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Rajinikanth Helps Lady Gaga Shop

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So Rajinikanth is just about to log out from Skype, when he gets a call.

"Hello Vanakum. Who is this?" He says through the microphone attached to his finger tips.

"Hola... Sir. I am big fan Sir. Big fan." A pleasant voice comes in.

"Hahaha kanna, all people are my fans. You are nothing special." He says lighting a cigar with his other hand.

"I am special. I am special." A shrill cry.

"Wokay wokay. Who are you by the way?" Rajinikanth grins.

"Ah ha ha ha ha, oo ooo ohh la la." A giggle follows this tone.

"Why are you laughing? Yena rascala, how dare you laugh at me." Rajinikanth puffs away harder.

"That's my song Sir. I am Lady Gaga. The one and only."

"Oh ho ho, the lady with the meat dress ah? Sorry I am vegetarian only."

"No no sir. I want to ask you question. That's why I called." An urgency is heard in the voice.

"Sollu. Tell me." Another cigar is lit.

"Sir, I am in India now and I want to do some shopping. But no time you see. So I can only shop online. I googled for the best online shopping site in India. The reply came back to ask you Sir."

"Hahaha... I understand." A loud laugh.

"So? Tell me Sir." Gaga pleads.

"Baggout. Period." And Rajinikanth logs out to go have dinner with his pet Lions.

Image Source: Baggout

Lady gaga finally enters the Baggout site. And her eyes go pop! More wider and open than the way it was on her music video. She quickly creates an account and enters her "My Stream" page. The 'Trending Products' page entices her as she goes on clicking from 'Women' to 'Home' categories and back and forth. She lusts over a black Faballey dress from Jabong and clicks on it. It say Rs 115 cashback. She is stunned. A cashback of Rs 115, for a dress worth Rs 1700? Wow, Rajinikanth was right! This site is indeed awesome. But deciding to check out other products before placing an order, she 'likes' the dress and sees that a lot of others have liked it too. Satisfied with her taste, she moves to the 'Home' tab. Here she falls in love with a Fab Furnish bedsheet that reminds her of the Burberry pattern. Rs 93 cashback for a price of Rs 1558. Without thinking twice, she clicks on 'Buy now' and is immediately redirected to the Fab Furnish site. She places the order and enters the Baggout coupon code, to enable the cashback. She gets a success message and the order is placed.

The 'Trending products' tab is a personalized product stream based on what your friends and other Baggout users seem to like and buy. She sees that Adele and JLo have liked the same products. She did not care. She would have them customized to suit her image anyway. The social layer over the product aggregation impressed her, it was not done anywhere before. This would help her discover great products, through her own social circle. Thrilled and satisfied, she now clicks on the 'Ongoing Deals' tab of the Baggout home page. The online stores that feature in the page blows her mind. All the big online retailers were present there. Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, Jabong, HomeShop18, Yepme, Fernspetals etc. And each one of them either offered a deal, a cashback or both. Lady Gaga had heard about Limeroad, the last time she visited India. Here it said that she would receive Rs. 225 cashback on all purchases. She gave it a click and soon she was redirected to the Limeroad website and she placed an order for a pink waist coast worth Rs. 850 and activated the deal for Rs. 225 cashback. She was now earning while she was shopping. Rajinikanth was right, this was the best shopping site indeed.

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Even though Gaga dressed weirdly, she was awed by the amazing deals for clothes and accessories on Baggout. She decided to buy some and wear them as is, and some she would get customized to suit her wacky image. She wanted to steal the deal here, by making maximum cashback. Probably she needed to send a thank you gift to Rajinikanth too now, since it was he who had told her about this site. She decided to get him sunglasses from Flipkart, as Flipkart had a lot of deals available. Plus Rajini Sir has always had a fascination for sunglasses, especially the way he twirls them in his hands. He will be impressed, she was sure. She might earn some brownie points and get some cashback in the bargain too. A snicker escaped her lips. This is how she placed the order.

Clicked on Flipkart View All Deals--> Activated the deal for 70% off on Sunglasses--> Was redirected to Flipkart--> Placed the order-->  Entered the coupon code--> Checked out.

In six simple steps, she was done!

Images Source: Baggout

Next, she wanted to buy some lingerie. Having heard of it before, she clicked on the Zivame deals and was done placing an order within ten minutes. Plus she had earned Rs 188 cashback. She continued her shopping spree with click after click. And only stopped when her cashback had crossed Rs 2000. Chumbak, India Circus, Shop Clues were some of the sites that she visited. India Circus was her favorite though, will all those quirky bags and clutches. She bought almost all that she could lay her hands on. So finally a thrilled Lady Gaga who was on a second visit to India for a month, decided to stay back for longer. To make the most out of her shopping and by winning cashback, all thanks to Baggout.

Just before she could log out she sent a Skype message to Rajinikanth.

"Thank you Sir, this site is awesome. I would not have known it, if it was not for you. Lady Gaga bows down to you Sir. My next song will be about this. Rajinikanth rocks, Baggout rocks, India rocks!"

But Rajini Sir does not see this message. He is busy checking out what his contemporaries are buying on Baggout!

Image Source: Baggout

Baggout is a cashback site with other wonderful features. With Baggout you can do the following.

~ Browse Products from all stores
~ Discover great products
~ Get cashback and coupons
~ See what your friends love
~ Buy products or save them for later

Rajinikanth uses Baggout, do you need more reasons to check it out now?


  1. hahhaha!! wht an awsm write up!!

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    This was witty

  4. Interesting conversation between Thalaiva and Lady Gaga :)

  5. Best of luck for the contest.. Nice take!!

  6. Interesting take. Made for a good read and the site indeed is cool :D

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  9. Hehehehe.... clever write up :) Loved the conversation :-D

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    You've made the conversation really interesting :) And thanks to you, now I know about Baggout :)

    1. Hahaha, thank you Sreeja chechiyeee :D

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