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A Bad Day

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Today was a day of that kind
A day where nothing goes right
With every step it begins to rain
Away from me the sun shined bright

With the first step, tragedy struck
I dropped my phone breaking its screen
With shaky hands I slowly picked it up
I could feel my insides scream

Nothing improved since this start
Waiting for an auto was a nightmare
I fought and haggled with the rogues
They demanded extra above the fare

After quite a wait, I had to give in
I had to pay a fare of almost double
The auto moved with a speed of minus one
I knew this day could only mean trouble

When I got to work, my mood was foul
The events after that only added to it
Everything came crumbling down soon
Eating up my patience bit by bit

A week of work had to be redone
This had never happened to me before
My head started throbbing like crazy
The pain soon spread to my core

After three cups of green tea
I managed to hold myself up
The day was coming to an end soon
I was craving for a hot water tub

Broken phone in hand, I left work
I just prayed nothing else would go wrong
Then I saw my husband waiting for me
One look at him and I suddenly felt strong

He took me out and cheered me up
Listened to all the crap that I had to say
He smiled and listened to every word
Then onwards it was no longer a bad day

P.S: The above poem is a true story that happened to me on Thursday, 28th August. I wrote this that day, but stayed away from the laptop over the long weekend. Hence, publishing it now.

P.S2: Love can make anything better.


  1. awww...such a cute poem this one!!! i loved the fact that you decided to make a poetry out of all the mess that happened :) and yes...your love can definitely brighten you up and lift you from the foulest of moods :)
    a very good one hon.
    Cheers !!

  2. This is so sweet ... love surely can heal all worries :-)

  3. lovely one!
    cheers :)

  4. All you need is one hug from him and everything suddenly becomes alright :))

  5. Yes. Love can make everything allrite...beautiful poem!

  6. There are some days where nothing ever goes right. I'm so glad that you got your silver lining :) Hugs!

  7. This happens! Some days never go the way you want them to. But something good came out of that bad day and we got to read a lovely poem :-D

  8. yep..there are only bad days..not a bad life.... and nothing like a loved one to make all that was bad about that day vanish into nothingness....

  9. I think only you can be poetic about bad times ! Tell us where he took you to make you feel better !

    1. I guess :P

      He took me out to my most favorite place for dessert! :)

  10. How do you write such nice poems ?? It is nice to have someone who will cheer you up after a bad day..
    I usually speak to my two year old niece.. :)

  11. I like how you mentioned- Love makes everything better!

  12. Lovely -- the end. Yes, there are some days that just don't seem to get better.

  13. well you said it true love makes everything right .. and sorry about the phone .. did you get it fixed then


  14. There's nothing love can't :) There have been many a bad day turned into a good one, all credit due to my husband :)

  15. I agree, some days are like this- full of negativity but in the end, a good company and a good bath are enough to elevate the mood :)

  16. Sometimes when we really feel low, it is the loved one, who uplifts our mood . very beautifully written.

  17. I had a sense it was based on real life incidents Soumya. However, I am glad you had the love of your love listened to you that made you feel better about yourself and/or your day! :) Kudos to love! ;) <3


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