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Caught In A Mad Romance

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You are the drama to my queen
Life is never dull with you around
You are one of my greatest treasures
In you, everything I found

You add the music to my lyrics
Every note different and yet so same
When I hear the word love
I replace it with your name

Friend, boyfriend, lover, husband
You are my partner in every way
Showing me the meaning of love in daily things
Not reserving it to just a single day

Your sense of humor is crazy
I love how we laugh with and at each other
You understand that love is a priority
But, not to the extent of a smother

Our relationship is not conventional
Different we have been from the start
Nine years of being cuckoo together
While I'm the brain, you are all heart

An unlikely combo this may seem
Yet it works for us just right
Look how far we have come
Holding hands in darkness and light

You always think out of the box
Wanting to kick the monotony out
No matter how insane the idea
I'll jump in, without a shred of doubt

Thank you for coming into my life
I'm thrilled to call you just mine
All of me loves all of you
You are my forever Valentine

I'm glad we have each other
Equal partners in life and a dance
I'm totally nuts for you
As we're caught in this mad romance


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