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Immortal Fire

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It all ended the way it had started
Unexpected, passionate and without a word
I wanted to hold it within myself
But you wanted to be the free bird

Days after days, I waited for you
Hoping that you will change your mind
But I did not even see your shadow
No matter where I looked, nothing I could find

There was nothing great about you
And yet you perfectly blended into me
I was what I was when I was with you
Today, within me I can no longer see

I hate the peace in my life today
Your chaos is what I crave for now
I know that where ever you are 
You own me, it's an unsaid vow

The madness is getting on to me
I look for you in every breath of mine
I feel your touch with a drop of rain
And your voice in the flow of wine

I listen to our song endlessly
The chorus is now embedded in my vein
I hate the power you have over me
You are the poison that soothes my pain

No one else has made me feel this way
Only with you, I can be whole
You are the immortal burning fire
That quenches the thirst of my soul


  1. Lovely romantic as it sounds but isn't it somewhat unsustainable to let someone have so much power over another person? :-)

  2. beautiful lines... :-)

  3. Powerful and profound! If someone has so much power on ourselves, it would be so devastating when he/she is no longer a part of our journey!

  4. Nice analogy of the contrasting characters, beautifully compared and pictured.

  5. True love is like that 'wonly' :)
    I'm not a big fan of poems in general, but yours I like.

  6. Described love perfectly. Beautiful lines.

  7. Wow! I see intense love there and the one that has been hurt so much. Beautiful work Soumya!

  8. You are the poison that soothes my pain. Can I just say WOW! Loved this one :)

  9. Very intense lines..I can feel your touch with a drop of rain...lovely!

  10. And again you weave magic with your rhyme ... just too good :-)

  11. Described the essence of love, these verses of yours. Showing subtly that just how perfectly inperfect love is:)

  12. Nice and strong portrayal of emotions in this poem. Liked it. And your concept of writing for the five elements is equally interesting.

    Cheers :)


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