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Color Riot With Engrave

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The first thing that we did when we moved out to a place of our own was to hang our name plate at the entrance. The name plate was sent to me by the wonderful people at Engrave. I wrote about them here. Just to refresh your memory, Engrave is an India-based design collective engaged in the pursuit of creating unique lifestyle products with fine craftsmanship. They believe that personalized gifts are the ones that are cherished the most. Therefore they are committed to offering an ever expanding range of simple to create canvas prints and laser engraved products. They combine the finest materials with a master craftsman's eye for detail to produce top quality products and gifts, perfect for any occasion. They have a wonderful collection of photographic plaques, name plates and canvas prints. You can go in for the standard ones, or you can choose to customize them to include your own photos or designs. But I told you all this during the last time only. Why am I talking about it again? Because now Engrave has something new to offer to all creative and art loving enthusiasts like me and you.

Engrave is now promoting various artists and craftsmen to showcase their talent and make a living out of it. This means that they are giving new artists a platform to showcase and sell their work. I am extremely proud to be associated with someone like them. Engrave believes that every art piece needs to see the light of the day and is helping artists do the same. And we are not talking about amateur artists here. The artists promoted by Engrave are professionally trained and are in need of a platform to showcase their work. Engrave is giving them the opportunity to do so. When I saw the work of some artists, I was awed. Such excellent work that they can give Piccaso and Da-Vinci a run for their money.

Take Abhinav Kafare for example. He is a professionally trained artist but he has not let his education impede his vision in any way. He has developed a doodlesque style of his own. His largely black and white work relies heavily on negative and positive spaces and often incorporates abstract perspective that adds depth to his creation. Not one to be tied down by convention, his work can be found in the most diverse of places from random walls on the ghats of Benares to advertising campaigns that have won the prestigious Cannes award. Engrave has collaborated with him and decided to give him a new canvas every week. When I saw a few of his art pieces, especially the black and white ones I was reminded of Mario Miranda and the walls of Brittos in Goa. Beautiful doodle style art that come to life on its own. Just as I was going gaga over his black and white work, I saw a few of his colored canvases. They were brilliant and I couldn't help but notice the bold use of color. They conveyed the right message and looked gorgeous.

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Engrave was kind enough to send me the 'Feetedelia' canvas print. This is an eye-popping take on the foot tapping feast that is music. You cannot miss the ample use of colors here. The red, the blues and the greens spoke to me and gave me a new dimension to interpret music. This 9x12 inch art work now enjoys its space on my bedroom wall, right next to the bright doodle art that I created. The art work did not come to me as a canvas sheet that I had to frame. That is the best part about Engrave. Their products are 100% complete and ready to use. The art work they sent me had:

Archival grade canvas: Meaning the canvas would not tear in years.
Giclee printing method: This is a method used by artists and galleries. This adds life to the painting.
Protective finish: The colors are guaranteed not to fade over 75 years. Talk about long lasting!

The canvas was hand stretched and inspected to ensure the highest standards and attention to detail. The print was framed and ready to hang out of the box and everything was included as part of the package, even the nail. It does not get much easier than this.

Abhinav Kafare even has art work that send out a clear message. His "Done is better than perfect", is a personal favorite of mine. And so is "Fortune favors the bold". I just cannot choose one here. But this artist can do more than just sell his products for you. You can get Abhinav to come and paint the wall(s) of your home/office/restaurant or retail establishment. Or you could commission a theme-based art piece to be used in your merchandise. Which Engrave could then mass produce, so that everybody wins. You can read more about Abhinav and his art here.

I'm glad that Engrave is providing artists like these a platform to showcase their talent and show the work their art. Please join me in spreading the word about this, so that talented artists do not remain hidden in their closet.

Check out their site here and their Facebook page here.


  1. Beautifully written in describing the aesthetic works:)

  2. I checked their site ... loved their creative offerings :-)


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