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Baby Steps To Sustainability #WorldEnvironmentDay

Image Source I've been a sustainability practitioner for many years now. I'm still quite far away from where I intend to be, but I'm glad I've made a start. One of the main reasons why my partner and I are childfree is that we aren't sure how well equipped the earth would be a few decades down the line. We know that natural resource depletion is real and it can drastically impact human and animal lives. If basic livelihood is threatened, we wouldn't want to add to the population. We wouldn't want our kids to wonder why were they brought into this world.

Five Reasons Why You Should Read More

Image Source I recently read ' The Reading List ' by Sarah Nisha Adams and it took me down a nostalgia trip. No, I did not find any reading list in any book. The way books affect the people in the story is what I could relate to the most. For those who haven't read the book, this is the story of two unlikely friends, Mukesh Patel a recent widower and Aleisha, a teenager who works at the local library. Mukesh's wife was an avid reader and Mukesh could never understand her love for books. When he finds an overdue book, which happens to be ' The Time Traveler's Wife ', he sits down to read it and falls in love with it. With a tiny understanding of why books might have been so important to his wife, he steps into the library to return this book and borrow more.