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The Past Few Days

Image Source A scream unuttered words tremble A sharp sting melancholic rush of blood over in an instant Nothingness a blank mind a pain free soul unexplained whiteness around A floating sensation droplets of colored hues unpatterned beautiful splash trembling fingers lose their touch so close yet so far Striking reality a slight tinge of ache unfamiliar yet known environment weary eyes recognize Comforting hand a bright smile greets me fatigue ridden yet strong Everything seems bright from that one look of his Love ah yes, love! P.S: I have been really sick over the past few days, hence the absence here. Once I got back on my feet, work kept me busy. It has been more than ten days since I made an appearance here. And on any other blogs. Sorry if I have not been visiting your blogs/posts oflate. Will catch up with reading and writing over the weekend. That's a promise.

Served With A Bow

Image Source It is no hidden fact that I am a foodie. Zomato is my go to app for almost anything and I love cooking and eating. Although Indian cuisine remains my favorite, I do love Chinese, Continental, Lebanese and Italian as well. But when it comes to Italian I get very choosy. I have an allergy to tomato based products and I do not like anything with tomato ketchup or preserved tomatoes in it. Sun dried tomatoes however is a favorite. The pastas that I eat are mainly the Alfredo sauce aka white sauce ones. In my old office campus, there was this place that used to serve some delicious pastas. They did have the traditional arrabiata, neapolitan and alfredo sauces; but along with that they had some other delicious sauces as well. My favorite one was an onion base that was creamy and very very delicious. They had an amazing pesto as well, but the onion sauce remained my favorite. Sadly, a few months later that place shut down and there was no more pasta around. So when I rece

Naturally Gifted

Image Source I have been away from blogging for five days now. First because I enjoyed the digital detox of the last week so much that I wanted another break. Second, because I was neck deep in work and other prior commitments along with the continued birthday celebrations and catching up with my best friend. I don't meet her often, but when ever we do meet up there are a lot of conversations and a lot of food. Duh! She is an introvert who hardly talks while I am the one who can jabber non stop. I can talk about anything to anyone. People say that I have the gift of holding on to a conversation while I just think that I can never shut up. But somehow what people say sounds much better. Talking comes naturally to me. I talk to auto drivers, shop keepers, waiters, security guards and almost every one that I run into. And not just a random " Hi " and " Bye ". I talk about everything around and it is important to me to keep a conversation going. My husband is

The Other Side

Image Source I look at her with disgust Her delicate lips emanating smoke How can a woman behave this way On her own life, doesn't she choke Her plunging neckline is defying gravity Giving me a glimpse of her ample breast Seeing a lady in the semi naked form How can men like me just stay at rest Look at the bright red color of her lips Maybe after all she is a whore Such women need to be punished Promiscuity is embedded in their core That svelte curvaceous body of hers Seems to be inviting all the attention The way she seductively walks Is what sex looks like in motion Her loose dark hair swirls around her face Their tickle she doesn't seem to mind Why does she have to tempt people like me To my lustful looks she seems to be blind How can a woman be something like this Isn't she supposed to be an innocent beauty Looking at her smoking and drinking Punishing her seems to be my duty Then I stop and think for

One Short Of Thirty

Image Source Come August and I turn into an enthu cutlet. A week into August is my birthday and I am always beaming with energy and happiness during that time. I wait for the 8th of August every year and go all childlike that day. All my birthdays have been that way. I like celebrations. I absolutely love them infact. Be it birthdays or anniversaries, I want a big celebration. If someone tries to ruin an important day of mine I would loathe them for life. A happy occasion is something that needs to be cherished and I love to celebrate all important days of ours. We celebrate the anniversary of the day we met, the day I said yes, the day we got engaged, the day we got married - and this we celebrate every month. Yeah, call us crazy if you want but Cal and I are generally very happy people. Someone once told me that a husband would run behind his wife for six months after marriage. Once the fancy wears out, he would not even look at her. I would give anything to see the look on the

In Your Words - Part 3

Read Part 1 here  / Part 2 here . Image Source Kay's reply was something that Alisah had not expected at all. She had thought that he was a new reader as that was his first comment on her blog post. She had checked his profile on receiving the comment. It had said that he was twenty eight years old and a male. It also said that he was blogging only since a year when compared to Alisah's four years of experience in the blogging world. But it turns out that Kay was following her blog since she had started. His mail spoke about her old posts that she had almost forgotten about. He also mentioned that she was his inspiration in starting a blog of his own. He claimed that he was shy and silently followed her posts and never commented on them. But 'The Curse' was something that he wanted to explore further, and hence he decided to ask her permission to write about it. He also said that he had half expected her to say "No", but was surprised when she agreed f

Dreams Unlimited

Image Source Set your heart free and close your eyes Dream of the peaceful life that you want Nightmares might be tough and scary But incomplete dreams continue to haunt Give yourself the time to dream Of a wonderful land far far away Where only peace and happiness prevails And everything seems to go your way Dream of the beautiful fairy land With talking butterflies and a buzzing flower Inhale the calmth of the serene green Embrace life and become its lover Close your eyes to the chant of a tune Make your heart beat a lullaby Create a new home for yourself Enter it and never say goodbye It takes a lot of guts to dream Some are fulfilled while some just end There is a long uncertainty with it Some broken dreams you cannot mend That doesn't mean you give up Your dreams are what your mind has to say Go ahead and dare to dream freely Be it on a rainy night or a sunny day Dreams are hopes with a voice Live them the w

Action Replay - July 2015

Image Source I still remember welcoming July some time ago and here I am welcoming August. July passed away in a blink, but did not fail to leave behind its impacts. My release at work was done and I had a considerable amount of time free with me. When this happens, I go into a negative trip. I know that I always talk about how busy work is keeping me and how I have time for nothing else. But when I'm free, I feel worthless. No, seriously. Sitting at work with almost nothing to do makes me feel like I am not capable of anything. Having a day free makes me feel guilty for getting paid inspite of not doing any work. I know a lot of people who do this regularly, but it doesn't work for me. Not working makes me feel bored, hungry, sleepy, moody, tired and annoyed at the same time. I snap at people, binge eat, battle drooping eyelids and mutter abuses. It is a horrible place to be in. I need to be busy, with something or the other. Else it makes me feel very very bad. All soci