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Destined For Closure

Its funny how I forgot myself
Remembering everything about you
I forgot all the old parts of my life
With you I began spinning life anew

You played along beautifully
Committing to me without a promise
You cleared my doubts with your smile
Answered my questions with a kiss

I was lost in your hypnotic spell
Hungry for your touch to be whole
You never let me inside your web
I was left thirsty for your soul

You loved me in more ways than one
But your hesitation pushed me away
You wanted me all for yourself
Yet for me, you never paved the way

You were stuck among your demons
I could have helped, if you'd let me
You shunned me away from everything else
You love and passion was all I could see

Your madness reached crazy heights
I remained captured in your maze
You were turning into a stranger
Our love story became a blurry haze

Slowly I started forgetting you
I brought 'me' back in the foreground
You were reduced to a distant memory
In letting you go, myself I found

No more hunger, no more thirst
I feel wholly satisfied and content
Your love for me was an illusion
Which left on my heart a deep dent

Today I kill you in my thoughts
I'm moving on to a better tomorrow
You are better left buried in my head
Like some long forgotten sorrow

Now that I think of it
I do not know how we came closer
One thing I'm sure of is
We were destined for closure

This poem is written for Theme Thursday's theme 'Thirsty'.

~ Soumya


  1. No words will do justice to this exquisite poem.

  2. You never let me inside your web
    I was left thirsty for your soul
    Beautiful lines.
    The uncertainty and dis-trust separates two people. It's better to be move away.

    1. Thank you Ma'am. Yes, it is better to move away.

  3. Beautifully expressed, Soumya!
    How can the reader not be thirsty for more?
    How can we not look forward to what you have in store? :)

    1. Thank you dear Anita! For this awesome comment :)

  4. This is strong with emotions...
    Very relatable... And touchy...
    Awesome flow and a splendid read!

  5. Beautiful poem on love and letting go if things don't work out! Lovely one! :)

  6. I love the "thirsty for your sole" line. Awesome write!

  7. very beautiful...
    loved these lines especially -
    You cleared my doubts with your smile
    Answered my questions with a kiss
    In letting you go, myself I found,,,
    and the last stanza

  8. You have done what I've been trying to pen down since a year now! No words can do justice to this poem! and this poem will remain v.close to my heart!
    this time, I'l say Thank you to you soumya! Thank you fr writing this poem ! :)

    1. Awww you are welcome my darling! I'm glad my words helped you. Best compliment ever to a writer :)

  9. Superb :) All your poems are so beautiful!

  10. amazing poem... :)....keep in touch :)
    plz join my blog

  11. Ahhh sometimes love needs to be unloved or atleast buried.
    Closure it is!

  12. "Closer and closure" - what a superb play of words ... two words sounding the same but with totally contrasting meanings ... loved it a lot :-)

  13. Ah - I feel you - beautifully put :-)

  14. I have no words to express how wonderful a poem it is!

    1. Thank you Naba! Nice to see you here after long. :)

  15. Its so much better to leave some people and throw them out of your life. Written beautifully!


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