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Window | #WordlessWednesday - 21

Pondicherry - August 2019

When one door closes, another window opens.

~ Julie Andrews


Linking up with Natasha and Esha for Wordless Wednesday this week. 


  1. Yes, I too believe in that adage! Things work out miraculously, in ways that we least expect. That's the way the Universe works, even if we doubt it. So glad to see you link up with us this week, Soumya.

    Happy #ww and a great rest of the week to you. :)

  2. I love those quaint homes and windows from Pondicherry. This ones no less enchanting, as is your quote. A must remember.

    Have a gorgeous week ahead, dear Soumya. So happy to have you join us this #WW.
    Big hugs.

  3. I believe in that. Lovely picture and goes perfect with that saying, Soumya.

  4. The colored glasses used in doors and windows have a unique charm. They actually stand out and their colorful reflection adds that glim & glam :)

    Have a colorful weekend Soumya!

    1. Oh yes, they make the area look so pretty!

  5. it would so wonderful to have this in a corner and book shelf :) Love colored glasses.


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