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Hypocrisy about Reality

Tonight, I saw the age old song on Doordarshan. "Mile sur mera tumhara, toh sur bane hamara". I just love that song. I get very nostalgic each time I see it. Gone are the good old days of television. Doordarshan was and will always remain the best i guess. Karamchand, All the best, Shrimaan Shrimathi and my all time favourite Chandrakantha. God, I miss all those. Memories of all these programmes make me feel soooo old :-(. The television shows nowadays are nothing but crap. The less spoken about them the better. The only thing I see on TV these days are reality shows. Every day, every channel they are there. More often than not they are copied from the west. I used to love watching "American Idol", "The moment of truth", "Are you smarter than a fifth grader". But the Indian versions of them are total crap. I don't know why is there such a hype about the show "Sach ka Saamna", ( the Indian version of "The moment of truth" ). Honestly, I find it pretty good. People being stripped on TV for truth is a cool concept. There is a huge debate going on over it saying that it shouldn't be screened on prime time. I say Bulls&%$. They say that some questions asked by the host on the show doesn't suit certain viewers or rather children. There are questions like "Would you sleep with another man if your husband doesn't know about it?", "Have you ever asked a woman to abort your child?", "Have you ever cheated on your wife?" n so on. When the people who are participating in the show are totally aware of the ordeal they are going through why the f*** are other people interfering. When the reality of life is served on a platter, no one seems to be hungry.

The Fourth Estate only knows to question, but will never accept answers. People are ready to watch a man getting married thrice, or a woman carrying her brother-in-law's child, a lady living upto 160 years and what not. One thing I have always wondered is how all the men in Ekta Kapoor's soaps are so potent and fertile. One night with a lady and the next day she gets pregnant. Her soaps are based in the 21st century and yet surprisingly no one has heard of condoms or artificial insemination. These soaps screened at prime time are the ones that should be banned. Children watch them, but that is not an issue. When truth behind the dark doors is revealed everyone wants to stand against it. There are a numerous ads on TV about condoms and contraceptive pills, don't children get that? Obviously they do. Then these ads should be banned as well. I don't understand the needless furore over reality shows which show the truth. Agreed shows like "Rakhi ka Swayamwar", "Is jungle se mujhe bachao" etc are all crap. But "Sach ka Saamna" is a very thought provoking show. I was really enthralled to see that Indian audience are open to such shows. But the very few percentage of people who fail to see that need to seriously grow up.

Sex, is still considered a taboo in India. Aren't we the in the land of the Kamasutra. Still people shy away from talking about it. In a poll asking whether sex education needs to be taught in schools, I was seriously surprised to see a 74% No. What are parents scared about. They are not the ones to educate their children, still they don't want them to understand it from elsewhere. Are kids supposed to just dream about what exactly is the truth? According to Indian's sex, homosexuality are all topics to be shielded away from. Daily we read articles which talk about rape, suicide, infidelity. But no one wants to take an initiative and do something about it. Reality is something everyone is aware of but wants to hide away from it.


  1. I feel everyone secretly loves shows like Sach ka Saamna even though they might deny it(except maybe the husband of the wife described:-)Indians are the most Nosy people in the world and people washing dirty linen in sends TRP's shooting through the roof..
    But such shows appeal to the most common denominator in Humans and are frivolous and draws away attention from more pressing issues which is my problem with them.

    And talking about Sex education,it SHOULD be introduced in schools,though my dad wouldnt be too pleased to see me score straight A's in that though;-)

  2. Donno why but i was sure that if u commented on this, the last 3 lines will surely be present..!! :-)


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