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Beach Romance

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Your eyes are inviting me
Oh girl, what is that you want
That golden tan on your body
Is perfect for this taunt

Your pink lips mesmerize me
As you sip on to your drink
What is that on your mind
It makes me want to think

Your hair is far from messed
In the pleasant summer breeze
Who are you, dear stranger
Watching you gives me peace

I can't take my eyes off you
You cool me in this blistering heat
As the waves make their sound
The sand slips through my feet

Is that me you are smiling at
Oh God, should I make a move
There you go dancing again
My jaw drops watching you groove

I now slowly walk up to you
The music plays with my mood
The beats do not distract me
To you, my eyes are glued

You welcome me with a tease
I crave to be a part of you
Your touch sends me a chill
Even as a hot wind blew

I can now feel you reciprocate
For me, it was love at first glance
I want this day to never end
The beginning of our beach romance

Linking to Theme Thursday: Prompt - Beaches.


  1. that was really cool! i could feel the romance and feelings in the poem!

    Nice one :D

  2. I find beaches very romantic! Love this one:)

  3. really nice & refreshing poem !! ;)

  4. Beautiful! I can see him walking up to her and taking her in his arms :)

  5. I can totally imagine it happening with me! And wow what a feeling :-P

  6. You make me want to be that woman on the beach :P
    This was lovely.

    1. You can be. Get to Fort Kochi with Mr. Funk now! :P


  7. I agree with Red!! It's insanely romantic!! (sigh..)

  8. Someone says this is cool , but shall I say, this is HOT :) Hot romance :) Ultraromantic :D

  9. Aha, lustful and beautifully portrayed. Beaches are the ultimate romance spot and you did them justice!

  10. beautiful :) jst made me remind beach and pleasant environment near beach ^_^ lovely poem :)
    i blog at hope u like it :)

  11. You just need to add a chorus and I feel this can be converted into a romantic pop number :D


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