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Role Play - Part 1

"Action." The director screamed.

A lady clad in a white silk bath robe appeared before him, looked sexily straight into camera and then took two small steps towards her left. The camera zoomed out a bit and a bathroom set came into view. She then slowly moved towards the bath tub in the center of the room and dropped her robe. Her naked frame soon filled the camera screen and she moved forward to get into the tub.

"CUT!" The director roared.

Sania Tripati rose from the bath tub and hurriedly draped the robe around herself feeling suddenly conscious. She then looked up at the director, Atif. No one knew his full name or anything about his background. He was known to launch new faces and Sania was more than thrilled to work with him. His movies did more-than-average business and she was sure that this movie would get her noticed.

Atif approached her. "Good shot." He said and patted her shoulder. Then he yelled to the crowd around, "Pack up!"

The technicians around were visibly upset. They expected this particular scene to take about ten to twelve takes atleast, but it was okayed in just one take. Come on, its not everyday you get to see a flawless beauty take off her clothes in front of your eyes. They murmured some thing and then started to pack up and free the set.

Sania Tripati was a happy woman, as she sat in her makeup van and removed her makeup. Today was the first day of her shoot for Atif's film. Until this day, she was an almost unknown B-grade actress with more than seven films to her credit. She knew she had the talent but did not know the right place or have the right contacts to use it. Her acting skills were good, but most of her movies until now only required her to expose her cleavage or her bare back and make erotic faces to the camera. The acting was limited to only about four or maximum six dialogues. Inspite of that, Sania had a pretty decent fan following. Although content with her dark success, she always craved for more valid and decent opportunities that would explore her actual talent.

Atif was known for his unconventional movies, his latest one based on the lives of tribal women in India had fetched him quite a few awards and some critical acclaim. He worked alone, with a small technical team. He produced his own movies and the actors he worked with could pick their own clothes, designers or make up artists and arrange for their own transport or make up trailers. He paid them well, for new comers, so no one complained. He never approached well established stars, knowing very well that they would not understand his way of working or his expectations. He believed that as long as he has a good script, everything else can be compromised on. A mantra that had always worked for him.

After the pack up, he walked towards Sania's trailer and knocked on the door. A grumpy looking assistant opened the door, let him in and walked out. He closed the door of the van and lit a smoke while waiting outside. Atif looked around, there was small couch and a bed inside separated by a coffee table and a television set. The makeup room was on the left and he could see Sania's silhouette through the thin white curtain that separated the two rooms. It was pretty decent he thought. The first thought that came to his mind was "How could she afford it?"

"Its rented." Sania said coming out of the make up room and interrupting his thoughts. Or rather answering him.

He could almost see her naked frame inside her robe. He looked away. "I see. Good." Atif murmured.

"How was the shot, Sir? I was really nervous but when you okayed it in one take I was relieved." She said sounding genuinely thankful.

Atif sat down on the couch and pointed towards her. "You are talented, that's why I chose you. I know that you are good." He said still looking around the trailer.

Sania stood away just brushing through the sheets that had her dialogues for the next day. "What happens tomorrow?" She asked.

"Tomorrow, we kill you." He said and started laughing loudly.

Sania didn't react. "Hmmm, its going to be a tough scene." She said leaning forward. Her breasts almost popped out of her robe and Atif could see ample cleavage.

He tried to look else where but his eyes kept coming back to it. He was beginning to get turned on. 

Atif rose to leave, "Yes, you better come prepared. Memorized the dialogues yet?"

"Almost done." She smiled, playing with her hair and crossing her legs as she sat down on the nearby chair.

It felt like an invitation but Atif wasn't sure of it. He was tempted to walk up to her and rip her robe apart and take her on the leather couch there. He just stood there staring at her with a million thoughts in his mind and all his blood gushing towards his center of being.

Sania interrupted his thoughts. "Sir? I said I'm almost done memorizing the dialogues." She looked straight up at him as she said this.

Atif felt embarrassed. He looked away.

"Good, see you tomorrow then." He said and was about to leave.

"Wait, Sir." She said urgently.

He turned back and looked at her, expecting her to drop her robe.

She was walking towards him now.

To be continued.

~ Soumya


  1. As usual ur story in part.. When i start this post to read i think about many climex... Bt its long so m excited abt 2nd part of it..??

  2. tat's a different story! perfectionist you are in penning down short stories.. specially the way you end each part. No predictions this time, fr the next part!

  3. Hahaha... good ending Somz... good character build up.. n definitely, leaving us on a high ;)

    Can't wait for part 2 :)


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