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Black Magic

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You and I have been together for years
And now we're expected to stay apart
How do I make myself do this
When you hold a piece of my heart

You've stood by me through thick and thin
As I played with you the way I want
You made me an artist in a way
Without you, those memories now haunt

I know the separation is temporary
Yet I find it hard to step out
I feel a part of me missing
Somewhere within me I nurse a doubt

I still am confident and strong
I feel really happy and good
But I cannot forget all those times
When you and I together stood

You were such a close part of me
I hope these few months pass by soon
We'll make up for all the time we lost
Drawn across me, I'll make you swoon

This time apart is important they say
It is for my own good, that I know
But once you have an addiction
In front of it, you have to bow

For now, let my eyes just heal
Then I'll paint you in different hues
I'm sure you'll make me see and feel better
Oh black magic, my dear muse


  1. So much love in that poem. Beautiful.

  2. Fabulous. I love your poetry style and the way you narrate stories in that form.

  3. Beautiful write! I loved the flow and the rhyme.

  4. lovely! when in love even a moment of separation seems like eternity! there's so much love oozing through these lines!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  5. The love that becomes a pain with separation! Beautifully written.


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