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For The Love Of Cricket

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True Story #One:

Date 1: I look at him blankly as he stares lovingly into my eyes. I finally had agreed to go out with him after a year of pestering. He seemed to be a sweet guy and I was like fine, let us try it out. I kept checking my phone every now and then. He let me do it a couple of times and the third time he interrupts.

He (filled with concern): "All okay? Some problem?"

Me (laughing): "Hey no, its the cricket match today right. The IPL. Bangalore is playing Mumbai na."

I wanted to be honest. I was already finding him boring and thought that I could atleast discuss the match with him.

He (with eyes wide open): "So you watch cricket?"

Me: "Yes. Why?"

He (with a mocking laugh): "No, girls don't watch cricket right. That's why."

If I was looking for a reason to not see him again, I already had one. But I wanted to give him another chance so I some how swallowed my anger.

Me: "Yes I follow a lot of sports. Football, tennis, formula one."

He (surprised): "Oh, good good."

Me: "My phone is hanging. Can you please check the score on yours?"

He (shocked): "Oh, OK. Which site do I check?"

Me (shocked): "The one you normally check."

He (casually): "Oh, I don't watch cricket."

Me (opened mouthed): "..."

Yes, there was no second date.

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True Story #Two:

Mom was making samosas and wanted me to go buy some coriander from the nearby shop. I was busy watching the Gayle storm on TV. From the year the IPL started, I have been rooting for The Royal Challengers. I wouldn't miss a single match of theirs for the world. If in office, I am constantly online to stay updated about the scores. The storm is interrupted by my mothers voice.

Mom: "Are you going or not? Don't you want to eat?"

Me: "Give me five minutes. I'll go during the strategic timeout."

Mom: "During the what?"

Me: "In a while, ma."

Mom: "Forget it, I shall make it without the coriander then."

I get busy watching the match with a wide grin. The samosas tasted the same way, like it does with the coriander leaves. Coriander is highly overrated. Coffee, samosa and a match. Nothing more you can ask for.

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True Story #Three:

Internet was extremely slow at work and the score page for the Bangalore IPL match was not getting refreshed. I was getting frustrated at the Chrome prompt, going round and round without loading. Gayle was in full form and I was itching to watch the match, with a drink in my hand. The light drizzle outside only added to the mood. I still had some work pending, but I could do it tomorrow too. It was four thirty pm and it was too early to get out of work. I called my friend who worked in the next building, asking if he was free and if we could go some place to watch the game. Being the cricket crazy freak that he is, he readily agreed. Since my manager was in a meeting I did not want to disturb him. I sent out a mail saying that I'm having a migraine attack and hence leaving early. Within ten minutes I was in the car with my friend and we were heading towards a nearby pub to watch the action on a projected screen. When Bangalore won the match, during the presentation ceremony, my manager messaged me asking how I was feeling. I did feel a tad guilty, but it was worth it. Bangalore had reached the semi finals of the IPL. That is what mattered the most at that time.

After reading the above stories, you by now know that I am crazy about cricket. I have no patience to watch test cricket, hence the best bet for me is T20 cricket and that is exactly why I love the IPL so much. I had that annoying IPL horn as my message tone for months together. This year, the IPL song is stuck in my head to such an extent that even if I have to use the loo I say, "Bulaava aaya hai". Yeah, another true story. My husband and I are both cricket freaks and we love watching the IPL together with a big bunch of snacks in front of us. But thanks to the impromptu rains in Bangalore these days, half the time there would be no power during the nights. I get frustrated and agitated during power cuts. That is when my husband asked me to keep calm and use my phone instead. #KannaKeepCalm indeed. Now with, I don't have to miss any action. More often than not, I'm glued to my phone anyway. So, I might as well as use it to full effect.

(Image Source: is a boon to our cricket crazy nation.The subscription is free, oh yes, it is. Now, you can watch all your matches online, on the laptop or on your phone. It has live streaming with a delay of only five minutes. Come on, that hardly matters. You can watch the match without any interruptions and without missing any action. Yahoo! What more do you need to ask for? Just in case you miss some action due to a phone call or a loo break, you have a recap option in the site to watch the missed action again. Cool eh? If you do not have time to watch the whole match, you have an option to watch the key points of a match in a few minutes. Yes, just like the highlights but only better. You can choose to watch either the fours, sixes or wickets too. brings you the score in a modern format. With doodles and art work to convey information, a viewing experience cannot get better than this.

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The best part about this site is the 'Mystery Box'. They show random hilarious videos to lighten up those tense moments during a match. Believe me, you would need them at times. This site is a complete package for anyone who worships sport! They not only stream live cricket, but they also have football, tennis, hockey and formula one too. So now you know where to go to catch the action of the upcoming FIFA world cup. All sports under one roof is what I would love to call it. Go check this site now, and thank me later.

Now no matters who troubles you, you do not have to make an excuse to watch a match. So #KannaKeepCalm and watch After all, it is not just a game. It is a celebration.

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  1. Haha!! The first one was hilarious! The guy definitely didn't deserve a second chance.. ;) Oh and am a KKR supporter through and through.. Though am totally in love with Virat Kohli. :D

    1. Oh yeah he didn't!

      I support Bangalore, but I find Virat a bit too obnoxious. :P

  2. Heheeh I am not much of a cricket fan. Don't hate me. My grandmother loves it and won't miss a bowl, even if that means a riot in the kitchen or late lighting of the lamp for the God! :D
    Best of luck.

    1. You are not a fan of cricket!?!?! What is wrong with you woman!

      I love it when oldies watch the match with high interest. They look so cute when they cheer! :)

      Thanks love!

  3. Its great you didnt go for a second date... :D I wouldn't have too!
    And whats wrong with girls watching cricket? I watch it too... like a crazy fan...!!!
    I wouldn't have also gone out to buy that coriander :P... and i like samosas without coriander... actually i dont like coriander!!!
    Its great you have friends who watch cricket... My friends find cricket too over rated in this country... I just roll my eyes to them...
    Bulaava aayaa hai for loo is definitely funny :D
    Am an RCB fan too!!! Go RCB Go... Love you Virat Kohli!!!

    1. Over rated yes. I wish other sports got as much coverage as cricket too.

      Go RCB indeed! :D

  4. LOL

    No second date and coriander bina samose..your mom is a sweetheart and It seriously is a boon to cricket crazy nation of ours

  5. Even if I don't follow cricket, I wouldn't ask 'which site'!!! The second date didn't happen for all the right reasons!
    And feigning a migraine attack to watch the match on the big screen is totally worth it. I just love to watch cricket with a lot of people. It just adds to the celebration.

    All the best for the contest. May we win :D

    1. Exactly what I thought. He could have just googled instead!

      I like watching cricket with a lot of people too, but some people get all protective about their city teams and things get ugly at times. That's why I prefer watching it with RCB supporters only!

      You have won it my lady, I wrote it for a consolation! :D

  6. I love cricket toooo .. and have just spent so much money buying tickets for the england-india One days.. :) but they are a long way away..

    and yes no chance for the second in story ONE :)

    I support Punjab though.. and this time hopefully they will win.. and I am writing this comment they are playing bangalore .. So i better not say anything .. else you might not reply to my comment .. or visit me so shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he he he he


    1. Punjab is making up for all the previous IPLs I guess! :P

      Bangalore lost! :(

    2. Ah ha you replied .. but then is that the reason you did not visit my blog HA ha ha ha ha ha ha :0 just kidding

    3. I did. Just did not comment :)

  7. Loved all your stories...I like cricket and being from Bangalore, I am a RCB fan too. Keep up the spirit.

    1. Thank you Janaki! It was lovely meeting you :)

  8. Hahaha ;) the first date was 'match'less :D :D He doesn't deserve a second chance :)
    Samosas are at their best with coffee and IPL - the perfect match :D
    Migraine ? Never mind, IPL is the cure :D
    This time I had been to watch the KXIP Vs SRH Live, and loved Maxwell :D
    IPL ki Jaiii :)

    1. Hahaha matchless indeed! :D

      I'm watching RCB vs DD today live. Fingers crossed for RCB!

  9. RCB all the way! :D Even though they didn't qualify this year, they will win next year, for sure! :D

    Your first date story is too funny! :D

    1. They still can. They just need to win all five and the other must lose all of theirs. Yeah, I'm am eternal optimist! :P

      True story!

  10. I'm sure you have a lot more true cricket-stories... do share them all. Nice post.

    Arvind Passey

    1. I do, will share them sometime. Thank you.

  11. He who doesn't watch cricket should be dumped.

    Enjoyed reading it and will try Mystery Box. I love watching bloopers. Good luck! :)

    1. Oh yeah! He should be :)

      Thanks! Good luck to you too! :)


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