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Painting Dreams

Image Source: Magpie Tales

The only thing that keeps me going
Is my passion to pursue my dream
I know no one shall stand by my side
But I shall now be my own team

Everything is tough at the start
Its all about working hard
People will try to mess it up for me
I need to keep my own guard

Backstabbers are a plenty here
They all are praying for me to fail
What they don't realize is that
Now I have learnt how to sail

Its easy to quit and walk away
But I want to hold on and try
Years later I don't want to think about it
And sit disappointed and cry

My dreams motivate me enough
I have the strength to walk towards it
Day by day I'm getting closer
My passion now is forever lit

I shall not give up until I get there
I am motivated by my own heart
Quitting a high paying job today
I'm all set to move into the field of art

I shall paint my dreams all bright
The colors shall never get shorter
I shall pass through fire for this
Or even walk through deep water

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 238.


  1. This is what I just did and now you know the reason behind my take on the prompt. But then as we both have said, I waded ahead and got it right :)

    How life gives us things to solve and choose!

  2. my very best wishes to you... I remember quitting my previous job and now I am much more happier :)
    you expressed your feelings really well.

  3. Nice poem Soumya. Very motivating indeed.


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