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First Date

Edward Hopper, 1922

I remember everything about that day
The way you looked lovingly into my eyes
Your shiny hair and crisp red tie
Oh, you smelt really fresh and nice

A vintage restaurant it was
You held my hand as we walked into it
I was so madly in love with you
Our fingers too made the perfect fit

We made our way to the side table
The one right next to the big pot
I hardly could make any conversation
My stomach was tied in a big knot

You remained your playful self
Smiling and appreciating everything
I sat in awe looking at you
Dreaming about what the future would bring

The meal was the best I had till date
Your company only made it more better
Everything you said touched my heart
Like a perfect, dreamy, love letter

We walked hand in hand on the streets
Apart from you, no one I could see
The whole world stood still when
Under the moonlight sky you kissed me

We knew we were meant to last forever
It was love that was true, mad and deep
That day was only the beginning of our story
I knew, my heart, safe you would keep

Its been seventy years since then
Yet you have remained my soul mate
Even though you are no longer here with me
I still cherish the memory of our first date

Written for The Magpie Tales: Mag 220.


  1. I relived it. Beautiful read. :)

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwww ROMANTICCCCccccccccccccccccc :) beautiful .. I wish and hope everyone finds their soul mates and live happily every after ..


  3. So romantic I thought I was watching a old romantic film thank you for that

    1. Awww, thank you for this wonderful comment! :)

  4. Love is indeed a wonderful thing right? First dates are always so special... And you have portrayed it beautifully in the poem.. :)

  5. Now this one made me smile and awww.

  6. Aww its so romantic!!! I loved it!

  7. This brought back so many memories!! First date does give you the knots... and it is always so special. Especially if it is the beginning of love :)

  8. True love never dies ... such a sweet poem ... love it :D


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