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Good and Better

No one, no book, no song or no other movie had made me 'want' to move on like this one did. '500 Days of Summer' is almost an unheard movie, with an unheard cast. But the story line is that of every single person in this planet. Okay, since I cannot vouch for the rest of the world I vouch for myself. I had stopped relating my life to any movie, any song or any book more than a year ago. Not that I felt it was bad, but that was enough to get me upset as I don't want to be reminded of a lot of things. I've learnt to block them out and move on. Its took me a long time for that and any tiny speck of familiarity I see or read is enough to send me into a whirlwind of nostalgia. So, I avoid that. But, after a long time I related my life to a movie and this time it had a positive effect on me. Wow, I seriously am improving :-)

'500 Days of Summer', is a story about a boy called Tom and a girl called Summer. Tom thinks that Summer is 'The One' for him. Tom is a failed architect who now makes a living out of writing greeting cards. That is one job I would love to do. Just imagine the amount of money I would have made if I had put each of my poems on a card. I should have taken Joker's line seriously, 'If you are good at doing something, never do it for free'. Damn it. How I chose creating tariffs and other telecom products for the British over this I'll never know :| .

Summer is the boss's new assistant in Tom's office. One look at her and Tom knows that she's his soul-mate. He doesn't have to try too hard to woo her as she soon gets interested in him and so begins their affair. Poor Tom is head over heels in love with Summer, but the lass is in it only for fun because she doesn't believe in commitment and wants to be independent. Tom the love fool, (I'm sure he's a leo in the movie :P)still stays with her because he loves her and he wants to be with her as long as she's around.

And so begins the 500 days where he meets her, falls in love, stays with her, waits endlessly for her and loses her. The way the movie moves from past to present and vice versa is really cute. Day 1 he meets her, Day 2 he's in love and Day 450+ something she leaves him and by Day 486 she's married to someone else. Tom's hurt, lost and in pain. He quits the greeting card company and tries his luck again in architecture. On Day 500, as he enters a company for an interview, Summer ends for him and he finds Autumn. And then begins Day 1 of Autumn :-)

Cute cast, a really sweet and simple storyline and a very positive movie. It delivers the message that everything happens for good and life goes on in such a subtle way that you cant help but agree with it. Like seasons, life changes too. Every phase that starts has to end. Love sure is one hell of a thing and it teaches you things you would have never learnt otherwise. One thing I learnt from this movie, 'Sometimes good things have to fall apart, for better things to fall together'. Cheers!! :D :D


  1. Even i loved da movie :))
    like a fool leo, kept myself relatin to characters in every single movie....
    in dis my fav shot is wen de go shoppin (window shoppin hehehe) n plan things n future....
    gosh autumn is always better den summer!!!

  2. I too do the relating thing everytime.. every movie, every book.. Damn it I dont think we Leo's ever learn.. Oh yeah, the shoppin scene was very cute!! Yeah, Autumn is better anyday! :)

  3. I watched this movie being bored to death on a flight with nothing else to do, and with zero expectations, and ended up absolutely loving it. Loved your quote at the end. Great blog!

  4. Its sure worth a watch the movie..



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