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Bangalore's Night Life

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Initially Bangalore night life was frowned upon as everything was shut down by 11.30 pm. But since the new Government rules came into effect, night life in Bangalore is one of the best in the country. Apart from IT, Bangalore is famous for the pub culture and Bangaloreans love their drink and they know how to party. Almost every posh area in Bangalore is now home to a number of drinking holes. In addition to these there are a good number of discotheques in Bangalore, where you can go and dance to some wonderful music. Indiranagar and Koramangala being the party hub of the ever bustling and happening city. I saw a recent statistic which shows that the number of drinking joints in Koramangala is more than the number of drinking joints in the whole of Kerala.

Bangaloreans are more often than not spoilt for choice, when it comes to visiting pubs. There are so many options that it would take a lifetime to explore all. Bangaloreans are not alcoholics, they know how to have fun. And they do not spare anything in doing so. With almost every place now offering happy hours, people throng pubs as early as six pm to enjoy their evening. With the IPL season on, and every place screening the match on the big screen, Bangalore perfectly combines its love for cricket and parties. The music at these places are so good that they pull the crowd in. DJs from all over the world perform here and it is a pleasure to witness their music.

With the introduction of multiple cab facilities, drinking till dawn is now easy. Cabs are now as easy to get as pubs themselves. Some of the best night clubs in Bangalore offer their own cab service. If one knows that he/she doesn't have to drive back, then its an added bonus to have wholesome fun. They say Mumbai is the city that never sleeps, but for me Bangalore is the city that is always awake with passion and passionate people. We Bangaloreans work hard throughout the week and party more hard over the weekends. It is always a well deserved party and every one feels the need to unwind. And not all these places burn a hole in your pocket. Bangalore's night life is for one and all. There are a few hidden places where you can drink and make merry at a reasonable price.

Almost all the drinking holes in Bangalore are safe for women, which is the best part of Bangalore's night life. Women like to party just like men and they get to have their share of fun. You get to witness every kind of music here and you also can drink and dance till your drop. Just like IT, the night life is turning out to be the other facet of Bangalore.


  1. safe drinking holes for women.... unbelievable from kerala perspective or even cochin metro perspective. good . enjoy

    1. In Bangalore it is thankfully save. Most places atleast.

  2. Hey u in blore? DOVs should meet sometime


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