chair looks just like a perfect dash of sunshine. A couple of these bean bags and we have our very own cosy nook. These chairs are so welcoming and look like a smiley to me. The contrast from green to yellow is smooth and the color block is perfect.

Image Source:

With green walls and yellow chairs, the room would look young and bright. Now all I need is another element of color to bright these two together. That is when I chanced upon this elegant side table. It is an ethnic piece, but I loved the different colors on this one. Four Indigo blue carved elephants form the legs of this table, and this stands out. This square table comes with intricate embossed paint work in yellow, red, orange and traces of brown and white. I fell in love with it, the minute I saw it. This would be the perfect table to separate the bean bags and to hold our aromatic candles. This table shows different colors at different angles and enhances the muted green of the walls as well as blends perfectly with the bright yellow of the bean bags. This table looks spiritual as well and is perfect to hold my black Buddha idol, surrounded by aromatic candles. 

I can already picturise the change in atmosphere of my room, thanks to these changes. Colors are healing they say and I completely agree. The green of the walls is welcoming and the yellow bean bags are lively and fun. The table serves its purpose and also acts as the show piece, elevating the decor to another level. I do not like clutter much and only like a few elements in the room. And these three items would be perfect to give my room a different look. A new look, infact. The colors paint a picture on their own and infuse energy into the whole place. This is how I would love my dream house to be. A house that welcomes me in the best way possible.

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Action Replay - August

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August finally left and it left behind heap loads of wonderful memories. The month started of brilliantly and a gift appeared everyday until the birthday. I have the best husband in the world, who surprised me day after day. We could not take a vacation because the day of my birthday was also the day of the Varamahalakshmi festival. There were pujas at home and hence we had to stay back. Cal and I are not home bodies at all and hence we were itching to get out. And when we finally did, we painted the town red. We spent a long time at the place that holds too much of memories for us. We spoke at length and had a relaxing day. Since it was a festive day, we had to stay clear of alcohol and meat. But we made up for it on the weekend. Oh yes, this time it was not a birthday, it was a birth week; and I was pampered to the T. I couldn't get anymore luckier.

This month was hectic in terms of work. But I enjoyed the ride as I was learning something new. I am a workaholic and go out of my to learn and complete my work. I was over working a bit and Cal was worried, but I made sure that my work does not eat into our time together. Cal and I have been exploring a lot of eating places in Bangalore and we are loving it. The foodie in us lives on and is very content. We also took up sports this month. Every weekend we go pay badminton to exercise our muscles and burn out the calories we ate during our exploration. Both of us together have somehow found a balance in life. It works perfectly for both of us and that is all that matters. A few people think we might be going overboard by doing everything together. But why get married if you don't want to do things together? Luckily for me, Cal has the same interests as I do and he is the perfect companion for every thing. Be it a game of scrabble, a sport, reading or travelling. 

I read three books this month. My target was to read one book a month, but I guess I surpassed it. Thankfully, all the books I read last month were good. Also, I was thrilled when a author contacted me directly to review her book. Rasleen Syal checked out my reviews on Goodreads and loved my honest and blunt take on the books. She sent me her book and without a doubt 'Happily Murdered' is one of the best books I have read in recent times. Especially by an Indian author. You can read my review here. After these three books I picked up 'Lolita'. I had started this book sometime back and had put it down when a few other books came for review. I started re-reading it from the first again. I was amazed by the language and the flow of words. Yes, yet again. But turns out, this book is jinxed for me. Work load increased, leaving me with no time for reading. Also, a couple of other books came in for review and 'Lolita' is back in the shelf now with a book mark on the 74th page. By the end of next month, I am going to finish it. I have never let jinxes get the better of me. I never will either.

Image Source: Tarini Nirula

In July I won the giveaway at Red's blog. But the gift did not arrive until August. Hence I did not write about it then. I was supposed to win a different bag, but due to some unavoidable circumstances, that bag was no longer available. So instead, the designer sent me a minaudiere from her latest collection. I was never a fan of orange, but this one I love! This one also is prized at almost double of the original prize. But yeah, I am not complaining. Thank you Red and Tarini for this. A couple of other consolation wins too. I won an ASUS bag at a contest on Indiblogger and a Rs. 5000 Flipkart voucher at a contest on BlogAdda. I have high hopes from the 'WhatTheBlack' contest, as I feel that I wrote a very good post for it. Fingers crossed for the results. Hope my lucky streak continues.

My posts continue to be published on Women's Web, and it gives me a thrill as it brings out the feminist in me. I also took this silly quiz on Facebook, that told me that I was born to be a writer. Well, it does not seem all that silly anymore. Writing gives me happiness that I have never felt before. Except when I am in love. That happy tingling sensation that you feel inside. Yes, writing gives me that. Turns out I am a Logophile. A lover of words. And it gives me immense pleasure to put those words in motion and make an emotion out of them. Because that is the effect words have on me. Everything might ebb away later, but words shall always remain deeply rooted in my heart. Because I know, with a few words I can change a story.

August was a beautiful month in terms of everything, just like how it is every year. September has started of wonderfully too. Why not, after all it is Cal's birthday this month. And I'm whisking him off to our favorite destination Goa, so that we can celebrate his turning thirty in style. Everything is booked and everything is planned. I even have a custom made gift for him. I always like adding my personal touch to his gifts and he absolutely loves them. So the next weekend will be long for me and finally I also get a much deserved vacation. Looking forward to it.

So, how was your August?