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Life Is Beautiful

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It is not always easy
But it is not always tough
You are trying your best
Trust me, that is enough

Let people talk
That's what they are good at
You do what you have to do
Give yourself that much needed pat

It shall not always be your day
When you expect sun, it will rain
But when you least expect rainbows
Someone will come share the pain

Make every drop of happiness count
Look for the tiny good things
Just groove to the music you're blessed with
Dance to the tune your heart sings

Don't be afraid to love
You are more braver than you think
Have faith and take that leap
Hope floats, you will not sink

A new door will always open
Trust the magic of beginnings
Joy is not one big surprise
It is a million little things

What you make of this life
Darling, it is all up to you
Paint yourself with all the colors
Don't limit yourself to a hue

Don't miss the signs the universe gives
Look closer, with your heart and soul
You'll see that life is beautiful
That's all it takes, to feel whole


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