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Lagaan - Rajini Style

Rajinikanth decides to remake Lagaan where obviously he plays Aamir's role. This is how the climax of the movie is gonna be.

Last ball of the last over, and 10 runs to win. Rajini at strike. He hits the ball and they win the match. Guess how?

He hits the ball with so much force that it splits into two pieces. One goes for a six, and the other for a four! Mind it!



  1. So you're the visitor from Madras!! :D

  2. Haha! There was a short Radio One (94.3) programme - 'Life in Bangalore with Rajini saar-u.' I used to enjoy that!

  3. Its ages since I heard the radio, but I'm sure the program would have been fun! :)

  4. I think its not excatly the same, after he hits the ball he pulled a knife from his pocket and he throw it to the ball. Immediatly it splits into 2 parts and crossed the rope and fetched the 10 runs.

    I think this is the correct one...

  5. Oh is it? I got this one..
    Both are equally funny though..


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