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I saw this image online today and found it really interesting. I wanted to write my own interpretation of it. So here it is:

His strong fingers that I once loved
Now slowly find my delicate neck
Everything about him now hurts
From a simple touch to a light peck

His hold gets deep and tight
I cannot explain this pain
His eyes follow everything I do
As I try to escape in vain

His hands are almost clenched now
As I walk around helplessly
Why does he ask so many questions
Why can't he just let me be

Love him, I did, yes
I do see love in his eyes
When he goes on a nagging spree
I see them turn to ice

Everything seems to bother him
My silence gets misinterpreted
I crave for sometime alone
But I get his constant presence instead

His fingers caress a silent nerve
I feel the pause in my blood flow
My eyes have turned to dust
Which once in love did glow

I feel so empty from within
A moment's silence is all I need
To figure out my thoughts that scream
Tearing me inside as I bleed

This is not how love is supposed to be
This is not what I signed up for
I was brimming with happiness back then
Now I'm fighting a losing war

His hands form the perfect shackle
Smothering me whole and soul
Where once stood the heart that beat for him
Is now reduced to a sooty hole

Empty, yes, that's how I feel
Tired of justifying every move of mine
Every action causes raised eyebrows
Misread, every written line

I choke as his hands hold me down
Nothing is left within me to say
I am no longer afraid of dying
That's something I do everyday


  1. You expressed the anguish and pain so well. Insecurity in relationships is just as terrible. Well written.
    Note: You know what, the poem I wrote today could easily be the sequel of your poem :P

    1. Thank you Raj!

      Oh yeah, I did read that one :)

  2. Obsession is not love. One needs to give each other space in a relationship and let one breathe and be their own person.
    Very powerful write! Just wish she finds the strength to fight back and not give up like that.

  3. It's crazy how love can kindle love, as well as smother it. The poem is heart wrenching, with every word so impactful!

  4. I'm back! :p

    Poetry is something that comes easy to you I guess (or may be you put too much effort to make it so profound).
    Unfortunately, it's a true story for many, but I always believe that if a relation restricts you and misunderstands you, it's better to move out (if there's no option to rectify things).
    Beautifully penned down!

    1. Moving out should always be the first potion.

      Thank you! Glad to have you back :)

  5. This is goosebumps inducing! Scary beautiful.

  6. Oh, that made me sad and mad.. To make someone down... with power or misinterpreted love.... Very well written, very powerful


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