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On A Lazy Day

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A lazy day today has been
I am couched up in bed with a book
In my pajamas, feeling comfortable
Without fussing about how I look

Tired, exhausted from all the stress
Getting a break from the monotony of work
Having an entire day just for myself
Is giving my face a happy smirk

Life had handed me so many things
At times, more than what I could take
Yet somehow, I strongly got past it all
I did not even crack, let alone break

This too shall pass has always been the mantra
I now know hope is a beautiful thing
Life is a mixture of ups and down
Its not always about brightness and bling

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As I look out of my bedroom window
Pitter patter raindrops falls on the pane
I see the trees dancing in the wind
Letting loose their green mane

The marigolds smile with joy
As the roses blush with pride
The leaves are enjoying this shower
Not shying away like a new bride

The sweet smell of the wet mud
Is something that soothes my sense
The circles formed by the tiny drops
Is the proof of God's presence

All my troubles seem so puny now
Nature is the biggest protector of all
We all are just a tiny speck here
Struggling between a rise and a fall

Its almost dark, with all the clouds
Like the sun has gone away for a drive
Thanks to the beauty of mother nature
On a lazy day, I feel glad to be alive


  1. Oh, I am craving for such a lazy day but not able to catch a break, Need to get one asap.

    1. Bunk office a day. Believe me, it would be worth it!

  2. Me too. And I wish it would rain in Kolkata. :\

  3. Adorable poem. Hope u had awesome fun, reading a book and enjoying life..whatta feeling:)

  4. Awesome! I am so jealous of you right now. I am waiting for that day when I will be able to have a lazy day.

    1. If you wait for it, you will never get it! You will have to snatch one :)

  5. Lazy days... After entering the corporate world it seems like a mirage...:(
    At least we have you to give us poems that would make us dream for an instant. :)

    1. I am six years into the corporate world. Yet, I make sure I get days like this. Makes me feel alive :D

      I'm glad! :)

  6. whistles! God has showered you with such a talent and you have done your part apt! the way you portray is just AWESOME!

    1. Thank you so much. You have always been very kind! :)

  7. A beautiful message there. Love the rain-washed day.

  8. Ah, the joy of watching rain from the window and everything seems okay.

  9. a beautiful lovely poem..

    Thankfully my lazy days are also NOT lazy, there is always something going around and each day brings a new situation, courtsey where I work.. but I long for those lazy days .. I had a week of it when i came to india and did nothing ..zilch.. but it did not rain for the three weeks i was there .. although it did cloud up and all and me and friends went uphill .. right i am going on a tangent here :)

    I dont long for the rain that much because it rains all the time here in uk .. so no rain please want plenty of SUN


    1. Thank you! May you be blessed with more sun! :)

  10. Ah! Rain and having to do nothing but enjoy every minute of it, is bliss! :)

  11. ah! my days of lazing just got over (after spending a good 1 month at mom's place) and now all i can do is saunter jauntily for another 11 months and wait for those blissful days again!!

    and the picture u painted is so chuper-duper....makes me want to do little jig!!

    1. A month of lazy days? Wow, I am jealous! :D

      Thank you so much!

  12. I NEED A LAZY DAY NOW....To feel everythign u just wrote!! :D
    But yes I am glad I am alive :D

    1. Oh yeah I am glad you are alive too! :D

      Take a break, bunk office for a day and sit back and chill.


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