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Broken Bubble

"Madam, which one? Red or pink?" The beauty parlor assistant asked me.

"Aren't they both too bright?" I squirm.

"Neon nail polish is the current trend now." She smiles.

I sigh deeply and choose the pink one. I was new to all this. This was the first time I was pampering myself to this extent. I had got a deep scalp massage, a fruit clean-up and a gold facial done. My skin had never felt this supple before as I closed my eyes and leaned back on the most comfortable chair ever. The assistants scrubbed my feet and polished my nails delicately. Two hours later, after procuring a huge dent in my pocket, I walk out feeling completely rejuvenated and awesome. I walk up to my yellow vespa and look at myself in the rear view mirror. I did look nice. I smile and strike a pose for a selfie. It turns out to be real good and I decide to post it on Instagram later. I place my hands carefully on the handle and ride back home.

Today was the day. After three whole years Jai had finally asked me out for dinner. Oh, how madly I was in love with him. Jai was my best friend and everything I have ever wanted. We had met at a common friend's party and had hit it off instantly. By the time he dropped me home that night, I was head over heels in love with him. I never confessed this to him, nor did he say anything. We stayed best friends and I continued to hide my feelings fearing that something might go wrong. But last night, he had called me in a sense of urgency.

"Wassup Jai?" I asked cheerfully.

"Samira... There is something I have been wanting to tell you." He paused with every word.

"Tell na then." I chide him.

"We have been best friends for so long. I want you to know this...." He stopped.

My heart skipped a beat. I felt goosebumps through out my body and my breathing got heavy.

"Yes Jai, continue." I whispered.

"Not like this. Can we meet for dinner tomorrow?"

I wanted to do a somersault in the air right then.

"Sure. Where?" I grinned from ear to ear.

"Some place nice. Hmmm... Olive beach?"

I almost died and went to heaven that minute. Olive beach was a place I had only seen in magazines and TV. It was a posh place and the food they served was said to be top class. I had expressed my desire to dine there during one of our casual conversations. I could not believe that he had remembered that!

"Wow, great!" I said happily.

"Good. I'll pick you up at 7 then."

"Done." I said and hung up.

I couldn't sleep a wink last night. Today morning I woke up with a smile. After lunch, I had rushed to the parlor. I checked myself in the rear view mirror again and I was pleased. I reach home soon and rush to my wardrobe. I look up at the clock. 6 pm. Great, I have plenty to time to get ready. I choose a black dress with a pink bow at the waist. Matched the nail polish perfectly, I thought. The straps of the dress sat snugly on my freshly scrubbed shoulder as I rubbed on some body glitter. I look into the mirror. I decide to let my hair loose and do my eyes boldly. After a third coat of mascara, I'm satisfied. I decide to keep my lips simple and just dab on some strawberry lip balm. I check the time again. Ten minutes to seven. After a final spray of my favorite perfume, I wait for Jai to pick me up. I hear the car honk soon enough. Since no one was at home, I lock the door, take a deep breath and walk out confidently in my black heels.

Jai is visibly pleased to see me. He watches me open mouthed as I feel a sense of pride.

"Wow, you look awesome." He smiles.

"Thank you!" I say feeling delighted by his reaction.

He opens the door for me and we set out to Olive beach. We make small talk throughout the commute and I see that he is enjoying himself. He looked different today. I see that he also has worked hard for today. He even wore cuff links! I sure was a lucky girl, I thought. We reach there soon and I learn that he has booked a pool side table. I'm thrilled as he pulls a chair for me. I feel like a princess as I settle down and watch him look at me.

"So? What is special?" I ask with a wink.

"You will know in a while." He assures me.

The waiter brings up two glasses of wine and it tasted like heaven. I said a silent prayer inside for making this happen.

"Samira, how long have we known each other?" He holds my hand in his. I reciprocate.

"Three whole years." I see something in his eye that I have not noticed before.

"So, do you trust me?"

"I'd trust you with my life, Jai" I meant every word of it.

"Oh Samira, how do I tell you this?" He fumbles.

"Let me help you. I feel the same Jai." I hold his hand tighter.

"What are you trying to say?" He gives a confused look.

"The same thing you want to say Jai." I say with a straight face.

"So you know?" His eyes open wide.

"Of course I do!" I say with a smile.

"And you are happy?"

"Obviously dude, I'm thrilled!" I'm tempted to kiss him now.

"Oh Thank God!" He heaves a sigh of relief.

"Are you happy?" I ask him.

"Of course Samira! I'm in love, what else do I need." He smiles happily.

"Its an awesome feeling right?" I reach for his hand again.

"Oh, you bet! Let me go get her then. She's waiting at the reception." He gets up to leave.

"She?" Its my turn to look confused now, but he has already left.

In a minute I see him walking towards me with his hands around Sheena, my younger sister.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

~ Soumya


  1. Oh my God ! Brilliant ! Thumbs up for this!

  2. "Oh. My. God". I just did a Jannice styled oh-my-god in my office.. that was so heart breaking.. :(

    1. Life is like this at times na :(

      Jannice style? Hahaha, I can so imagine that!

  3. UMM...hahahahaahahahahahah I am sorry!! I love such tragedy...comitragic ending I felt. :D
    Lovely. I like the way you narrate babe!

    1. Comitragic? Hahaha, that is the typical Red I love :)

      Thanks my lady!

  4. I could actually see her jaw drop a mile :P

  5. Oops...
    I never thought I'd be the one
    To be the raging bull
    There'd always be a smoking gun
    Who'd up and lose his cool
    I never thought I'd have to say
    I'm sorry, my love, because
    I'm the fool I never
    Fool I never thought I was
    ~Mark Knopfler

    Only if it weren't to be expected when writing. But you have an appetite for twists, don't you?

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. Hello Saumya. :-) Long time no see ? How have you been ? Actually, it was me who was mostly away from blogging, what with some thesis work and all.

    I just did a small bit of fiction myself with a weird ending, but didn't realise you had done one too. And it is absolutely much more awesome in every aspect than I could think of. Though having myself done one with a twist recently, I sort of got the feeling that something strange was coming up. But her own sister... you stumped us all. Brilliant. :-)

    1. Really long time. How did you thesis go?

      Just read your post, wow, a different catty twist that one :)

      Thank you for your kind words :)

    2. Brilliant narration! Have read a lot of stories with a twist that I guessed the misunderstood love part but never guessed the sister part :)

    3. Well the twists need to be unique too :)

      Thanks dearie!

  7. Narration may be brilliant but this is not fair to Samira.I hate that two timer Jai.A cheat he is, he broke her heart in a trice.
    But such things happen.A warning to girls
    Nicely written with a sad end

    1. He is not a two timer. He just loved her sister, never loved her.

  8. Replies
    1. Hey nice to see you here after long :)

    2. Sorry Dear ! I had kinda lost ur link but now i am back here

    3. Oh great! Nice to have you back :)

  9. OMG!! Younger sister?? hahaha... poor Samira. Brilliant narration.

  10. Lovely post Soumya. Don't know why but I ad that feeling that Samira's dream would be shattered.

    1. Thank you Geeta! Maybe the title gave it away :)

  11. oh no! this is heartbreaking..
    well put up! :)

    1. Thank you and welcome to my blog Aayesha :)

  12. Googly at the end, Soumya!
    Kahaani mein twist - Awww! own younger sister...
    Well-expressed as usual :)

  13. Hawwwwwww!!! Nahiiii!! :( Nahiiii, inni mehnat ki!! :D

    But good one, haan! :D

  14. Yellow Vespa... You've got a yellow vespa... :D You are my favorite from this moment...

    PS: i am stuck at I walk up to my yellow vespa... can't read ahead..! First promise me a ride on this Yellow Vespa then only i can read further

    1. You you're gonna take me on a ride right...?? You promise!

    2. This was a piece of fiction Piu and I do not have a Vespa :(

    3. Sorry about the earlier comment. I wanted to say I do *not* have a yellow Vespa!

  15. I thought with the Vespa and all the dressing up you were going for the Sunsilk contest ;)
    Anyway, I knew a twist was coming. Strangely enough, a story with a happy ending is not worth telling.

    1. Definitely seems like it, doesn't it? :)

      A twist has to be there. Else why write a story?

  16. As the story proceeded, i was worried if Jai was a gay :p
    Thank God Samira was saved from even bigger shock..
    And the major attraction of the story still remains Yellow Vespa :)

    1. Hehe, gay would be too shocking! :P

      You are crazy about the Vespa right? :)

    2. Yes. I am damn crazy about it :) Love it

    3. Well, lets hope you win the Sunsilk contest :)

  17. This is funny in a kinda sad way!
    Nicely written as always :)

  18. Oh bloody hell..If I were Samira I would have been shattered..I never wanted this story to end..I wanted to read more..I wanted to know how Samira felt...what did she do..I want to know more

  19. I thought its common friend... But her own sister... Its heartbreaking for samira and for readers.... Superb...

  20. Though I had guessed the twist, but the younger sis?? Ouch!

  21. Knowing your appetite for twists, I knew there was something coming up. He being gay or loving someone else. But the younger sister thing really was a surprise. I love how you narrate. :-)

    1. Well I try to introduce new surprises. Thanks Sri! :)


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