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The Lioness


~ My name means the one who is soft spoken. This remains the biggest irony of my life.

~ Simple and honest. I speak out my mind always. Hence called bold by almost everybody. Yes, just because I choose to speak my mind.

~ I hate being called bold. Makes me fell like I write X-rated content.

~ Sarcasm is my super power. And I don't like people who don't get sarcasm. Sheldon Cooper is an exception.

~ A sucker for love and romance. Real romance. Fantasy crap not for me. Was conned into reading and watching the 'Twilight' series. 

~ A complete drama queen with a dangerous protective streak. 

~ I don't growl, I only bite. And I target areas where it hurts the most.

~ I absolutely love the color Black

~ An occasional lover of Yellow.

~ I live my life in terms of black and white. Never been a fan of grey.

~ No sugar coating. If possible I'd coat my words in paprika and white pepper.

~ Black coffee and green tea addict.

~ Closet fashionista, baker, gardener, dancer, painter and animal lover.

~ Love sick 24x7. A lover of love and all things related to it.

~ Avid reader and self critic

~ Calvin is my inspiration. Hence my husband takes his name here.

~ Meaningful lyrics rule my world and I succumb to them easily.

~ Rhymed poetry is my best orgasm.

~ Loathe sycophants and hypocrites.

~ Lie to me and you are considered dead.

~ Made mistakes. Learnt immensely from them. Considering making some more.

~ I use expletives. Only if you ask for it.

~ Lady like and Tom boy are my confused inner traits.

~ Hate regular love stories. I need a twist. Always.

~ Harry Potter fan and lover of magic

~ An eye makeup witch and an obsessive compulsive bitch.

~ Obsessed with food, hair and mirrors.

~ Realist.


    U defined ur self in an very superb way...
    Thanks for sharing
    Bhavikk shah

  2. Excellent and confident way to describe yourself... Loved it and above all, loved your blog's name.. LOL i happened to be a Leo too :P Cheers

  3. Hii saumya!
    Good Introduction
    I am Dhiren
    My blog at

  4. loved your way to describe urself and specifically LOL disclaimer :)..

    Keep Writing...

  5. Great About page. You sound like a true Leo! Nice to find your page :-)

  6. Whoooaaaa... Loved every line of it.. Super super like girl. Mwaaahhh

  7. Hey Soumya,

    Perfect Leo Trait..and I Love it..coz I am one..:)

  8. Wonderful ! good wishes :-)

  9. Your traits are amazing :)

  10. And here was I thinking you were a nun . . . too bad!!

    Love it ~ what a challenge for any man ~ may I congratulate your husband for not being eaten alive when he first tried to chat you up !!! . . . lol

    Wonderful profile Soumya. I like you, but disagree with you on the following:

    Harry Potter - should be universally read.
    You should be a tigress not a lioness
    You should growl first to give your victims a bit of warning. That would be much more ladylike !!! lol
    I bet you are not that strong . . .
    No need for swearing my dear . . . . plenty of good words around . . .

    Very interesting read . . . . . but honestly to look at you I would never have thought you had those traits. You look so . . .er . . . quiet and friendly . . . lol

    Nice to meet you ~ Eddie :)

    1. Hahaha quite a comment here Eddie. Looks can be deceptive you see :)

  11. Well... nice introduction to you... if not bold, you are happy the way you are and are confident, so that is good. I got a good picture of your character, so this was well written.

  12. Hello there...loved your description :D ...shocked in only the Harry Potter part (I mean, not even tried? Why oh why?! ), you may already have guessed this is a Potterhead speaking. Anyway, great to meet you Lioness ! *bows with respect* :)


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