The Past Few Days

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A scream
unuttered words tremble

A sharp sting
melancholic rush of blood
over in an instant

a blank mind
a pain free soul
unexplained whiteness around

A floating sensation
droplets of colored hues
unpatterned beautiful splash
trembling fingers lose their touch
so close yet so far

Striking reality
a slight tinge of ache
unfamiliar yet known environment
weary eyes recognize

Comforting hand
a bright smile greets me
fatigue ridden yet strong

Everything seems bright
from that one look of his

ah yes, love!

P.S: I have been really sick over the past few days, hence the absence here. Once I got back on my feet, work kept me busy. It has been more than ten days since I made an appearance here. And on any other blogs. Sorry if I have not been visiting your blogs/posts oflate. Will catch up with reading and writing over the weekend. That's a promise.

Served With A Bow

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It is no hidden fact that I am a foodie. Zomato is my go to app for almost anything and I love cooking and eating. Although Indian cuisine remains my favorite, I do love Chinese, Continental, Lebanese and Italian as well. But when it comes to Italian I get very choosy. I have an allergy to tomato based products and I do not like anything with tomato ketchup or preserved tomatoes in it. Sun dried tomatoes however is a favorite. The pastas that I eat are mainly the Alfredo sauce aka white sauce ones. In my old office campus, there was this place that used to serve some delicious pastas. They did have the traditional arrabiata, neapolitan and alfredo sauces; but along with that they had some other delicious sauces as well. My favorite one was an onion base that was creamy and very very delicious. They had an amazing pesto as well, but the onion sauce remained my favorite. Sadly, a few months later that place shut down and there was no more pasta around.

So when I received a pack of pasta from Del Monte, I already knew what I would make. I was thrilled to see that it was farfalle as it is a beautiful looking pasta and it holds its sauce well. But the problem was that I did not know what went into that sauce. And I had tasted it years ago. The taste still remains fresh in my mind and here I have tried my best to replicate the dish using the ingredients that I know best.

Presenting: Herbed Farfalle In Brown Onion Sauce

Ingredients (Serves Two):

Farfalle - 1 Cup
Onions - 2 medium sized (sliced)
Milk - 1 Cup
Cheese - 2 Teaspoons (grated)
Italian seasoning/Dry mixed herbs - 1 Teaspoon
Pepper powder - 1 Teaspoon
Olive Oil - 8 Teaspoons
Sugar - 1/2 Teaspoon
Salt - To Taste
Flat leaf parsley - To garnish

The Pasta:

1. Boil 4 cups of water with some salt and a teaspoon of oil. The oil will prevent the pasta from sticking together.
2. Add farfalle and cook for about 13-15 minutes, until the pasta is just cooked (al-dente). It should still hold its shape well.
3. Once cooked, strain and rinse with cold water to stop the cooking process.
4. Set aside.

The Sauce:

1. In a pan heat 6 teaspoons of olive oil and add the sliced onions to it.
2. When the onions turn pink, add the sugar and a pinch of salt.
3. Caramelize the onions until it turns golden brown. The onions should be well fried and not burnt. It might take about 5-6 minutes.
4. Set aside to cool.

5. Once cool, blend it in a blender with 1/2 cup milk.

Putting It Together:

1. Empty the sauce in a pan and add the remaining milk. Cook on a low flame.
2. If it is to thick you can a little more milk.
3. Add salt to taste, pepper, Italian seasoning or mixed herbs and bring to a simmer.

4. Add cooked pasta, cheese and cook on a low flame until most of the sauce is absorbed.
5. Garnish with finely chopped parsley and serve hot.

Note: Ofcourse you can add boiled veggies and meat to the sauce before adding the pasta, but the one I had eaten before was plain so I decided to keep it that way.

It doesn't look very colorful, but the taste sure was powerful. Yes, I did get the exact taste that I remembered from years ago.

Del Monte pasta is made out of Durum wheat and is easy to cook. It digests well and is healthy too. Check out more about Del Monte here.

Naturally Gifted

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I have been away from blogging for five days now. First because I enjoyed the digital detox of the last week so much that I wanted another break. Second, because I was neck deep in work and other prior commitments along with the continued birthday celebrations and catching up with my best friend. I don't meet her often, but when ever we do meet up there are a lot of conversations and a lot of food. Duh! She is an introvert who hardly talks while I am the one who can jabber non stop. I can talk about anything to anyone. People say that I have the gift of holding on to a conversation while I just think that I can never shut up. But somehow what people say sounds much better. Talking comes naturally to me. I talk to auto drivers, shop keepers, waiters, security guards and almost every one that I run into. And not just a random "Hi" and "Bye". I talk about everything around and it is important to me to keep a conversation going. My husband is just the same, and it has been more than four years since we are together and till date we have never run out of topics to talk about. And I'm sure that we never will also.

Speaking of things that come naturally, I have been blessed with more than one gift. I am a very passionate person and everything that I'm passionate about comes naturally to me. Poetry was a surprise. Honestly, I do not read much of poetry. I love the poems of Aathira and Vinati. Even though I write only rhymed poetry, I love their non-rhymed ones. Maybe because I cannot write them myself. Both these women have so much passion in their words that you cannot help but fall in love with them. Nisha's poetry is a story in motion and I absolutely love it. Her sentences are long and even though she rarely does poetry, the rhymes are impeccable and the context makes so much sense. Pablo Neruda is obviously a favorite, but I do not read his work often. When it comes to writing poetry, I do not refer anything. I see an image prompt and a few words cross my mind and I make a poem out of it. Or I feel an emotion within me and write something about it. Words just flow and thankfully they always tend to rhyme. Maybe I have wired my brain that way, but once I start a piece I am done under twenty minutes. Not gloating, just saying. I surprise myself at times, but then I think that maybe nature intended for it to be that way.

Fiction is not that easy for me. I take time to create characters and bring them together. Random posts of mine are easy as I just have to write what I feel. I would put them under the gift of conversation as well. I can just write about any topic and what I feel about it. Good, bad or ugly. Also I do not care about what people think about me or my writing. This is not called being bold. It is called being myself. I am gifted with the ability to accept the situation and act according to it. I cannot suck up to anyone or depend on anyone. So when I am writing random posts like this, it comes very easily and I am done with it soon. But fiction tires me out. I can read them without blinking, but when I have to write it - it is a weird struggle. I am used to realistic things and actual people. But fiction cannot always be realistic, can it?

Being a mallu, the other thing that I am naturally gifted with is the ability to drink. I love my alcohol and my husband is my perfect companion for a drinking session. We enjoy old monk and coke and I am also a sucker for red wine. I can hold a drink and I am very proud of it. I do not puke, slur or act crazy. It takes a lot of alcohol to hit me and I have not dared to test that threshold. Now that some of you are imaging me to be an alcoholic, let me tell you that I am a social drinker and I love it that way. My husband and I do drink at home once in a while and we enjoy every drop of it. I can hold a drink within myself much better than most men that I know. I always believe that everyone should know how much they can handle. Else they should just not drink. Drinking and creating a scene is such a horrible thing. Shameless actually.

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I am also gifted with the art of well, art. I can draw, paint, sketch, doodle effortlessly. I have not had any training as such. Same with tailoring. I used to visit my mom's boutique since I was a child and I noticed how she cuts the fabric and stitches it. Soon, I knew how to do that myself. No, my mother did not have to sit down and explain it to me. I just used my own calculations and learnt how to do it. Today I can design and stitch my own clothes. My husband and mom gifted me a sewing machine for my birthday and I am so thrilled! I cannot wait to start designing my own stuff now. Baking and cooking also comes naturally to me. Having an extremely talented mother helped maybe. But I am not the one to believe in talent alone. It is important to pursue a talent or a passion to succeed in it. Else, there is no point in being naturally gifted.

Some people are naturally gifted with the art of lying. It comes as naturally to them as breathing. If they speak a hundred words, two hundred out of them would be lies. It would have taken them years to pursue and master it. And such people are on top of my annoying list. I can see that they are lying, the proof is right in front of my eyes and yet they lie without flinching. I have caught so many such people red handed and they have nothing else to say. But one should appreciate the confidence with which they lie. Knowing that the other person knows that you are lying and yet going ahead with it, is quite something. Bravery almost. Reminds me, sarcasm is another thing that comes naturally to me.

There are a lot of other things that I wish came naturally to me. Like multitasking. Although I do a good job at it, it gets really difficult at times. I manage the household chores, cooking, cleaning, work, writing, reading, gardening etc. But now since I watch Masterchef, I do not have the time for reading. 'The Palace Of Illusions' is left untouched after six chapters. I absolutely do not have the time for it. I need to learn to multitask better. Also I wish that patience came naturally to me. Over the years I have improved a 200% on it, but there are some people and some talks that I absolutely cannot tolerate. I wish I had the patience to just let it go. But this is not something easy I know, considering the large number of morons we have around.

So tell me what comes naturally to you? Or what do you wish came naturally to you?

The Other Side

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I look at her with disgust
Her delicate lips emanating smoke
How can a woman behave this way
On her own life, doesn't she choke

Her plunging neckline is defying gravity
Giving me a glimpse of her ample breast
Seeing a lady in the semi naked form
How can men like me just stay at rest

Look at the bright red color of her lips
Maybe after all she is a whore
Such women need to be punished
Promiscuity is embedded in their core

That svelte curvaceous body of hers
Seems to be inviting all the attention
The way she seductively walks
Is what sex looks like in motion

Her loose dark hair swirls around her face
Their tickle she doesn't seem to mind
Why does she have to tempt people like me
To my lustful looks she seems to be blind

How can a woman be something like this
Isn't she supposed to be an innocent beauty
Looking at her smoking and drinking
Punishing her seems to be my duty

Then I stop and think for a while
Who am I to judge someone
On which rule book was it written
That women are not supposed to have some fun

Her clothes and habits do not define her
She might be a mother, a teacher or a nurse
She is living her life the way she wants to
Womanhood is not supposed to be a curse

If I get lecherous thoughts looking at her
Then something is wrong with my every word
There is nothing bad about what she is doing
For my thoughts, I'm the actual bastard

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 282.

One Short Of Thirty

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Come August and I turn into an enthu cutlet. A week into August is my birthday and I am always beaming with energy and happiness during that time. I wait for the 8th of August every year and go all childlike that day. All my birthdays have been that way. I like celebrations. I absolutely love them infact. Be it birthdays or anniversaries, I want a big celebration. If someone tries to ruin an important day of mine I would loathe them for life. A happy occasion is something that needs to be cherished and I love to celebrate all important days of ours. We celebrate the anniversary of the day we met, the day I said yes, the day we got engaged, the day we got married - and this we celebrate every month. Yeah, call us crazy if you want but Cal and I are generally very happy people. Someone once told me that a husband would run behind his wife for six months after marriage. Once the fancy wears out, he would not even look at her. I would give anything to see the look on their face today.

I turned twenty nine this eighth. Just a year to go before I hit the big three oh. Do I fear growing old? No. The only time I freaked out about growing old was when I stepped into twenty from my teens. After that, age stopped bothering me. I have become more mature and wise over the years and I'm very happy with the changes that I see in myself today. This was the fourth birthday of mine that I was celebrating with Cal and it was more beautiful than ever. It was a bit quiet though as I was sick and exhausted throughout. Twenty nine years and this is the first time I have been unwell on my birthday. I can handle any amount of physical pain, but nausea and exhaustion drained every bit of energy from my body. The fever tired me, and if I had any energy pending, it was consumed in coughing. So was it enough to dampen my birthday spirits? No way! When you are blessed with a wonderful husband like mine, sickness cannot hold back a celebration.

Sharp at midnight, our door bell rang and there was a cake at our doorstep. Rich, creamy, lychee cake. I normally am not a big fan of cakes and pastries as I do not have much of a sweet tooth, but a cake with lychee in it was too tempting to say no to. It was just us and we had a beautiful romantic moment. Emotions, words and love flowed freely and it was one of the best moments of my life. Love indeed is a magic potion. It has the capacity to heal anything. Cal had planned the day perfectly. We rose early and went out for a kick ass breakfast. I love English breakfasts and Cal took me to a wonderful place for some great fluffy omelettes, pancakes and toast. Since I tired out easily, Cal had planned a busy day but left the evening free so that I could rest. How thoughtful of him! No wonder I married the man. After a scrumptious breakfast, we headed back home where I took my medications and relaxed for a while. If I was feeling exhausted and woozy earlier, I was no longer feeling it now.

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Knowing my craze for the MI series, Cal had booked tickets for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. We went in for the noon show and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. My throbbing head did not stop me from going ga ga over Ethan Hunt. He has aged a lot since the first MI movie, but the charm still remains intact. I've had a crush on Tom Cruise since Top Gun. We headed back home after the movie and spent some good time together. Cal pampers me twice as much when I'm sick. To such an extent that I get worried. He gets so upset and worried that I'm sick that it breaks my heart to watch him. If he falls sick, I lose my mind worrying about him all the time. And when I fall sick, the same thing happens to him too. And I feel all guilty about what he has to go through because of me. He is the perfect life partner who helps me with everything. If it wasn't for him, I would have ended up brooding and sulking all day on my birthday.

A couple of friends visited us that evening and we had a wonderful time. It was peaceful and simple. By the end of the day all the people who mattered to me had wished me. Be it from different parts of the country or from different countries altogether. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. My friends from school, college, work and the writing world were all there to give me their best wishes. The day couldn't have been more better. I did receive a lot of gifts but the most important thing that I received that day was love. From my partner and all the others who came together to wish me. There was nothing else that I needed. The birthday turned out to be more than perfect, all thanks to a treasure hunt organized by Cal to keep me active and busy. He hid 29 notes all over the house and I had to hunt for them. I found 28 - the last one I only found today morning, that was hidden inside my work laptop.

Since Friday I was on a sick leave, I was away from my laptop for three whole days. I missed a couple of writing assignments and some good money, but health always comes first for me. This digital detox was important in more ways than one. It gave me more than enough rest. I'm not a person to sit idle, but this time I was too exhausted to do anything. I just let go and relaxed my body, mind and soul. I did this until Sunday and today morning I woke up feeling all refreshed and completely healed. Cal too became normal on seeing me fine and I was more than glad to see the bright smile on his face. The worry I caused him hurt me more than the pain that I was going through. That is what they call love, I guess.

So now that I'm back and kicking strong, I've decided that the birthday celebrations must continue all month. This birthday was one of the best that I have had and I intend to make the celebrations last longer this time.

As I'm inching towards thirty, all I want from life is love and peace of mind. If I have these two by my side, I know that I can conquer the world.

In Your Words - Part 3

Read Part 1 here / Part 2 here.

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Kay's reply was something that Alisah had not expected at all. She had thought that he was a new reader as that was his first comment on her blog post. She had checked his profile on receiving the comment. It had said that he was twenty eight years old and a male. It also said that he was blogging only since a year when compared to Alisah's four years of experience in the blogging world. But it turns out that Kay was following her blog since she had started. His mail spoke about her old posts that she had almost forgotten about. He also mentioned that she was his inspiration in starting a blog of his own. He claimed that he was shy and silently followed her posts and never commented on them. But 'The Curse' was something that he wanted to explore further, and hence he decided to ask her permission to write about it. He also said that he had half expected her to say "No", but was surprised when she agreed for him to write about it.

Kay then spoke a bit about himself. He was an architect who spent his free time writing poetry and fiction. Unlike Alisah, who even shared snippets of her personal life on her blog, Kay preferred to create poetry and spin stories. He said that he was a very private and shy person and did not have many friends. Alisah smiled as she read this. For a person who writes so wonderfully about emotions, an introvert is not what she had expected. An idea then struck her and she opened up a new notepad and began typing. The poem she was now writing was about a man who did not know how to express his feelings in real life, but conveyed his messages to the woman he loves through his poetry. Kay was on her mind throughout the thirty minutes that she took to write the poetry. Strange she thought, she did not know how this man looked or who exactly he was, and yet there she was writing a poem about him. And clearly, just for him.

She titled the poem 'Behind The Facade' and re-read it twice before publishing it. She then replied to Kay's mail by sharing the poem's link and told him that this was her interpretation of his character. She felt thrilled about writing this. Never before had she written about a person she knew on her blog. Her personal posts were only about her and her feelings. She had had relationships of course, but none of them made it to her blog. 'The Third Eye' was all about her and her thoughts and feelings. Her poems were very personal to her and she only wrote about characters that she created in her mind. Be it for poetry or fiction. She was surprised that she had written about another blogger so effortlessly and that too on an instant. But will Kay take it the right way or will he misinterpret it? Should she delete the post? But the mail with the link was already sent! She just decided to wait and watch.

After freshening up, she went down for some tea and snacks. Her mother had not returned from the store yet, but her father was now sitting in the balcony and enjoying the myriad colors in the sky. He turned as she walked towards him.

"Go get yourself a cup. I just brewed some." He says pointing to his coffee mug.

Alisah walks up to the kitchen and pours herself some coffee and checks the cookie jar. She smiles. As usual it was always full. Her mother always made sure that they had enough snacks at home. The cookies were not just of one kind. They were atleast four different varieties and Alisah arranged some on to a plate and took them out to the balcony with her.

"How's Churchill coming along?" She asks her father.

"Wonderful, I still think that you should try to read it."

"Maybe, someday."

He father looks at her with his eyebrows raised.

"What's with the change of mind?" He playfully interrogates.

"Just like that. Change is important in life na."

"My my. That's like my daughter." He winks.

Alisah bites into a spicy ginger cookie and slowly sips on to her coffee. Her father just sits beside her and looks at the sky. The sun is just about to set and the sky is splashed with various hues of red, orange and yellow. Almost like a fresh water painting, waiting to meet its frame and its muse. She thought for a while and then turns to her father.

"Pa, whom do you relate to the most?"

Her father looks at her fully confused. She continues.

"As in you and mom are very different from each other. She loves cooking and baking and has no idea about literature. But your whole life revolves around books and reading. How do you both relate to each other?"

"Darling, there is not a couple in the world that can completely relate to each other. What you are talking about is hobbies and interests. And it varies from person to person. Your mother and I share a lot of things in common. Plus we love and respect each other for our individual choices."

"Isn't it easier when you have someone who shares your passion and interests?"

"It sure is. But you don't get everything all the time. By the way why are you asking all this suddenly?" He picks up a cookie as he watches his daughter closely.

"Just like that. Just met someone on my blog who is a lot like me. Our thoughts, feelings and ideas seem to match a lot."

"Most of the writers are alike my dear. They need to get into a frame of mind to get their words out. They think about emotions and everything associated with it. They create characters and give life to them in the best way that they can. Most of the time, the thoughts are alike. It is the writing that differs." He says and gulps down the last bit of coffee.

"Hmmm.." Alisah says as she watches the sun disappear behind the now grey clouds.

"Beautiful weather today. Want to go for a run?" Her father gets up as Alisah nods.

They go to a nearby park and walk briskly for a while. Her father goes to join his group of friends while Alisah plugs on her ipod and begins her run. She loved running and made sure she did it every time she got some free time. Being her mother's daughter meant a diet of butter, cream and sugar. She needed to maintain her body somehow or the other. Thankfully she was well toned and blessed with a very good metabolism. The music filled her mind, but her mind was already occupied. She could only think about Kay today. She re-read his mail in her mind a hundred times and was surprised by how alike they were. What surprised her more was the fact that she had written a poem all about him. She had never acted on impulse before.

A tall man with a hoodie and a beard passed by her in the opposite direction. He stared at her for a while before he continued his run. Alisah ignored him and continued to run. During the next round as well he stopped for a while as he came close to her to read her face. Alisah looked away and increased her speed. The tall man continued to do this for all his eight rounds. Alisah was highly annoyed now. She thought of telling her father about it and looked around the park for him. He was there in the corner with the laughing club, laughing loud with his hands held up high in the air. The tall man passed again, but this time he smiled and ran away.

Alisah noticed something familiar about that smile. What was it? She sat for a while on a bench and thought about what was so familiar about that man.

Could it be? No, how could it be?

To be continued.

Dreams Unlimited

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Set your heart free and close your eyes
Dream of the peaceful life that you want
Nightmares might be tough and scary
But incomplete dreams continue to haunt

Give yourself the time to dream
Of a wonderful land far far away
Where only peace and happiness prevails
And everything seems to go your way

Dream of the beautiful fairy land
With talking butterflies and a buzzing flower
Inhale the calmth of the serene green
Embrace life and become its lover

Close your eyes to the chant of a tune
Make your heart beat a lullaby
Create a new home for yourself
Enter it and never say goodbye

It takes a lot of guts to dream
Some are fulfilled while some just end
There is a long uncertainty with it
Some broken dreams you cannot mend

That doesn't mean you give up
Your dreams are what your mind has to say
Go ahead and dare to dream freely
Be it on a rainy night or a sunny day

Dreams are hopes with a voice
Live them the way that you want to
If you want to breathe life into them
Then do everything that you have to do

In today's big bad world
Even in your dreams people want a say
Your dream solely belongs to you
This wealth of yours no one can take away

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 281.

Action Replay - July 2015

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I still remember welcoming July some time ago and here I am welcoming August. July passed away in a blink, but did not fail to leave behind its impacts. My release at work was done and I had a considerable amount of time free with me. When this happens, I go into a negative trip. I know that I always talk about how busy work is keeping me and how I have time for nothing else. But when I'm free, I feel worthless. No, seriously. Sitting at work with almost nothing to do makes me feel like I am not capable of anything. Having a day free makes me feel guilty for getting paid inspite of not doing any work. I know a lot of people who do this regularly, but it doesn't work for me. Not working makes me feel bored, hungry, sleepy, moody, tired and annoyed at the same time. I snap at people, binge eat, battle drooping eyelids and mutter abuses. It is a horrible place to be in. I need to be busy, with something or the other. Else it makes me feel very very bad. All social media channels are accessible at my work place, but how much time can one spend on Facebook. 10 minutes and I'm done. I read a lot of blogs and wrote more often, but still the guilt of not working plagued me.

On the plus side, I had the time to finally catch up on my reading. I also broke the jinx I had with J.K. Rowling and completed 'The Cuckoo's Calling'. I had put the book down twice before but this time I was determined to finish it. And I did. The book was just about okay, nothing great. The story was good but the book was really really long. I reviewed it in detail here. The main reason why I wanted to finish this one as soon as possible was so that I could pick up 'Rebecca' that I had bought almost a year ago. Aathira had written such wonderful things about this book and I couldn't wait to read it. I read it before work and after. I couldn't put the book down at all. In four days I was done with it. What a beauty! Manderley and its beauty is something that would remain with me forever and so would Rebecca. The descriptions of the situations in this book was absolutely splendid. The limited characters and the strong emotions make this one the number one book on my list. I wanted to review the book in detail, but I was sure that my words would not do complete justice to the brilliance that this book is. Just so you know, its a 5 on 5 from my end.

After the intense drama of 'Rebecca' I wanted something light to read. 'Lolita' is another half read book on my shelf, but I did not want to pick up another female protagonist immediately. There are atleast a dozen unread books on my shelf and I picked the one that was completely different from 'Rebecca' - 'To cut a long story short' by Jeffery Archer. Short stories that are very different from each other was something interesting to read. And Archer is the master and my inspiration. I had loved 'A twist in the tale', but this one was kinda disappointing. Barring a couple of stories from the fifteen, the rest were mediocre. Some of it were way too simplistic and the others were too hard to decipher. The final story 'The grass is always greener...' is the best of the lot and almost everyone of us can relate to it. The shortest story in the book 'The letter' was brilliant too.

Those were the books I read in July. Three is not a bad number eh! I have just started 'The Palace Of Illusions' and I'm looking forward to drown in it. The narration is brilliant and even though I do not enjoy mythology much, this one I'm loving. I shall target to complete another three or four books in August. In terms of writing too I did not do that bad. Twenty one posts is a pretty good number, especially when I was targeting twenty. I wrote quite a lot of poetry and even my 1000th post. I still can't believe that I have written so much! I am glad that I started a fiction series after such a long time. The idea just came into mind one fine sleepless night and it is shaping up pretty well. Two parts down and I still have a lot to say. I wanted it to be a three part series but that would not be the case now. This story needs atleast six to eight parts and I promise that I shall try to bring it out soon and complete it.

I watched 'Bhajrangi Bhaijaan' and surprisingly enjoyed it. Went in with zero expectations and free tickets from Cal's company. After 'Dabbang' and the other similar ones it was surprising to see a decent movie that featured Salman Khan. And it even had a story! The child in the movie is so damn cute and Kareena Kapoor was so damn wasted. A nice movie with its heart in the right place it was.

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So July passed with quite a lot of free time in hand and today we are in August. And you know what, it is my birthday month!!!! Yayieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Five more days to go and I'm so happy that it is falling on a weekend. But since work has now started, we would not be able to take a vacation but Cal is busy planning something big for me and I cannot wait to see what the surprise is this year.

August has always been a very happy month for me. Not only because it has my birthday. I normally am very busy and very content during August and a lot of good things come my way during this month. It already started with a bang with a wonderful Indiblogger meet at Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore where I met the wonderful Sid and Pooja who I have only know through their blogs. I also met my usual favorites Shailaja and Sreesha along with a lot of new bloggers. It is always so nice to meet people with a common passion - writing. I had a whale of a time and I absolutely loved it.

That was all about July and I'm so excited to step into August. Go ahead and tell me how did July treat you.