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Monday Musings #13

Topics I Hate To Talk/Write About

Image Source I am a very opinionated person. I always have something to say about everything around. Mostly I talk about what I feel, other times I just let it be. People who know me personally know that I'm a person who loves to talk. I'm almost never politically correct, and that's the very reason people like me. I have varied interests in life, so I never run out of topics to talk about. The only time I keep mum during a conversation is when the other person is boring is hell. Apart from the me time that I enjoy on a daily basis, I love to talk. It is always nice to have conversations with a smart set of people. Else, I'll just go back to reading a book. Or day dreaming. Conversations to me are not only about talking. It is nice to hear the different opinions of people and you always get to learn something new from it. While someone can teach you to look at something from a new perspective, other just let you know how ignorant and boring they are, yet again.

Call It Magic

Image Source They say love is nothing short of magic After all it makes the world go round When it comes to a realist like me Balderdash, these all did sound You'll feel the butterflies they said I laughed knowing I'll feel nothing But when it did happen I felt this love was quite something The first time I fell in love was beautiful I did feel something within too But magic was far away from it Even though it seemed too good to be true

Movie Review: La La Land

Image Source Movie Name: La La Land Cast: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone Direction: Damien Chazelle Genre: Musical/Romance Duration: 2 hours 8 minutes I normally do not watch award winning movies. Mostly because I fail to understand them. The same goes with books that win the Booker prize too. I find them too complex and tedious to read. Of late, really good movies are getting made in Hollywood and such movies are coming in to focus thanks to the various award ceremonies that take place at the start of every year. The first time I saw the poster of 'La La Land', I found it so magical. Plus, it had the ever gorgeous Ryan Gosling. Sadly, I thought that it would be like any other rom-com and the fact that it was a musical did not pique my interest to watch it. I have never seen a musical before. I've heard of ' Chicago ' and ' Moulin Rouge ' doing really good as musicals and turning into cult movies later. But the first time I sat down to watch 'M

Between Him And Her

Image Source " What ever I tell you, you shouldn't tell it to your husband ", this was one of the things my mother-in-law told me during the early days of my marriage. I found it extremely odd but did not react. Five minutes later, I told my husband about this. While I'm pretty good at keeping secrets, I do not hide anything from my husband. I never did, I never will. It is not something that is a compulsion, it just comes out effortlessly during a conversation. Same thing with him too. We don't plan a list of things to tell each other. We just talk and end up speaking about everything around. While most couples do not spend time talking to one another, conversations are something that keep us going. If you feel the need to hide something from your partner or intentionally decide to not tell him/her about something, then something is not right. Well, unless it is a pleasant surprise for an occasion, hiding things is not good for any kind of relationship. Esp

Another Day At The Passport Office

Image Source After a terrible experience last time , today I went back to the passport office to re-submit my form. Last time, my form was put on hold because I did not have a hard copy of the HR letter from my company. After the first basic round of verification, there are three others rounds. A, B and C. Last time my application was accepted at the first and the A counter, but was rejected at the B counter after around 8 hours. Disappointment had never stared at me in the face like it did on that day. Last week, as soon as I received the hard copy of the HR letter I logged in and took up another appointment that was today. The slot provided to me was at 11.30 and the reporting time was 11.15 am. Having learnt my lesson last time, I did not bother to go early. Thanks to the traffic and since I left late on purpose, I reached the venue by 11.45 am and was immediately ushered in as soon as I showed my appointment slip. With a " Ha ha ha " on my mind, I walked in only to

Monday Musings #12

Dear Zindagi

Image Source Dear zindagi, I know you don't come easy But do you always have to be this tough Time and again you have tested me Making every surface prickly and rough Happiness and I have a strange equation We like to play hide and seek She might not be with me always Once in a while she does give a peek

Action Replay: January 2017

Image Source Am I the only one who thinks January passed in a blink? Well, I remember new year's eve and getting totally drunk. I also remember waking up the next morning with absolutely no recollection of what happened past midnight. The next thing I know, its February! This goes on to show that January was so uneventful for me. January was all about work, work and more work. While the month was way too hectic and strenuous, it did teach me a lot. The lessons I learnt from January would pave the way for February to me. January left me with no time for anything else. A normal day for me starts by 7 to 8 am, depending on when I wake up. After reading newspapers along with a cup of piping hot tea, I enter the kitchen. I then prepare lunch and pack it in two dabbas for the husband and me, followed by preparing breakfast. After the husband leaves, I wash up and then get ready for office. After 7-8 hours in the office I get back home by 7 pm. I normally read/write/sketch for an