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Action Replay: August 2016

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You know I started writing a combined post for the action replay of July and August. Half way through, I just happened to scroll down my blog and realized that I have already written the monthly post for July. Seriously, how could I not remember that? Have I been that busy? August just breezed through but not without leaving a bad taste in the mouth. For the first time ever, my birthday month disappointed me. Apart from the birthday and the gifts that came with it, there is nothing that I would want to remember about August. To start off with, I was really busy with work that left me with minimal time for everything else. Work is work, so I do not want to complain much. Apart from work, nothing else seemed to go right too. It was not only me, Cal had the same problems too. Just heavy headed with no peace of mind. And for no particular reason. Horrible, isn't it?

I have always lived a pretty open life without hiding anything from anyone. I do what I want to and talk/write about it. But now I think it is time I led a secluded life. Too many people knowing about what I did, what I bought, where I went, feels like the factor that is troubling me. No, I'm not one the one to believe in "buri nazar" and other things that come with it, but I've been burned way too many times by now. All I want is some peace and if lying low is gonna give me some of it, then so be it. This month has been really frustrating as everything I touched seemed to break apart. Fitness went for a toss as I working late nights and couldn't wake up early to hit the gym. Waking up late meant not taking lunch to work and that mean eating the cafeteria food that is hardly edible. Bad food ruins my mood even more.

Thanks to all this, reading and writing took a back step. I visited my parents last month and brought home some of my old books that I've wanted to read since like forever. My bookshelf is overflowing and I have bare minimum time to read. I've been reading 'The girl who kicked the Hornet's nest' since like forever now. I'm looking to start the Harry Potter series as soon as I'm done with this one. Writing came to a major halt too this month. Apart from the first seven posts that I wrote as part of the Bar-A-Thon on BAR, which my team won by the way, I couldn't write anything else. I remember taking a thirty minute break from work in order to write a poem about how busy I was and I came up with nothing. I had titled the poem "Try Me" and after two lines I couldn't come up with any words. Suddenly no words seemed to rhyme and the flow of words had come to a standstill. I abandoned the poem and my break and got back to work instead. I'm setting a goal of at least two books to read and twelve posts to write this September.

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There was something that was not at all right about this month. Maybe it is the gloomy weather in Bangalore or just a bad phase. Either way I'm not the one to give up. I woke up early today and was determined to stay happy no matter what. September is Cal's birthday month and I'm going to make sure it makes up for the past month too. I'll be leaving for a vacation in a fortnight and I cannot wait for it. The last vacation we took was to Sri Lanka in March and since then life has only been busy. You know, at times it is important to lead a slow life. Cal and I have been running around trying out a lot of new things. But I think it is time for us to slow down and relax now. And nothing like a beach vacation to do that. Looking forward to the mid of September.

Although I did not have time to get on social media and post stuff, I remained a mute spectator there. I was active on Instagram of course with the photoaday challenge. I've been doing it continuously for eight months now and have been enjoying every day and every prompt. I'm going to get the record to a year now. On Facebook and Twitter, I remained a silent watcher. From the Rio tweets and trolls to the teaser of Karan Johar's latest movie, I've seen it all. But the best part remained Krishna Janmashtami where every one were dressing up their kids like Krishna/Radha and posting pictures all over social media. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have seen at least 724789022 pictures of kids dressed gaudily last week. Is this what being a parent does to you? Well, more reasons to not be one then.

August put me down, stomped all over me, unloaded tonnes of crap, squeezed every ounce of patience out of my body and yet here I am. I survived it! I've been a survivor since I can remember and I have got past horrible things and terrible situations many times before. I will continue to fight anything and anyone that comes in the way of my happiness or that of my loved ones. People can poke their voodoo dolls as much as they want, the spirit in me refuses to give up. Haters gonna hate, I'm gonna love, live and celebrate.

My poem might not have found words, but yeah, try me.


  1. Hugs! Wishing you a good September. Enjoy the travel and forget the rest. Sometimes the gloom is out of any reason and we just need to let the phase pass. I also did not have a very good August with back and health issues. More when we meet :) You take care!

    1. Thank you my dear Parul! Let's meet soon and discuss.

  2. September will be awesome. After all, it has birthdays of some of your favourite people ;)

  3. August seems to have been quite a bummer all around. Just glad its over and I'm sure September will be just wonderful. Sometimes those quiet lazy holidays are just what you need to recharge.

  4. Wishing you a September, and beyond, which is all that you wish for!
    Love your spirit, Soumya!
    Remember, Haters gonna hate and potatoes gonna potate! (This always makes me smile and I hope it made you smile too:)))


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