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Seven Down, Forever To Go

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Year one, fresh in love
Hand in hand we rejoice
Totally lost in the feeling
Yet clear about each other's choice

Year two, we were ready to be married
Fighting against all odds, we went ahead
I just wanted to be with you
I knew it, because that's what my heart said

Year three, as man and wife
We started a new beginning
Nothing changed between us
I was your queen, you my king

Year four, we fell in love more
We created a world of our own
Walking by your side holding hands
I was surprised how much we've grown

Year five, feelings intensified
With you, everything seemed alright
Rendering strength to one another
Of our life, our love was the light

Year six, this was a tough one
But you helped me stay afloat
Your heartbeat gave me strength
Every word you said was a love note

Year seven, love continues to grow
A few strands of hair have turned grey
Nothing else has changed since the day I said a "Yes"
Everyday with you has been Valentine's Day

Year eight, nine, ten and eleven
And as long as I'm around
In this birth and every other that I may have
Only to you, I want to be bound

Thank you for being my strength
Together we'll take turns to follow and lead
Because of you, I'll always believe in love
All that you are, is all that I'll ever need


  1. Beautiful poem, Soumya! So lovely reading this! May you both be together forever, basking in the bliss of love and happiness! Happy Valentine's Day to you. <3

    1. Thank you, Esha.

      A very Happy Valentine's Day to you too <3

  2. Beautiful, Soumya. God bless you and your bond!

  3. Awww. This was the sweetest! May your love continue to grow!

  4. Stay blessed always, Soumya! What a lovely tribute to your love! Hugs!

  5. The title itself is so romantic. 😍Loved your expression of love, how you two have grown over the time, cementing your relationship. Beautiful verses.

  6. Oh my! This is so beautiful. May the romance never die. Stay blessed, dear Soumya and Cal!

  7. Soumya, such a beautiful tribute to Love and the Love birds in it. May your Love nest continue to be a safe and warm one as you two grow together. 😍

  8. What a lovely one! I'm sure L would be so happy reading this. Wishing you the best for many more <3

  9. Blessed be those who have forever to go. Beautifully written Soumya.


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