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Leave me Alone!

2012 started of pretty well with a clear mind set as to what I want and what I clearly do not want. Today, I might not know what I want but I surely know what I do not want. Its funny as to how priorities become options and then the options become useless finally fading into oblivion.

Such is the course of life. The sooner we accept it, the better.

Do anyone of you believe in human jinx? Like those people who can only bring bad luck? Something like a black cat crossing the road. Only here it is in the form of a living person who unfortunately happens to be a part of your life. Well, guess what? I just found mine. Not a very great feeling trust me, especially if the jinx happens to be someone whom you have had feelings for in the past.

Why me? I mean seriously, why me?

Just a message or a call from this person can ruin my entire day, or like the most recent instance, it can even ruin a prospective love story. Its almost like they want to say "You left me, so let everything go wrong in your life". Or it can be a jealous friend who secretly wishes ill for you. No, I'm not a superstitious person, but when this has happened more than a hundred times until today, I just tend to believe it. I had cut him out like 3 months ago. Everything was fine for about a week or so and then he decided to make abrupt comebacks, ruining random days of mine, one at a time.

I'm trying my best to avoid him, but he seems to be determined to make his presence felt on the worst days possible. Like on the first day of my User Acceptance Testing in Accra or something simple and yet vital, like the new year. If 2012 goes down the drain due to him, I swear to God he'd not live to see 2013.

So guys, you might have someone like a jinx in your life. If you do not know who it is yet, preen and find out. If you do know, then cut them out now. NOW! They shall stick on to you like a leech and suck your life out of you and curl themselves up so that you cannot see their victory smile. Beware my wonderful people. Please do.

On a totally different note, how does the background look now? I absolutely loved it and it so so so reflects me. A girl who loves her life the way it is and the only thing that she wants from the world is to leave her alone. No interruptions and no questions. That's all I want from life now.


  1. Some people are such a pain!!! There was this one person who always used to call me when I was already having a really bad, tensed day, and my day would go from bad to worse. But with time the so-called jinx wore off. He still calls but nothing catastrophic has happened in recent times! *touchwood*
    Love the new background but am having a lil trouble with the font :/

  2. Changed the font, I hope its okay now!

  3. What if you have a feeling that the person who jinx is really really close to you!? I think I know my jinx and she is really close to me :/

    Love the background!!!

  4. I have that leech in my life. Identified pretty late, but whatever! I avoid them BIG time.. Ughh :/

    And yes, they are hell bent on making life or rather days bad.. Gross me out! Phew and I hope you get rid of yours soon .. Really!

  5. Yes this is much better!
    I really need to get my eyes checked.

  6. thats kinda funny... sorry... bt it is if u look at it...

    i have a human jinx... its a dude I knw, bad things happen to me when i travel with him... bad bad things, like i almost got beaten up cause of him...

    y u asking abt the bg, is this some kind of rorschach test! :P

  7. I like the background :) It seriously is you :) I wish I believed in human jinx, I would have had something to say here then.

    I wish you a great year :)

  8. Stay positive Champ! Such things happen but I know you’ll deal with it by some kick ass stunts! :P
    & I love the background. :)

  9. I like the background too.

    I have to learn to be thick skinned. Tonnes of people find a way to get on my nerves. I resisted letting lots of people back in my life. Problem is, I end up feeling like shit.

    You write like a lion. Passionate and strong minded. :)

    LOVE that about you. :)

  10. Love the background and the fonts you have used are perfect :)

  11. Agree that some people bring bad luck and best way is to avoid/ignore them!Best wishes for the New Year!

  12. It might not be true Soums , it all be just a coincidence. Destiny and fate is all in our hands..

  13. Human jinx..that's interesting.

    Everything about the design is brilliant.

    Just one thing:

    As a writer, I can tell you that readability is mostly affected with light letters over a dark background. Makes one squint to read. And more so if the letters are italics. Do a check - select a paragraph; the background becomes white.

    Now read the text. :) Easier to read na?

    PS: Hope it didn't offend; was just an honest opinion. I hope I don't become a human jinx now.. :P

    Take care. Will come back for more. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  14. things about leeches is that you ve realised that they bring painful memmories and baggage to the table.. and they seem to be immune to the pain they render. its not bad luck probably, but just the after effect of talking to them that ruins your day.
    but you know whats being lucky? being in a position to be able to cut em off.

  15. n yeah bout the background.. its awesome. really.

  16. @Chandana,
    Lucky you! I'm still stuck with the curse :(.
    Nothings wrong with your eyes, its just my experimentation with the fonts. Glad you liked the background :)

    Thanks my lady. Oopsie, that's bad. Cut her out yet?

    @Confused Soul,
    How do you avoid them? He keeps butting in for me :(

    Funny yeah? Yeah yeah you laugh, you'll understand when you get there someday :P. Hoping not though!
    Oops, that's bad. Stay away from him and do not get beaten up.
    Kinda, so you passed? :D

    Thanks my dear :)
    You're so lucky, you have no clue.
    Thank you and wish you a wonderful year too.

    I will ofcourse ;)
    Thanks sweetie.

    Thanks sweetheart.
    It used to happen with me too, but I've learnt to draw lines and maintain them at a distance. I hope you do too.
    I do? Thanks :)
    Love you loads too :)

    Thanks dear :)

  17. @Rahul Bhatia,
    Ignoring!! Doesn't work at times though.
    Thanks and wishes to you too :)

    Perhaps! But coincidence everytime? I don't think so.

    Interesting yeah? Have one?
    Thank you.
    I know, I know that. Don't worry, you're not a jinx yet :P. If people can't read, I know for a fact that they do exactly what you suggested. I do the same with some blogs too, so nothing to get offended :)
    Come back soon!

    @manan guju,
    After effect I do agree. Something like a hangover for life maybe.
    Not lucky exactly, cos they keep coming back at times. Sucks.
    I'm glad you liked the background. Thanks!

  18. Soumya Prasad. You deleted my number or what? Believing in human jinx? I do. I do! (Knowing the the fact that I am the one who brings bad luck to everyone around!).
    Anyway, indeed a deep post. I was about to write something on similar lines, but again, thanks for penning it down for me. I so feel this post is written by me (Of course, mine can never be this much expressive , you know , but still ! ;))
    Missed this place. Badly.

  19. @Stranger!,
    I did not, just been busy. Was busy last night too, will call you back today for sure.
    Just so you know, I was not talking about you :)
    I write, you write, same thing na ;)
    Glad to have you back. Seriously :)


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