Forever Means Forever

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They walked hand in hand, enjoying the cool summer breeze as they were in this city after a really long time and that too on a special day. Their walking sticks made sharp noises in unison, just like their footsteps as her white hair gently blew over his face. Their faces shone with love and admiration for each other, which froze in a second and they stopped together. In front of them stood a huge mansion, instead of the cathedral where they had got married sixty years ago.

Everything around them had changed, apart from their love for each other.

This five sentence fiction is written for the topic 'Marriage' at Lillie McFerrin Writes.

This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 30th May.


Boring talk
Love is lost some where
We both drift

We both drift
Far from each other
With eyes closed

With eyes closed
We choose to ignore
Our problems

Our problems
Not larger than "us"
Yet we drift

Written for Haiku Horizons: Prompt - Drift.

OCD Alert!

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Ever since I read this post by Keirthana, I have been wanting to write about my fetishes too. I'm a borderline OCD freak and it gets on to my nerves every time things around are not the way I want it to be. Something inside me breaks and I squirm and squirm until I sort it out. A few of them are mentioned below.

~ I have an order in which I open tabs on Chrome. Gmail, LOL, Facebook, Twitter and then google. I'd drag and switch these tabs any number of times in a day without flinching. But the order needs to be the same. 

~ I never open work related sites on Chrome. Internet Explorer only. By chance if it opens by default on Chrome, I copy the link, close the tab and paste it in IE.

~ I always plug in the laptop charger. Even if the charge is full. I somehow cannot work without the charging symbol.

~ I never let my phone battery die or go below 50 percent. As and when I can, I charge my phone. 

~ I always do my eyes in a particular order. First kajal, then mascara and then the liner. This order hasn't changed in twelve years.

~ I always have to use a white colored towel to dry my hair. 

~ I hate it when people fold clothes inside out. My hands constantly itch until I re-do it.

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~ The hangers in my closet needs to be arranged according to color. If someone mixes then up, then well, hell breaks lose.

~ The clips on the clothes line too need to be arranged according to color. Even if there are a hundred pieces of clothing put out to dry and the clips on each line is mis-matched, I re-do it.

~ I arrange my clothes according to color first. Then according to formal or casual. Then according to the sleeve length. Then according to the ones I frequently wear. Always done this, always will.

~ I arrange my books according to the name of the author and I hate it when someone changes their order. 

~ I write everyday. Something or the other. Irrespective of whether I publish it or not.

~ I shall re-do my nails even if one of the fingers has a tiny bit of the paint chipped. I will not do patch work. I remove the color from all of them and then re-apply. Even if it is the same color.

~ I hate lace and frills. You will never see me in them. Ever.

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~ I hate drinking stuff out of steel tumblers. My logic is that, if you cannot see what is inside, then don't drink it.

~ I never gulp down any drink till the end. I always leave about two sips back in the glass. Even if it is coke. Or water. 

~ I take bath in piping hot water. Anything less than that, will make me feel that I haven't taken a bath.

~ If I cannot complete a poem in under fifteen minutes, I discard it.

~ I feel paralyzed without my phone. 

~ I check out the dressing sense of everyone around me. Male and female. And I pass a comment in my head. Always.

~ I check myself in the mirror or in the reflection of my phone every five minutes.

~ I only use the font 'Trebuchet' on word documents and 'Comic Sans MS' on notepad. 

~ I always type my posts on notepad first, save them, and then copy it to my blog. Also, all posts of mine must have atleast one image.

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Now that I have mentioned these points here, I am wondering if I should re-order them. :P

My Husband #MyRoleModel

Selfie with #MyRoleModel

A role model is more than an inspiration
Its takes a lot to be an idol to me
Being a borderline feminist
There was only one deserving man I could see

He is the strongest person that I know
Living life by his own opinions and rules
He is the best judge of people around
Knows the difference between innocence and fools

Never to lie or sugar coat words
He is as honest as anyone can be
Intelligent in every sense of the world
To every verbal lock he has the key

He went on to follow his dreams
Without bothering about what others spoke
He came out with bright flying colors
Not letting his passions go up in smoke

He took risks, while people laughed behind him
Slogged day and night to get to where he is
Fingers were pointed one too many
Believing in himself, he gave them all a miss

Another one!

What he did, he did it for himself
Not to prove a point to any body
Having reached the peak of his field
He still does not hesitate to learn or study

He has stood by my side through every step
Even when others warned him against it
I am a strong minded woman myself
For me, he turned out to be the perfect fit

No matter what who says
He does what he thinks is right
He never hesitates to accept if he's wrong
He keenly listens to my insight

He knows how to respect a woman
Be it anyone, a stranger or his mother
Completely secure of his role in my life
He is a complete man like no other

He is the only man I look up to
He is a lover and a best friend
Ask me a hundred times, my answer will be the same
My role model, my husband

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with

Celebrating Womanhood with #DovePlay

Image Source: Indiblogger

On a random day, as usual I was late for work and my phone kept ringing as I was rushing to get ready. I decided to ignore it first, but then the ringing did not stop. I hastily picked it up in a hurry deciding to scream out if was a promotion for some bank. It turned out to be Vineet from Indiblogger, asking me to come and attend the #DovePlay Indiblogger meet. You see, I have wanted to attend an Indiblogger meet since the day I joined them. But very few meets happen in Bangalore and I had signed up to assign the Milaap meet held here. But unfortunately, I had a working weekend that week and had to cancel it at the last minute. But this time I knew that there was no way I could attend the meet, as it was to be held in Mumbai. I sadly told Vineet the same thing, but he laughed and told me to still attend it. Before I could voice out my concern, he told me that my flight tickets, meal and stay would be taken care of by the Dove team! I wasn't sure I had heard him right, then he re-confirmed. I screamed out an yes!! And then three days later, I was on a flight to Mumbai to attend my first ever Indiblogger meet!

Pooja and me!

I got to the airport and was informed by the Indiblogger team that one more blogger would accompany me in the cab to the hotel from the airport. Since I did not know who were the actual attendees for the event, I wasn't sure who was the first blogger I'd meet there. And that is how I met Pooja! She spoke a lot, much more than I did, and it did not take me more than two minutes to like her. In the fifteen minute drive from the airport to the hotel, we became almost best friends and decided to even share a room together! Wow, my quickest relationship ever. Now that the start was this beautiful, I knew I would have an awesome time at Mumbai. We spoke a lot and after a quick change, we went out to meet the other bloggers who were staying with us. Swarnali, Sayoni and Pankti were few of the bloggers out there and we bonded really well! Soon, we were on our way to the J W Marriot Hotel in Juhu to attend my first ever Indiblogger meet. I was thrilled to the bone. The Indiblogger team was constantly in touch in me to make sure that I was being taken care of really well. And I was!

Registration Desk

My bag tag and badges!

It was past three pm when we got there. Since it was 'A play date with Dove', it was an all woman blogger meet. As we entered the venue, we were first asked to go to a registration desk and get our names registered. They gave us super cute Dove badges, with our names on them. They also gave us a bag tag with our name on them, so that we could leave our bags with them to be taken care of, while we enjoyed the evening without any baggage. The theme for the play date was white and I saw a swarm of beautiful women, dressed in white all set to make a mark on this day. There were bloggers from all over the country, from the age of sixteen to sixty. Oh what a celebration it was! After registration we entered the ballroom where all the women were seated. Our host for the evening was Freishia, the beautiful lady from the NDTV Goodtimes' show, 'Hangout Amreeka'. Dressed in beige, she was one gorgeous host. Her vivacious nature and bubbly spirit rubbed off on all of us and soon we were all gyrating to her rhythm.

Team Waterfall! 

All the ladies were divided into teams of ten each and I was a part of team number three. We were asked to name our team, based on a hair style. I had recently got my hair cut and styled in waterfall layers and some others had the same hairstyle too. So, it was an unanimous decision to name our team 'Waterfall'. Since most of us were meeting each other for the first time, we did not know who the others were. Of course all had their respective badges pinned to their white dresses, but still that is not enough of an ice breaker is it? So, music was played and each team had to make two concentric circles and go round in opposite directions. Once the music was stopped, we had to face the blogger in front of us and introduce ourselves. Next, we were given an empty Dove badge and asked to write a word describing the person in front of us! What an ice breaker that was. I had the super pretty Janaki in front of me and she called me beautiful!

With Janaki! 

What happened next was totally unexpected. We were asked to get out of our heels and two amazingly fit ladies walked up the stage. They were here to teach us.. wait for it... Zumba! I almost screamed out in joy. So peppy music was played and we were soon twerking and moving our hips to Gangnam style. This was one of my most favorite activities as I saw women of various shapes and sizes happily giving in to the music and dancing away to joy. It was a true celebration of womanhood, as no one bothered about how they looked or what others would say. Wow, I was thrilled to the bone. My respect for all the women out there automatically multiplied ten fold, even though I did not know all of them! Such was the beauty of this activity.

Trying my hand at the Hoola Hoop!

Just when we were all refreshed and charged, the games began. The first game was 'Hips don't lie' with hoola hoops. No I am not kidding. Three teams would play each game together. We were given bright colorful hoops and were asked to twist it around us. The one who kept it going for the longest time, would win along with her entire team. The max I could keep it on was two seconds! Sheesh! There was this girl from team two who kept going for two minutes and more! Obviously, they won. Although, it was not about winning or losing anymore. All the women enjoyed themselves to the fullest and were seen squealing and giggling with joy forgetting all their troubles and enjoying the present!

My hairstyle with the white stocking flower!

The next game was 'Ball Pool'! There was this huge pool filled with multicolored balls and three members from a team were asked to get in there and collect the white dove balls, and throw it out to two other members who were outside with a tub to catch the balls. This was a splendid exercise and our team managed to get quite a lot of white balls into the basket. The next game was 'Hair Play' where we were asked to replicate some hairstyles provided by the dove team on our team members. This was in a room full of mirrors and bright lights and it was the perfect room for a selfie! Over a spread of white stocking flowers, beads and other hair accessories, the styling began and each woman ended up looking more gorgeous than she already was!

Ball Pool and The Jigsaw Puzzle

The next game was the 'Jigsaw Puzzle' which took up an entire wall of the room. Talk about larger than life celebration! A huge dove poster was split into pieces of puzzles and each team were given a section of the wall to reassemble it. Soon all our minds were put to work and strategies was made. There was a lot of screaming, laughing and suggestions given as we finished the entire puzzle and the wall looked beautiful! Even though our team did not win this one, we enjoyed it to the maximum! The final game turned out to be a session of pampering. We were taken to a room filled with mirrors, which is every woman's dream, and to top it we were given hair stylists who would style your hair any way you want to! No no no, it was not a dream! Even though, I had to pinch myself hard to believe it. Since I have natural straight hair, my immediate instinct was to get curls and so I did. I felt like a queen as I let my hair into the safe hands of the stylists there. 

Flaunting my curls! ;)

Also, in between these games I was interviewed by the Indiblogger team regarding my experience at the event. With the mike firmly perched on my shirt, I spoke my heart out expressing only joy! I was super excited and I could see the camera man smiling every time I answered his questions. I was already feeling like a celebrity from the minute I had entered the venue, and this only added to the feeling. I jumped and danced in joy in front of the camera! I so wish I could get to see those videos.

The bar by the pool side!

After the wonderful and luxury treatment, we were asked to head towards the outside pool area for a drink making competition. A bartender from J W Marriot even gave us a small crash course on making the perfect drink. One member from each team had to step forward and make a drink. There was an endless flow of alcohol and other syrups, for that perfect blend. The tingling smell of alcohol along with the cold breeze gave me the perfect high, even before I could take a sip of the drink. Next with a glass of white wine in my hand, my new found friends and I headed towards the dining area which was a vast spread of tasty delectable food. From live pasta counters, to succulent chicken curry, it was a dream place for a foodie like me! Without thinking twice, I loaded my place, forgetting all about my diet! And no regrets what so ever. The perfect day deserved to have the perfect end. With juicy rasmalai and chocolate overload for dessert, it was the perfect end in more ways than one.  

Goodie Bag Contents! :D

Just when I thought that the day was over and it was time to head back to the hotel, all the ladies were given Dove goodie bags to make the event more memorable. I thanked my stars for this day and I have never felt this happy about being a woman before. I was ecstatic! I had had a wonderful evening, made gorgeous friends for life and made enough memories to last me a life time. I did not want this day to end. 11th May 2014, would remain etched in my heart and mind forever. The next day, I was on a flight back to Bangalore, with a big content smile on my face. I felt proud of being a blogger and a part of Indiblogger!

You can see how thrilled I am!

Thank you Indiblogger and Dove, for making me feel special and wonderful about being a woman. The 'Play date with Dove' was definitely a celebration of womanhood and I look forward to attending more events like this. 


(Copyright – Erin Leary)

He had stood by my side as an anchor, helping me sail through everything, after I had lost my parents. I knew he loved me, but life had handed me so much bitterness that I was not willing to give in to his love, I was scared, of closeness. I did not say anything, when he decided to leave. I still yearn for his presence at times, but I know there is nothing I can do about it. I stand at this fence every evening, having nothing to offer, yet my eyes crave to catch a glimpse of him someday.

This five sentence fiction is written for the topic 'Anchor' at Lillie McFerrin Writes.

This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 23th May.

First Date

Edward Hopper, 1922

I remember everything about that day
The way you looked lovingly into my eyes
Your shiny hair and crisp red tie
Oh, you smelt really fresh and nice

A vintage restaurant it was
You held my hand as we walked into it
I was so madly in love with you
Our fingers too made the perfect fit

We made our way to the side table
The one right next to the big pot
I hardly could make any conversation
My stomach was tied in a big knot

You remained your playful self
Smiling and appreciating everything
I sat in awe looking at you
Dreaming about what the future would bring

The meal was the best I had till date
Your company only made it more better
Everything you said touched my heart
Like a perfect, dreamy, love letter

We walked hand in hand on the streets
Apart from you, no one I could see
The whole world stood still when
Under the moonlight sky you kissed me

We knew we were meant to last forever
It was love that was true, mad and deep
That day was only the beginning of our story
I knew, my heart, safe you would keep

Its been seventy years since then
Yet you have remained my soul mate
Even though you are no longer here with me
I still cherish the memory of our first date

Written for The Magpie Tales: Mag 220.

Growing Wings To Fly

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Broken yet alive
In this heartless world I am
Growing wings to fly

Growing wings to fly
Slowly I shall learn to soar
High above the sky

High above the sky
I shall watch the world beneath
Fighting to survive

Written for Haiku Horizons: Prompt - Fly.

On A Lazy Day

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A lazy day today has been
I am couched up in bed with a book
In my pajamas, feeling comfortable
Without fussing about how I look

Tired, exhausted from all the stress
Getting a break from the monotony of work
Having an entire day just for myself
Is giving my face a happy smirk

Life had handed me so many things
At times, more than what I could take
Yet somehow, I strongly got past it all
I did not even crack, let alone break

This too shall pass has always been the mantra
I now know hope is a beautiful thing
Life is a mixture of ups and down
Its not always about brightness and bling

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As I look out of my bedroom window
Pitter patter raindrops falls on the pane
I see the trees dancing in the wind
Letting loose their green mane

The marigolds smile with joy
As the roses blush with pride
The leaves are enjoying this shower
Not shying away like a new bride

The sweet smell of the wet mud
Is something that soothes my sense
The circles formed by the tiny drops
Is the proof of God's presence

All my troubles seem so puny now
Nature is the biggest protector of all
We all are just a tiny speck here
Struggling between a rise and a fall

Its almost dark, with all the clouds
Like the sun has gone away for a drive
Thanks to the beauty of mother nature
On a lazy day, I feel glad to be alive

Innocent & Charmed

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How innocent she looked as she slept, her long black hair gracing the pillow effortlessly. Made him feel more guilty, as he thought about his mistress and the times he had spent with her instead of his beautiful wife, who had never complained. That evening, after ending things with his mistress, he came home with a bunch of roses and a basket of blueberry muffins, his wife's favorite. Instead of her, he saw a note on the bed, written in his wife's handwriting that she is leaving him for another man. He wished he knew then, what he knew now.

This five sentence fiction is written for the topic 'Innocence' at Lillie McFerrin Writes.

This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Write Tribe: 100 words on a Saturday.

Book Review: Sita's Curse

Title: Sita's Curse
Author: Shreemoyee Piu Kundu
Publisher: Hachette India
Genre: Erotica/ Fiction
Price: Rs 350
Pages: 332

Spoiler Alert!

"Somewhere, behind closed doors in her solitary world; Somewhere, under the sheets with an indifferent lover; Somewhere, is a woman who will not be denied..."

Sita's Curse is the story of a girl named Meera and traces the journey of her life from childhood to adulthood. Born to her parents, after three miscarriages, she did not come into the world alone. Kartik, her twin brother is her soul mate, in every other term that we will find out later. Married at the age of nineteen to a man twelve years older than her, the need for her sexual fulfillment forms the story. Meera is clearly the heroine here, even if there is a chapter by that name dedicated solely to her in the book. 

The prologue starts of with a masturbation scene, where in Meera is lying on her bed enjoying her pleasures as her husband and his family are knocking on the door to her bedroom, along with a parrot constantly screeching out "Ram Ram". Her self indulging act is described with vivid detail, as her fingers reach every inch of her own body. As she folds her leg to sit up as she reaches her climax, the author chooses to call her 'Goddess Lakshmi seated on a half open lotus'. Meera's act in the introduction of the book clearly is responsible for the sales of this book. Indian authors have been always known to rely on sex to build up a story, pre-marital or otherwise; Sita's Curse is no different. Every alternate page in the book is a sex scene, described with clear details as to where whose hands was. Meera's vagina is called as 'her sex' and the male organ here is called as 'his hardness'. The sexual content did not bother me much, as much as Meera did. In search of pleasure, she goes on having sex with almost every male character in the book. And one female too.

The book starts of promisingly, with Meera's childhood and her bonding with her twin brother. But after a few pages, it turns cringe worthy. Kartik, her own twin brother begins lusting for her. She is seen discussing about her breasts and every other change in her body with him. Why, he even helps her remove her bra, because she finds it too tight. Incest much? Well yeah. Meera is described to be very beautiful and her hands are described to induce poetry. At a tender age, she tries to have sex with her dance teacher, which again is described with microscopic details, only to be interrupted by her first period. I was surprised that she know how to perform oral sex and understood sexual pleasure even before reaching puberty. Her twin brother, apparently sees this scene and is troubled in his mind as her wants his sister only for himself, body and soul. In order to control his feelings for her, he is conveniently sent away from the house, only to be dead a few years later.

The rest of Meera's life is spent in the quest of a male who would make her feel the way Kartik did. She tries to find him in every man she encounters. Be it the complete stranger, whom she has sex with on the river banks, or the modern dance teacher in her building or her sex chat lover whom she meets later. Meera is clearly a woman with a voracious sexual appetite, and her sterile husband, Mohan is someone who can barely get his organ up. The first time they have sex, ends up with Mohan raping her and she writhing in pain. This is soon forgotten and they try to start afresh soon. With her initiating sex in bizarre of places, including an open street one night, immediately after a movie where all they did was feel up each other. Meera even gets excited when she watches her brother in law Bansi and his wife Vrinda, having sex in their room one day. Natural, I suppose. But the hunger she shows is insatiable and after a few chapters I ended up feeling sorry for her. 

The other most important characters are Guru Amarkant Maharaj and Yosuf. Yes, you guessed it right, Meera has sex with both of them, while being married to Mohan. Guruji is a saint worshiped by her husband's family and he steps into her room time and again to 'heal' her as her mother in law believes that she is jinxed. Yosuf is the guy she meets in a sex chat site aptly called ''. They have sex online first, via the camera and on one cataclysmic day, they meet. Only to end up saving sex again. And again. And again. This fateful day was June 26th, when the city of Mumbai flooded. That day, both Mohan and Yosuf go missing. Only one of them comes back. What happens to Meera next? Nothing. She still remains the same old girl, craving for sexual fulfillment. She even masturbates on the night, her husband goes missing.

This is how the book is described; "Bold, brazen and defiant, Sita's Curse looks at the hypocrisy of Indian society and tells the compelling story of a middle-class Indian housewife's urgent need for love, respect, acceptance and sexual fulfillment."

Strangely love, respect and acceptance does not make its way in to the book at all. Mohan willingly sends her to English classes and her nephew teaches her how to use the internet, which she used to dangerous extents. Everybody she sleeps with has only sex on their mind. And so does she. Not even once she is shown falling in love with any of these men. Even with Yosuf, it seems transactional instead of love. She has sex with all the men with the same passion and desires more from each of them. At one point of time, I even thought that she is lusting after Bansi, but that angle abruptly ends so does the angle of Chhotu who conveniently disappears from the story line. Guruji's sex scandal takes too much of limelight towards the end, making the already struggling story line sink. Expectations were really high with this book, but in the end it turns out to be real cold. Just like the protagonist, who is touted to be hot and lust worthy.

Inspite of the million references made to the Ramayana, the title of the book is not clear. Sita and Meera, both iconic characters of mythology are compared often, but the result again ends in bad taste.

Verdict: Read only if you have an open mind and are willing to be disappointed.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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White, wheatish, brown or black
People are not defined by their shade
Colors are meant to be in the rainbow
The only place where they don't fade

I was not born white or fair
Condolences were muttered in silence
Being a kid, I wondered why it mattered
For me, none of it made any sense

People laughed and snickered
Comparing their skin against mine
I laughed back too at their vanity
With my honey almond skin, I was fine

The fair ones failed relying on their beauty
Couldn't even secure a decent job
I have excelled in every field
Unlike the mirror kissing snob

I am independent and follow my dreams
Others are busy getting bleaches done
I'm a writer, dancer and painter today
Without bothering about the rays of the sun

My dusky fingers can do magic
Not once has it held me back
I would have been the same person
Even if I had been white or black

It has got nothing to do with the tone
What matters is, in life how you win
Standing tall, dark and beautiful
I am more than the color of my skin

Linking to Theme Thursday: Theme - Skin.

Holy Grail

I wrote a lot of posts in April for the A to Z challenge. People accepted and appreciated all my posts and I felt wonderful. However, what baffles me is that of all the posts that I wrote in the last month the most popular has been the 'V-Virginity' one. It has had the highest number of page views, since I wrote it, around twenty days ago. The best part is, I wrote a lot of posts after and before it, but none got as popular as this one. I am even scared to think of what was the search term some people used to get to this post of mine. Since majority of my audience are from India, I am not surprised that this post got the maximum number of hits. I did not even make a big fuss of it until Cal pointed it out to me one day. Yeah, the holy grail had won over the audience. Nonsense.

If you live in Bangalore and subscribe to Bangalore Mirror, you definitely would have noticed a column called 'Sexpert' appearing in this newspaper everyday. More than ninety percent of the queries written to the sexual expert out there, are asking him for techniques to test the virginity of a girl. Mostly their partner, whom I assume they must love. Just an assumption though. One guy even once wrote that his girlfriend bled during their first "act" but did not bleed enough. He was worried and almost depressed due to it, hence he decided to take the suggestion of an expert to solve his earth shattering dilemma. Another guy who was soon to be married, wanted to know what positions needs to be used, to check if his wife was a virgin or not on their first night. Another wanted to check her virginity without having her undressed and was asking for suggestions. Wow, the poor genius. I pity the expert who has to answer such questions on a daily basis. Also, I cannot help but doubt that there is a single pervert/ maniac out there who sits and asks questions using different names. I appreciate his dedication.

Indians are really ignorant when it comes to sex, we know. The number of sites out there which offer "package" enlargement is proof enough. I know a lot of men personally who have visited call girls with their first salary and continue to do so with every pay. Some men have their hot girlfriends and sleep around like there is no tomorrow, boasting of their conquests on their boys night out. A year or two later, these men ask their parents to find them a suitable, pristine, small town virginal beauty to be their life partners. And if that lady, by chance, doesn't bleed on her wedding night, then hell breaks loose. Suddenly the woman he chose to be his wife turns into a whore overnight. Just because she did not bleed. That single bit of fleshy tissue is considered to be the holy grail of life long love and relationships. Seriously, how ignorant are we?

There are some women who write into magazines and news papers asking for a hymen reconstruction surgery. Apparently this surgery comes at a high cost. What is the use, when it is going to be ruptured again? Some women are willing to shell out their whole bank balance just to erase the doubt from their partners minds. And their men, happily enjoy the prick and live the rest of their lives considering themselves to be the opening batsmen who scored a century on their not so debut match. Its as sad as it is funny. The hymen can tear due to various activities. Exercise, yoga, cycling etc. And yet, the logic for some men remains the same. The men and women I have mentioned above are highly educated, mind you.

And then came the magic concoction of all. The wonder cream '18 Again'. Suddenly there was this huge hype and posters all around the city, asking a woman to use it and feel like a teenager again. This cream apparently helps to tighten the vaginal muscles and make the area fair. This was once displayed at my local chemist store. I checked it, out of curiosity. It costs like three thousand bucks. I am sure they did pretty well with their sales, since I saw the disappearing boxes on the shelf. This magical serum came into existence around two years ago. I wonder what it is up to now. I don't see the posters anywhere. Did the Indians finally realize that the holy grail does not matter anymore, or there is no other woman left to get "tight" anymore?

It is 2014 now and people still are worried about the partners virginity. Men have an upper hand because they are not blessed with a tissue that is the only way for proving thou pureness. I did not have an arranged marriage, thankfully, but I hear from friends going through the girl screening process that well educated NRI men ask the girl if she is a virgin or not. Its really sad that prospective happy relationships are ruined due to something that hardly matters. Or does it? Who is to blame here?


image by Martin Stranka

I kept quiet all this while
As people made their own judgement
I just ignored and moved on
Their opinions were not worth a cent

People shall talk all the time
No matter if you do wrong or right
Barking dogs seldom bite, they say
Picking my pen, the truth I shall write

I was thrown in the boiling waters
Squeezed by others for their own gain
Sadism is suddenly the new cool
Without a care for the hurt and pain

Fingers were pointed one too many
Yet I stood strong even though alone
I would not give up on the truth
It is embedded in my flesh and bone

Others always come to find the faults
Gossip soon takes my own name
They think they are playing smart
Truth is, I am the master of the game

I know who comes in from where
I can read their conniving mind
I recognize the pattern easily
Their foot prints everyday I find

I will never give up on my thoughts
My floating dream keeps me alive
Nobody can steal that from me
I am the queen of my own beehive

They pushed me down time and again
Not realizing that I was a blessed Felix
I rose up and beyond the ashes
For I am, the mighty phoenix

Guardian Angel

She guarded the closed door like a hawk, fearing that he would come in to harm them because from the day they were born, he hated them, without bothering to look at them even once. She knew it was an unexpected pregnancy, and the twins were least expected, but they were his own blood and flesh and how could he abhor them? 

He sat at the other side of the door, tears in his eyes crying for his beloved wife, who now hated and feared the sight of him. She had lost her mind, ever since she suffered from a miscarriage and lost their twins five months ago. Her imaginary world was ruining his real life, but how could he leave her when she needed him the most?

This five sentence fiction is written for the topic 'Doors' at Lillie McFerrin Writes.