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A matter of Time

Pain, agony, more words I can use
A part of life is for getting hurt
How would you know the beauty of fire
If you don't get a little burnt

If there are smiles today
They may not be around tomorrow
No body can peek into the future
And predict their joys and sorrow

Nothing hurts more than love
But what is living without it
Its all about taking chances
Even if you end up hurt a bit

Like the smiles, the hurt won't last
Life is like a wave of sine
Somedays it is rock bottom crap
While at times it is sparkling wine

Hope and faith go a long way
Everything is temporary here
When living gets spent by the day
Why do you want to buy fear?

Paranoia is a birth right
Nobody can escape this one
Dusk always leads to dawn
No matter what, you still see the sun

Count life by the seconds
Look for happiness inside of you
Let aside the shabby past
Make room for the bright new

Time is a healthy medicine
Even if the doses are long
After the struggling battle
You emerge out more strong

Winning is not everything
Its the lesson you take
It ain't tough to sail in bad weather
If not a ship, a raft you shall make

It may be the worst phase ever
Life might be spilt into a scatter
It is all a matter of time
Someday, this will hardly matter


  1. That in fact motivated me a bit..yes, a little to be honest, but I will try to improve..I am having a bad time right now and after reading this, it actually made some difference..
    I would like to thank you for this post, even though you dont want to accept, but the timing was perfect for me..

    thanks a lot

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)
    sharan's thoughts

  2. SO AWESOME!!!

    You have summed up life and lessons and hope in such simple words! Awesome work, really.

  3. yes these lines actually motivates,there's always a brighter side in everything...

    simple lines but yet deep meanings

    keep writing :)

  4. I am actually going thro depression but ur lines are making me actually make an effort to get better...

    My Favourite:
    "Dusk always leads to dawn
    No matter what, you still see the sun"

  5. Hugs.....when you look back...this too will bring a smile....

  6. I loved those lines too, dusk always leads to dawn, No matter what, you shall see the sun.
    They sound like music :)
    Very inspiring, Hon!

    Love, ~Moonlight~ :)

  7. whats the day without the night
    whats colours without sight?

  8. "Hope and faith go a long way
    Everything is temporary here
    When living gets spent by the day
    Why do you want to buy fear?"

    Amazing. I totally relate. :)

  9. OMG! this is utterly beautiful! Made my eyes wet! Looking forward to more such poems and masterpieces! :)

  10. //How would you know the beauty of fire
    If you don't get a little burnt//
    so true....beautifully expressed

  11. You should write a book. Of poems. Serious.

    This one is so positive, of so much use to me now when I face disappointment.

  12. The poem is very nicely drafted still the last para turns out to be my fav. Hope you'll stand by your words. Fingers crossed.

  13. Girl long time i been absent in here ,gossh your template i love it so much so beautiful ,full of colors is your life like this now .i hope so dear ! This post made me sigh , so nice !

  14. Soumya,

    Read 10 pending posts. Thanks for explaining different emotions. It is so true that LOVE is of many hues and not just between a guy & girl. Hate is something which one should not ever feel as it only burns you from inside without making any difference against whom you have it. Just IGNORE that person. I am not going to say anything postwise but after having read I feel that you have surely grown into an understanding and reliable young lady. Yes, one should never be too cautious and we have to take some chances at times. Do not lock love out as it will never give you a warning before striking. I feel sad that someone did not understand your good qualities and is a loser in the long run. I would like to say thanks to that young man who was cause of your giving up smoking. Please do not ever start it again. Moderate drinking within set limits is fine but NO SMOKING. I agree some persona are real p i a. But no matter how old you grow you will still be child for your parents or elders, so do not hold grudge against your sister as she does not wish to see you hurt anytime. Keep up with your balanced approach to life and also have fun whenever you can. This poem is so motivational. Keep writing more.

    Take care

    PS : I would like to have that Visitors meter, can you please guide me on that? My id is in my profile. Thanks

  15. @jayendra,
    I'm so glad you felt better after reading this :)
    Thank you and welcome.

    Thank you so much.

    Thanks :)

    Thank you :)

    @Cynical Oxymoron,
    I'm glad my words could make a difference. Why depression? Keep smiling now :)

    Thanks dear :)

  16. @quartertoinsane,
    Thanks :)

    @Chintu Singh,
    It already does :). Hugs!

    Awww thanks sweetie :)

    True. Thanks for this.

    Glad you could. Thanks :)

    Thank you. Will write poetry more often now :)

  17. @SUB,
    Thanks :)

    I'm planning on writing one :)
    Relax honey, things will get fine soon.

    Thank you and I'm glad :)

    I will. Thanks :)

    Thank you dear :)

    Thank you so much for this comment.
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  18. I agree with PeeVee. I think you are just TOO goo when it comes to poetry.
    and I guess, the night comes only to welcome dawn though expecting light at the end of the tunnel seems like the most bizarre thing at times, I honestly believe .. paranoia, fear, hatred .. they all die eventually..
    Anyway, finally started following you to grab the feeds on a regular basis :) Tc.

  19. @Cяystal,
    Thank you my girl, I shall write one very soon. Been on my mind for quite a while. Thanks for following, nice to have you around. Love. :)

  20. This I can call as Pearls, inspiring, shows how and what life is all about.

    Nothing lasts forever, but the truth in your words shall :)


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