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Lock & Key

I cannot explain what I feel inside
When the thought of you begins
Its a scary thought that my lyrics might not do justice
To your symphony that my heart now sings

Love would be too small a word
For this powerful emotion that I feel
It is now spread all over me
Nurturing everything and ready to heal

I had built walls all around me
Anger was then my super power
I'm so glad you unlocked my heart
In the barren field then bloomed a flower

You held my hand through each day
Letting me be the crazy me
Not once complaining about anything
Together we then became the crazy we

Each day still feels like the first
Every moment I can feel the butterflies
If there is heaven, its right here
In your arms, all perfect and nice

From strangers we became friends,
Not once realizing where we have come
Love seemed to be the obvious next move
There was nothing else that we could become

The little silly things that we share
From our loud laughs to our flushed smile
It did take a long time for this perfection
But when it came, it made the wait seem worthwhile

This was not our first attempt at love
But you showed me why it didn't work out with anyone else
We were meant to reach the destination together
And not to be stuck to our incomplete self

You are solely responsible
For introducing me to happiness
Its only been a year of being together
But forever we shall revel in this madness

~ Soumya


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